The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm: Witness A Fascinating Attraction104
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The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm: Witness A Fascinating Attraction

If you are on holiday in the Pattaya region and want to visit one of its most famous attractions, the Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm is right up there with the best of them. 

The park merges lots of zoo animals and wildlife with ancient rocks and megalithic stones that are millions of years old. Hence the name, The Million Years Stone Park! Whether you love wildlife or ancient geology, the Million Years Stone Park is a fascinating Pattaya attraction. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone, with a friend, a group of friends, or a family, as this exotic attraction is the ideal place to go for a few hours while on holiday in Pattaya, and it’s less than a 30-minute drive outside the city. 

Stay with us as we embark on a prehistoric visit to Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm.


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

The Million Years Stone Park offers great crocodile shows and a zoo with tigers, elephants, and other animals to observe. Visitors can also enjoy the stone and flower park here.



The Million Years Stone Park in Pattaya

The Million Years Stone Park is located about 9 km far away from Pattaya city, close to the Naklua Sukhumvit Road. It is a "living museum" of rocks, plants, and animals, which offers fun and exciting shows. The park has plenty to offer. There are many different types of trees, such as award-winning bonsais, artfully trimmed trees, and even 200-year-old giant trees from all over Thailand.

Come along to check out the fascinating 100 million-year-old fossilized trees capriciously formed as stone sculptures at the venue. The massive megalithic stones give you a peek back into antiquity and offer something unique to the Pattaya region.


The Bear Travel   Trivia!

The Million Years Stone Park is spread across 70 acres and has thousands of saltwater crocodiles.



The Zoo and Other Animals

The park has become so popular because of its zoo-like atmosphere and fantastic crocodile shows. The Million Years Stone Park includes a crocodile breeding facility with more than 1,000 saltwater and freshwater crocodiles. Crocodile shows take place throughout the day in the purpose-built arena and are some of the most impressive you will see in this part of Thailand. Make sure you do not miss those!

There is a wide variety of other animals, especially fish species, such as the impressive Giant Mekong Catfish, some Thepha fish, and snakehead fish from the Amazon. The park has various domestic animals, such as elephants and tigers. Still, there are also some unusual animals from around the world, including the Himalayan Brown Bear, the African ostrich, and the Cassowary from Australia. 

Moreover, beautifully landscaped parks with ornate flower and rock gardens and many amusing and exciting shows attract local and foreign visitors. 



How to Visit The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm?

The Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm are located on Sukhumvit Road, about 9 kilometers north of Pattaya. You can reach the park by driving northbound on Sukhumvit Road from Pattaya Klang and turning onto Motorway-7 until the first toll booth.

Once you reach the toll booth, take the slip lane to the left, but do not go through the booth. This road will take you directly to the Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm.



Why Visit The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm?

When you are looking for a top-notch Pattaya attraction to spend a few hours having fun with family and friends, not many attractions can match the Pattaya Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm.

  • A Living Museum with Many Attractions
  • Rare Bonsai and Decorative Trees
  • Fossilized Trees (Millions of Years old)
  • Crocodile Show and Feeding
  • Man Fights Crocodile Show 


There is something for everyone, whether old or young, with much to see and do. Just make sure you take some great pics while you are there to remember the experience. 


The Bear Travel   Did You Know?

It took 30 years to collect valuable natural objects for this park, such as petrified trees dating back millions of years, rainbow-patterned rocks, and more. 




Map & More Information


The Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm offer visitors live crocodile shows and the opportunity to feed them. Visitors can also take pictures of exotic animals, such as white tigers. The stone and flower park is also a treat for visitors who want to witness some prehistoric natural phenomena.



Thai Citizens:
200 Thai Baht for Adults
100 Thai Baht for Children

500 Thai Baht for Adults
250 Thai Baht for Children (90 - 120 cm in Height)
Free for Children under 90 cm in Height

Business Address

22/1 Moo 1, Nongplalai, Banglamung, Pattaya City, Chonburi 20150, Thailand 20150

Business Hours

08.00 – 17.00 hrs  |  Monday – Sunday 

Contact Number

+66 (0) 38 249 347  |  +66 (0) 83 112 6080
+66 (0) 89 168 3404

Email Address

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Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm

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The Million Years Stone Park & ​​Pattaya Crocodile Farm


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