Eat Am Are: Indulge in Delectable Cuisine at Bangkok's Hidden Asoke Gem319
BY Waranya (Hungry Bear)

Eat Am Are: Indulge in Delectable Cuisine at Bangkok's Hidden Asoke Gem

Do you know Asoke is tremendously popular among tourists who want to explore the nightlife? 🤩 But even for those who avoid coming to the party, staying in this area has its benefits due to the ideal connection with the BTS Skytrain system and the metro (MRT) 🤤 However, I had a chance to visit one of the best Thai restaurants in this area, which gave me the feeling of "I should visit there again," and I'm here to share that delicious experience with you 🤤


Eat Am Are  Indulge in Delectable Cuisine at Bangkok S Hidden Asoke Gem 1


Remember that you can find many great yet expensive restaurants together with international and vegetarian restaurants in this area 🤤 The restaurant I'm going to tell you about has it all; additionally, it's rich with amazingly budget-friendly options. So, without taking much time now, I'm going to introduce the one and only Eat Am Are at Building  253 Asoke Branch in Bangkok (Krung Thep Maha Nakhon) - just one of my favorites 🤩


Eat Am Are  Indulge in Delectable Cuisine at Bangkok S Hidden Asoke Gem 2


So, stay with me as I need to share my whole experience in this wonderful place, which gave me an unforgettable memory of the best food with the best atmosphere 😍


Enjoying Eat Am Are at Cheaper Cost Eat Am Are  Indulge in Delectable Cuisine at Bangkok S Hidden Asoke Gem 3

After working all day, the energy accumulated from lunch was completely exhausted 🤪 At this point, the only thing that will make the exhausted body come back to strength again is to eat, sure enough, for everyone 🤤 One day, I overheard my friends talking about an affordable, high-quality restaurant that opened up nearby. So I had to try it, therefore today, I thought of visiting there with you 😊 As mentioned before, the shop we're going to is called "Eat Am Are"

 Eat Am Are  Indulge in Delectable Cuisine at Bangkok S Hidden Asoke Gem 4


When I arrived there, I would say that not only was the name of the shop chic, but the decorations and the atmosphere inside the shop were also chic 😎 It was decorated as a little country. Let me tell you that the branch I went to was the 253 Asoke Building Branch, which was just opened and is quite large 🤩 The shop was almost full during that day because we went when both high school and college students had finished school. So it's no wonder that the shop is full of kids, especially during that time 🤗


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The reason why the restaurant has a lot of kids is probably because the prices are also quite cheap for a delicious steak. After sitting at the table for a while, the staff brought menus and utensils to eat, including glasses and ice 💕 We ordered the Black Pepper Pork Steak + Boston Pork and French Fries as a side dish. As for friends who came together, they ordered Grilled Fish Steak + Black Pepper Chicken Steak. A side dish is a vegetable salad. After about 15 minutes, the steak was ready to serve to our table 😍


Eat Am Are  Indulge in Delectable Cuisine at Bangkok S Hidden Asoke Gem 6  

When the staff brought it to serve well, it was very appetizing, not just the pig's soul. It came in as a very large piece and was very filling. And all that is only 129 Thai Baht, where you can already get 2 steaks 🤤 but if you order one piece, it starts at 99 Thai Baht. After tasting it, I must say that it's really delicious. The buttered bread with the accompanying side dishes is delicious. Its meat is like a dolly fish that is soft and bouncy 🤤 Let's just say I'm very impressed with this meal really great.

For anyone who has seen this article and wants to try it, I highly recommend it. It's cheap and delicious 🤫The shop looks expensive but not as expensive as I thought. Go down to have a look; believe me, the next time will follow by yourself 🤩


Eat Am Are Branches in Thailand 

  1. Eat Am Are Rangnam Branch
  2. Eat Am Are Century The Movie Plaza Branch
  3. Eat Am Are Center One Branch
  4. Eat Am Are Sutthisan Branch
  5. Eat Am Are Union Mall Branch
  6. Eat Am Are Victory Mall Branch
  7. Eat Am Are Building 253 Asoke Branch


A Delectable Cuisine for Everyone Eat Am Are  Indulge in Delectable Cuisine at Bangkok S Hidden Asoke Gem 7

I will say that I like this place very much 🤩 The quality, taste, service, and prices are quite acceptable. There is another regular menu item 🥩 It's BBQ ribs steak! Normally, I like to pair it with lemongrass pork, but I'd like to try the Beef with Lemongrass Pork, so we added another dish 🍲 The sauce is very juicy and tender. It comes in a large plate which means it's full. Cheese bread comes with every dish, and I don't have the words to express its deliciousness 🤤


Eat Am Are  Indulge in Delectable Cuisine at Bangkok S Hidden Asoke Gem 8


At the end of the menu, there will be a selection of side dishes. Another section shows additional payment or free requests. It shows that you no longer need to pay additional for french fries, fried onions, salad, and fried rice. But for additional 10 Thai Baht, you can already select the following:

    • Deep-fried mashed potatoes
    • Potato Slice 
    • Baked potato
    • Baked potato
    • Spaghetti
    • Papaya salad 


The next dish was a pairing set which cost 239 Thai Baht, so I ordered a striploin set + lemongrass grilled pork steak. Grilled Pork with Lemongrass is also considered a delicious dish. Rich tea flavor, fragrant lemongrass, soft texture - it's really delicious! 🤤 The sauce penetrates every ounce of meat. I'm in love with that. We hardly need an eggplant sauce at this steakhouse. It's chili sauce, and it's considered that the taste is made quite well 🤗


Eat Am Are  Indulge in Delectable Cuisine at Bangkok S Hidden Asoke Gem 9


This dish comes from the Mushroom Soup I tried here for the first time 🍲 The price is 50 Thai Baht. It's hot and creamy, and it's delicious. The next menu is Baked Spinach with Cheese for 79 Thai Baht. Ultimately, this is my dream taste 🤩

The service here is absolutely superb; the staff is ready to serve and take care of you well ❤️


The Bear Travel Rating 

Eat Am Are  Indulge in Delectable Cuisine at Bangkok's Hidden Asoke Gem


The Bear Travel Rating 4


Food Quality
The Bear Travel Rating 4


Dish Size
The Bear Travel Rating 4


Value for Money
The Bear Travel Rating 4




Map & More Information



Eat Am Are is a famous steak restaurant that highlights the selection of quality raw materials and friendly prices. It has expanded to 7 branches, and here I share my experience about the Eat Am Are at Building 253 in Asoke.


Business Hours

09:00 AM - 23:00 PM  |  Monday - Sunday

Business Address

ชั้น G 253 Asok Alley, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Contact Number

+66 (0) 92 661 1656

Facebook Page

Eat Am Are อาคาร 253 อโศก (Unofficial Page)


13.7470203, 100.5628227



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