MBK (Ma Boon Khrong) Center: Exploring One of Bangkok's Legendary Malls290
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MBK (Ma Boon Khrong) Center: Exploring One of Bangkok's Legendary Malls

With its myriad attractions, Thailand intrigues every traveler to spend a fantastic holiday. With its magnificent beaches and rich heritage, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) has always been a hub for vacationers from every corner. As holidays, fun, and shopping go hand in hand, you will find some of the best and most extravagant malls in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) that offer you a one-stop shopping destination for the best. 

MBK Center is one of Bangkok's most legendary shopping malls, popular with tourists and locals and busy with shoppers daily. The mall consists of 8 floors filled with 2,000 shops offering a wide range of products, from fashionable clothing, trendy accessories, stylish handbags, high-quality leather goods, and luggage to furniture. The mall is also a one-stop shopping destination for various products ranging from mobile phones, electrical appliances, cameras, and stationery to DVDs. This shows that the mall has multiple levels with products almost randomly placed, making it an exciting place to explore.

Are you excited to know more? Read on and discover one of the best malls in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), where you can plan a day to pamper yourself.


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

This shopping center has famous restaurants like 'Hong Min' and 'Mont Nom Sod.' In addition, a food court named 'The Fifth' offers cheap eats, making it a perfect place for budget travelers.


Exploring MBK Shopping Center

Exploring MBK Shopping Center

MBK is a massive shopping center in Bangkok with 8 floors and over 2,000 shops selling a wide variety of items. The ground floor features stalls selling fashion, shoes, handbags, and fast food outlets, while the Tops Supermarket on the same floor offers discounts of 30-50%.

As you move up the levels, the products are placed randomly, creating an exciting shopping experience. The lower floors have fashion accessories, the 3rd and 4th floors feature electronics, and the 5th and 6th floors offer home furnishings and souvenirs. MBK has two food courts, with the international one on the 5th floor and a local one on the 6th.

The top floor has an entertainment complex with a multi-screen movie theater, karaoke, a computer games arcade, and various restaurants. There is also a 3D Trick Art Museum, a fun family activity for a rainy day. MBK is easily accessible via a direct walkway linked to National Stadium BTS Skytrain Station and is well-known among taxi drivers. However, heavy traffic should be taken into consideration when hailing a cab.


An Unlimited Shopping Experience

An Unlimited Shopping Experience

The fashion outlets at MBK offer a variety of clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, jewelry, trendy apparel, and famous-name brands, including options for those with a larger western frame. Unfortunately, the bargain prices of many of these items mean that merchandise is often copied products or of questionable origin. Therefore, it's essential to look closely at the quality and craftsmanship.

But if your idea of a shopping bargain is to pay a few dollars for an Adidas T-shirt or a Gucci belt – and authenticity is not an issue – head straight to MBK. While some of the products at MBK may be similar to those found at markets, the convenience of shopping in an air-conditioned environment makes it a preferable choice, especially in the hot season!

MBK Center is the only mall in Bangkok where bargaining is allowed and even encouraged, similar to the street markets. Negotiating with the sellers and using your bargaining skills can lead to better deals, especially when buying in bulk.

MBK Center in Bangkok

MBK Mall is a haven for electronics and mobile phones. The market-like atmosphere of MBK, especially on the 4th floor, is dedicated to it and is filled with other stalls selling DVDs, gadgets, and related paraphernalia, crammed into every available space. MBK also has a variety of options for shoppers, including new and second-hand phones, starter packs, copies of the latest movies, PC games and game consoles, and MP3 players.

A flagship tenant is the 4-story Tokyu Department Store. So far, it is the only one in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) and a leading department store in Japan. Shoppers can find quality merchandise at reasonable prices, including clothing, apparel, cosmetics, and household goods. On the 4th level, you’ll find a supermarket.

In addition to the shopping options, MBK has a Tops supermarket on the ground level and a mini indoor craft market on the 6th floor.  On the same floor, shoppers can find a range of arts and crafts from all over Thailand, including many souvenir-type items targeted at tourists.


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Once you are done shopping, you can always head up to the top floor, where you will find an entertainment complex with its multi-screen cinema.


MBK Center Shopping Tips 

Avoid the Crowds

Avoid the Crowds_MBK Center Shopping Tips

To make the most out of your shopping experience in MBK, it's advisable to visit early and avoid the crowds. Shopping between 10 am to 12 pm on weekdays is recommended. However, it tends to get busy around 6 pm when people finish work. Weekends are usually busier, especially in the afternoons.


