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Three Kingdoms Theme Park in Pattaya

If you are a culture vulture and want to learn more about Thailand’s illustrious history, we recommend visiting the Three Kingdoms Theme Park Pattaya. It will be an interesting day of fun and education. 

Thailand has a very interesting history filled to the brim with fantastic war stories about historic battles that have become legendary through the ages. Its history is intrinsically linked with Chinese culture, and still is today, and this is how the story of the Three Kingdoms is told right across Southeast Asia. 

Now, if you are traveling through Pattaya on a budget and want to visit a cultural hotspot that is great value for money, this is the Pattaya attraction for you. So, read along...


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

This park provides you an opportunity to learn about the cultural history of Thailand and is a fun place to visit on a budget and you can enjoy the lush gardens here.


The Story of the Three Kingdoms Theme Park Pattaya

The actual park was built by a Thai-Chinese family in the honor of the late father of the family ‘Kiarti Srifuengfung’, and was an ode to tell the story of the classic Chinese novel, “Romance of The Three Kingdoms.”

The story itself is a historical novel written in 14th century China and depicts the turbulent end of the Han dynasty in 169 AD. It is an epic war story. The Three Kingdoms Theme Park was created as an ode to the age-old epic. 


The Bear Travel  Trivia!

There are three pagodas at the entrance with the main pagoda rising to four floors.


Inside Three Kingdoms Theme Park Pattaya

When you visit the park, you are greeted by 3 main pagodas, which are very interesting in their own rights. The main pagoda has 4 floors, and if you go up to the fourth floor, you can enjoy some spectacular views overlooking the magnificence of the park. 

The Three Kingdoms Theme Park Pattaya is home to the longest corridor of hand-painted tiles in the world. We know that it’s a strange record to hold but it’s still a record regardless. The tiles actually depict the entire Three Kingdoms story. The park itself is not massive but will take approximately 2 or 3 hours to traverse, which means it’s ideal for a morning or afternoon visit. 

Three Kingdoms Park is one of the lesser-known Pattaya attractions and finds it hard to compete with some of the largest ones like the Cartoon Network Water Park or Silverlake Vineyard, but it is very educational. The park enjoys a Chinese Feng Shui layout that was created using special geometric ideals that go back thousands of years. It covers a massive 36 rai and is a great place to catch some cool photos to post on social media. The decorations and views are very photogenic. 


How to Find Three Kingdoms Theme Park?

The Three Kingdoms Theme Park Pattaya is located approximately a 15-minute drive from downtown Pattaya. If you are traveling by car, head to the large red Siam Country Club archway on Sukhumvit Road and head towards the golf club. Once you are near to Siam Country Club and Lake Mabrachan, the Three Kingdoms is approximately 2km from here and is signposted. So it’s easy to find and visit, even for holidaymakers in the region.

You can also visit the park via taxi, which could cost you in the region of 500 THB return. We would recommend you hire a car or bike and explore the countryside near to Siam Country Club for the best experience. 


The Bear Travel  Did You Know?

The Three Kingdoms Theme Park Pattaya is home to the longest corridor of hand-painted tiles in the world which depict the story behind the Three Kingdoms.




Map & More Information 



Three Kingdoms Theme Park in Pattaya is a beautiful place to visit and learn about the Chinese cultural influences on Thailand’s history. Its lush green gardens and magnificent pagodas are something to admire.



Thai Citizens: 80 Thai Baht for Adults  |  40 Thai Baht for Children

Foreigners: 150 Thai Baht for Adults  |  80 Thai Baht for Children

Business Hours

09.00 AM – 18.00 PM  |  Monday - Sunday

Business Address

ถนนทางเข้าหมู่บ้านโกลเด้นมาบประชันเลควิว Unnamed Road Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

Contact Number

+66 (0) 95 251 5282


The Romance of the Three Kingdoms Theme Park อุทยานสามก๊ก พัทยา


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