Holidays in Thailand: Celebrating New Year with Best Wishes and Good Luck298
BY Holly Ryder (Holiday Bear)

Holidays in Thailand: Celebrating New Year with Best Wishes and Good Luck

In the previous year, we have gone through some hurdles and difficult challenges together 🥳 But also, during this time, The Bear Travel was at the forefront of providing exciting experiences and reliable information to every audience 🎉 Now, we're off to enjoy and start the New Year right while in Thailand.

In December, you've been with us enjoying the Christmas Holiday and New Year's Eve (NYE) in Thailand 🎉 We tried different rooftop bars in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), and they are all totally amazing! These places can be quite pricey, but we all have the priceless memory of a fireworks party from a rooftop view 🥳

Since everything is getting better and better, we have been extending our team and services; we're well-prepared now more than ever! 🎉 Now, this season in Thailand will be incredible this year, with so much on the plate, and choosing what to do will be hard because the options are almost endless 🥳


The Bear Travel   Holiday Trivia!

Thailand celebrates three calendars of the New Year: The Gregorian calendar New Year, the Chinese New Year, and the Songkran New Year.



Most Recommended Things to Do for New Year in Thailand

Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

Rooftop bars in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) are all totally amazing! 🥳 My favorites are the well-known Skybar and the newer Mahanakon Skywalk, the highest public viewpoints in the city. But there are also many other great ones, like “Above 11” at Centre Point, Pathumwan Princess Hotel, and Vertigo at the Banyan Tree 🎉

If you want to see the fireworks display at midnight, take in the city's lights. Any place that is high up is perfect, even if it is not actually a “Rooftop” bar 🎉 Millennium Hilton is a good example, and the Centara also has an excellent view. Another good spot is The Champagne Bar Waldorf Astoria Bangkok at MQDC Magnolia Ratchadamri Boulevard Building 🥳

If you haven't already booked, go online and see what is still available. We advise choosing a spot and contacting the place directly to get the best info. 



The NYE Countdown in Thailand

The NYE Countdown is Thailand’s answer to New York Times Square dropping the crystal ball at midnight. There is no specific event for this; it is actually a city-wide thing. But the biggest countdown gathering is at Central World Mall, where over 100,000 people are expected 🎉

The family-friendly spot to tick off the seconds to midnight is at the Asiatique The Riverfront and ICONSIAM. The clubs on Khao San Road, RCA, and Sukhumvit 11 are the places to really blow your mind with drinking and dancing. But almost everywhere will have a Rockin’ New Year’s, just like New York will 12 hours later 🥳



Ring In On An Island Getaway

I have already mentioned a couple of good spots for Christmas, and these will be really awesome on Thailand New Year’s, too. But the top of the chart has to be Koh Pha Ngan, the home of the full moon party. For sure, the party will be as wild as ever 🥳

Haad Rin Beach will host thousands of fanatical parties from all over the world. Live bands, outdoor raves, and heavy drinking are some hallmarks of this wild place in the sea. So many other Islands will be just like this but without the extreme. For example, if you can get on Ko Phi Phi, it might be even better, just not as hallucinogenic 🎉



Go Up to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is perhaps Thailand’s “Second City.” But on Thailand's New Year Holiday, it doesn’t take second place, and it just happens to be further out in the country 🎉 Chiang Mai is more subdued than Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) and more spiritual, but it's still in Thailand, so they actually party there too! 🥳

However, the party there is considered more sophisticated. This isn’t the rooftop bar place. There’s that big thing, which is the lantern loft. So, just like everybody, I will also have a rice paper lantern and float it up to the sky at midnight 🥳 The effect is more moving than the fireworks in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) -there are fireworks in Chiang Mai, too, a truly memorable light show 🎉

Chiang Mai also has a better bar scene than you might think. The city lights up with great bands and DJ music and supports a good pub crawl, just like Sukhumvit 🎉



See the Fireworks

The fireworks display in Thailand has always been huge. Most of the time, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) helps and goes all out to make Bangkok a premier Thailand New Year’s destination 🥳

Anywhere along this route will be prime for fireworks viewing. This is great, especially if you are not at one of the rooftop spots. The Dinner Cruise boats along the Chao Phraya River will be excellent, too 🥳 What's more interesting is that sometimes, the fireworks are made with Japanese technology using Thai sticky rice as the main ingredient 🎉


The Bear Travel   Holiday Fact!

Traditionally celebrated as the Thai New Year, Songkran was observed from April 1st until 1888, when its date was standardized. However, in 1940, the official date was again modified and moved to January 1st.



Best Wishes and Good Luck!

Thank you for your support and trust in The Bear Travel team. If you're looking to kickstart the New Year with new exciting information about Thailand, you are more than welcome to freely explore our friendly website or contact us for any partnership opportunities 🥳

We hope to continue supporting our avid readers and cherished partners tremendously. Let's step into the New Year together and look forward to the many activities The Bear Travel team has in store for the New Year (Spoiler Alert: We have many things planned for you!) 🎉

Now, sending you all warm wishes for the holidays from The Bear Travel 🎉 May your celebration be filled with love and joy from family and friends. See you all, and may each of you have a healthy, delightful, and prosperous New Year! 🥳



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