BY The Bear Travelers

Visiting Vientiane - Merging Old Ways with the New

Vientiane is easily Laos’ most famous city with lots of historical importance, especially during the times when the French were flexing their colonial muscles in this part of the world. The capital city of Vientiane is now making waves in a much different sense. As mass tourism is beginning to sweep across the nation, cities such as Vientiane are enjoying a more modern outlook on reality as we know it. 

Laos is beginning to realign itself with the neighboring and more developed countries such as Thailand. This leap forward is significant for not just Vientiane, but also Laos as a whole. New shopping centers were constructed, trendy boutiques and classy dining options created. Very soon, the capital city will be a place where historical nuances meet modern pleasures to create a fascinating place to visit or reside. The time is now for Vientiane. The city is set to become one of South East Asia’s hotspots with Vientiane prevailing a new modern attitude alongside its historical feel. It will significantly benefit Laos and its inhabitants. 

Please enjoy our rundown of Vientiane to make your visit to the capital city the perfect mix of history and the future!