Izakaya Kachan Restaurant: A Satisfying Japanese Cuisine in Bangkok271
BY Waranya (Hungry Bear)

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant: A Satisfying Japanese Cuisine in Bangkok

Are you on the lookout for a place to have delicious Japanese food? 🤩 If so, let me take you to one of the best Japanese cuisines at Izakaya Kachan restaurant in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) for an unforgettable lunch or a happy evening tea! 😌

Izakaya Kachan is a chill restaurant that is adequate for people who like to experience a Japanese feeling 🎎 Because here, the Japanese shop owner serves an assortment of food in a Japanese style with cool drinks that are super satisfying 🥰

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

A great advantage of this place is that it opens late, so you don't have to worry about the time. If you have never tried Japanese cuisine in a long time, you should call a table and try the menu at Izakaya Kachan restaurant.

I love the tasteful dishes at Izakaya Kachan, so I can't stop talking about it; 🤤 let me share some exciting stories about it with you 😎 Now, prepare yourself for a beautiful journey, and let's chill out and eat delicious Japanese food together at Izakaya Kachan restaurant.



What is Izakaya? 

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

Izakaya is a place to chill, eat, and drink Japanese style. The Japanese culture that has unraveled over the years made Izakaya restaurants in Thailand more widely known and expanded 🤗

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

Some shops are in areas where Japanese people live a lot, and some stores stand alone to wait for familiars or a traveler who wanders in 🍱 But no matter where the shop is, there is a vibrant, fun environment that is unique for having a complete party 😍

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

It has a pleasant atmosphere that tempts you to visit and hang out day or night with loft-style shops decorated with hand-painted Japanese-style wall paintings 🤩 Plus, there are tons of seating angles to select from, incorporating the large room zones, VIP rooms, and chill bar seating 💕

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

Izakaya Kachan is located just a 7-minute walk from BTS Phra Khanong Station. All menus are sufficient, and the prices are too affordable ❤️ The inside of the store is neat, with a tatami room on the 2nd floor and private rooms on the 3rd floor, so tourists living in nearby attractions can come, relax, and stay freely 🤗

A Delighting Food Experience

I was tired of working for a long week and dreaming of something new to experience 🤪 To put it simply, I badly felt the need to celebrate for a few hours in a very chill restaurant to release my stressful mind. That's why I visited the Izakaya Kachan restaurant to chill with its outstanding Japanese cuisine 🤗

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

In addition to the reasonable and friendly price at the restaurant, there are more than 100 dishes to select from. Of course, the must-try dish is Yakitori Omakase, a mixture of grilled dishes where the chef decides only the excellent ingredients 🤤 It is elaborately grilled to serve customers with care until the skewers are grilled with a fragrant, delicate aroma. If you also try one, I'm sure that you will have to get addicted to it 🥰

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

Another menu item I would like to propose is grilled ginger marinated pork 🍱 The smell of roasted pork mixed with ginger is eaten along with many drinks ready to order. I promise that you will enjoy it quite a bit 🤤

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

I can't forget the taste of their Abuributa Grilled Pork Chops. The meat melted on my tongue while a lasting smell filled my mouth when I tried them 🤤 Guaranteed to be pleasant and satisfying. Another unique tastiness like no other must be given to this restaurant is Hiyashi Chuka, or cold noodles 🍜 It is additional soft and good 🤗

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

A special menu that impresses the Izakaya Kachan among customers is Mizo Kushikatsu, a menu of deep-fried skewers topped with a distinctive chewy red miso sauce 🤩 The flavor of each piece is blended with the rich flavor of miso 🍱



Unforgettable Japanese Cuisine

There is a large assortment of food and drinks functional in the Izakaya Kachan restaurant 🤗  The highlight of the menu not to be missed is the Premium Wagyu Beef imported from Japan 🎎 Because of the importance of the menu, Khao Dong is overflowing; greasy eggs are appreciated by everyone in terms of freshness, tastiness, and pickled eggs that are not like in other restaurants 🤤

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

Each dish on the menu is so lovely that you must try it yourself because it is a premium Japanese fusion style! 🤠 The restaurant has formulated a menu to create a unique identity. There are hundreds of other menu items, such as salmon engawa roll, salmon avocado roll, and Thai-style aji salad. Most honorably, they use only quality ingredients 🥰

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

I highly recommend Cold noodles, 🍜 Onsen egg beef rice, Yakisoba, Hot pot beef suki, Grilled hokke with hot Japanese rice, Yakitori, Thai Wagyu beef 🍱, Salmon, and bacon-wrapped tomatoes grilled with a special sauce as they are some of my favorites 😍

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

You may love dry-grilled chicken ramen 🤤 Dry ramen topped with fried onions pairs perfectly with the tender, marinated chicken you might not have imagined. It is served with crispy wonton batter that adds a crunch to this ramen bowl ❤️

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

Have you ever eaten deep-fried pork curry with rice before? 🤔 This menu will surely please those who like curry with a rather severe taste. It has a unique spicy flavor that varies from Japanese-style fried pork curry rice 🤤 They are always friendly with each other because it smells like all kinds of spices. 

Izakaya Kachan Restaurant in Bangkok

Also, another dish comes in a large amount that will satisfy a large crowd 🤩 The restaurant uses pork cutlets with a slight oiliness so that when fried, the pork won't be dry or wet until it's cooked. For those who want a drink, the shop offers highball, soju, umeshu, sake, and an assortment of drinks to choose from 🥂



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Izakaya Kachan Restaurant: A Satisfying Japanese Cuisine in Bangkok

The Bear Travel Rating 3


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Izakaya Kachan Restaurant is one of Bangkok's top-rated places to enjoy affordable and delicious fresh Japanese cuisine. Visitors can guarantee satisfaction and its worthiness - trusted by customers worldwide. So, it is worth a visit during your Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) tour.


Business Hours

17:00 - 12:00  |  Monday - Friday

11:00 - 12:00  |  Saturday - Sunday

Business Address

1108 18 Sukhumvit Plus 1 Alley, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Contact Number

+66 2 392 3207

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