Travel to Phuket: Day 3 Visit to Phuket Town132
BY Shane, The Bear Traveler

Travel to Phuket: Day 3 Visit to Phuket Town

Hey! 🤩 Shane here again, and as I like to make sure that you make the most of your holiday time in Phuket, considering that there are many things anyone can see and do on the island, here is another insight into my trip to Phuket Town.

My Travel to Phuket series is aimed to provide you with a full single-day tour of certain regions of the island. This time I am detailing my trip to Phuket Town for your information and enjoyment. 

Let me share my experiences with you of my trip to Phuket town on Day 3, and geez, it was filled with absolute fun and adventure 🤩


9 am - Put Jaw and Jui Tui Chinese Temples

What better way to start my tour of Phuket Town than to visit the breathtaking beauty of Put Jaw and Jui Tui Chinese temples in the shining morning? Although the temples are Taoist in their roots, as opposed to Buddhist, the ambiance of these majestic structures is immaculate and worth an hour of anyone’s time, whether religious or not. 


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

You won't get tired of Phuket Town any time soon; from shopping to dining and sightseeing, you will get everything here in one place.


10:30 am - Saphan Hin and the Mining Monument

Saphan Hin is a public park located by the sea at the end of Phuket Road. I made it there around 10:30 am. The area is known for its recreational park for both locals and tourists. The Tin Mining Monument is dedicated to the memory of Captain Edward Thomas Miles. He is an Australian who brought the first dredge to Phuket in 1909, and it is located inside the park. The Saphan Hin Sports Center is also located here. 


The Bear Travel   Did You Know?

You will notice a lot of Chinese influence in Phuket, mainly in the architecture, restaurants, and shrines. Some of which are Put Jaw and Jui Tui Chinese temples and architecture around the old town area.


Midday - Shopping and Lunch at Robinson’s

By midday, I reached Robinson's, a shopping center in Phuket Town. Here you can shop until you drop with a selection of name brands and local treasures at your fingertips. The shopping center is ideal for those looking for a shopping spree at one of Phuket’s most reputable shopping centers, and I took full advantage of it. Robinson’s also has plenty of dining options, with fast-food chains and a food court that is so inexpensive and offers a vast array of edible delights. And after a shopping spree, I helped myself to the fast-food court.


2 pm - Expansive Views at Khao Rang

After a two-hour shopping and eating spree at Central 🤩, there is no better way to unwind than visiting the hill at Khao Rang. From this majestic vantage point, I enjoyed panoramic views at the northwest edge of Phuket Town. Here I found a few restaurants; I had a cold drink and enjoyed the views. You can also view the dominating bronze statue of Phraya Ratsada Nupradit (otherwise known as Ratsada Korsimbi Na Ranong). 


4 pm - Sino-Portuguese Architecture of Old Phuket Town

A trip to the island’s capital is incomplete without checking out Old Phuket Town's aesthetically pleasing Sino-Portuguese architecture. I had a stroll along the roads of Dibuk, Krabi, and Thalang which gave me a fascinating insight into the colonial past of Phuket. The Chinese tin barons constructed the buildings over 100 years ago, and still stand today. 


The Bear Travel   Trivia!

A Chinese Vegetarian Festival is held in Phuket every 9th month of the Chinese lunar calendar.


5:30 pm - Evening Meal at Natural Restaurant

Before the end of the day, I went to the Natural Restaurant for an evening meal to call it in. Natural Restaurant has been garnering a renowned reputation for the best part of 20 years. This fabulous Thai restaurant not only serves some of the finest Thai cuisines in Phuket but also benefits from a unique and rustic décor with retro art-styled memorabilia items strewed throughout its entirety. Tourists often overlook this restaurant, but those local Thais and expats who know the island often frequent this magnificent eatery. 


I hope you enjoyed my day trip advice to see all the historic and cool places in Phuket Town in a single day! And I hope that my in-depth exploration of my trip to Phuket Island series was enjoyable to you 🤩 and it will make your tour worthwhile. 

Till my next trip, then, cheers! 🤩

Written by
Shane, The Bear Traveler

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