Drop Off Your Luggage

Drop Off Your Luggage_MBK Center Shopping Tips

For visitors who have checked out of their hotels and plan to visit MBK, the service center on the 6th floor offers a convenient option to drop off luggage. The center is located in Zone B, next to the Food Island court. The luggage storage service center on the 6th floor of MBK is available every day during mall hours. Customers can enjoy up to four hours of complimentary storage for their luggage. However, if they wish to store their luggage for a longer period, they will be charged 100 Thai Baht per bag.


Bargain / Haggle Prices

Bargain / Haggle Prices_MBK Center Shopping Tips

MBK is not your typical mall where fixed prices are the norm; haggling is most definitely practiced here. So, if you want to score a good deal, don't hesitate to negotiate. Remember, you only get something if you ask. However, it's essential to be reasonable and not push your luck. If you can't get the price you want, don't hesitate to walk away.


Spotting A Fake Item

Spotting A Fake Item_MBK Center Shopping Tips

It can be challenging to spot fake products, but you can look for flaws in the branding, such as misspelled words, inconsistencies in the font, and poor stitching. However, to ensure that you are buying genuine products, it is best to purchase them from official shops or outlets. Don't hesitate to ask the seller if the product is authentic if you're unsure.


Entertain the Kids

Entertain the Kids_MBK Center Shopping Tips

If your children get bored with shopping, you can take them to the upper floors for activities like bowling, arcade games, or even karaoke and cinema. To avoid rushing into buying the first product you see, especially if it's available in multiple shops, it's essential to be patient and shop around. It's worth noting that shops and stalls on the lower floors typically have higher prices due to higher rent, so it's best to explore all your options before making a purchase.


Why Visit MBK Shopping Center in Bangkok?

Mbk Center in Bangkok 9

MBK is a vast shopping mall with 8 floors and more than 2000 stores, selling women's, men's, and children's fashion items. From jewelry, souvenirs, gifts, fabrics, bags, and electronics to furniture, Phone, Cameras, Muay Thai Clothes, and much more. MBK Bangkok is a paradise for consumers, shopaholics, Window Shopping, Electronics enthusiasts, and entertainment.

There are local and international food complexes on the 5th and 6th floors. On the seventh floor, there is a huge cinema, bowling, video games, and various other restaurants, including KFC, Vietnam Restaurant, Pizza, Japanese, Dessert, and more, including a 3D Museum complex. MBK shopping mall is located at the center of Bangkok (access routes later), Pathum Wan district, and just next to Siam. During the daytime and the afternoon, it's busy around MBK Bangkok but, at night, a little less.

You can reach MBK by foot through the beautifully designed Siam Discovery Shopping Mall and the impressive Siam Center Mall. In addition, MBK is connected to the BTS National Stadium station Sky-train, which belongs to BTS Silom Line and is within walking distance from BTS Siam station. The mall is less prestigious than the other malls. Because here at MBK, you can practice the art of bargaining, but keep in mind that the starting point of the products is relatively cheap.

Pay attention to another thing: the clothes sizes can be small, even if it is noted, for example, 'XL' check whether the product is Extra Large. You will also find a variety of fashion shops and fashion stalls for small and unique designers. And one of the best features of MBK is that its parts are built like a market-style shape with many alleys.


How to Visit MBK Shopping Center in Bangkok?

Mbk Center in Bangkok 10

  • By Train
    You can take a train from BTS Skytrain station to National Stadium. From there, you can take a walking distance and follow the signs that will lead you to MBK Centre.

  • By Air
    The distance between Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and MBK Center is 25 km. The journey takes 26 minutes.

  • By Cab
    You can take a cab from Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) station to MBK Center, which costs around 100-150 Thai Baht and takes 2 minutes to drop you at the destination.


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The upper floors are an excellent place to try your bargaining skills. You will often get a discount if you buy several items.




Map & More Information



MBK Shopping Center is equally popular with both tourists and locals. It occupies seven floors packed with over 2,000 shops that sell everything from fashionable clothing, trendy accessories, stylish handbags, high-quality leather goods, and luggage to furniture, mobile phones, electric appliances, and cameras. With street market prices in air-conditioned surroundings, MBK offers bargains galore and is a beehive of activity, always busy, especially at weekends.


MBK (Ma Boon Khrong) Center: Exploring One of Bangkok's Legendary Malls



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