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City Retreat in Lam Luk Ka District

Speaking of a city retreat, there is much to do in a restful bedroom community suburb about 20 km northeast of Bangkok which is the Lam Luk Ka District. It is conveniently located midway between the two major airports, about 40 minutes from either Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang. This location makes it a near-perfect spot for rest on arrival and staging yourself to leave. 

Lam Luk Ka District is truly a great place to retreat and get away from busy Bangkok. It is also a good base of operations for downtown business and tourism. But this city of over 250,000 people is much more than a quiet rest area. It is a lively place with fun local activities for the whole family. The best-kept secret is that it is also a food town. Lam Luk Ka is home to one of the most unique foods of the region- Thai Boat Noodles!

If you are in search of a getaway spot from the busy Bangkok or want to rest after a long flight into the city, Lam Luk Ka District is a perfect spot for you to stay in and enjoy its calmness.


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

Lam Luk Ka District offers a lot of fun for visitors such as shopping malls, open markets, safari world, country club, and much more. Food lovers can enjoy some of the best local Thai cuisines and street food.


What is There to Do in Lam Luk Ka District?

Lam Luk Ka is a District capital city in the province of Pathum Thani. Many government offices, Universities, Hospitals, industrial parks, and research centers are located here. There are also large shopping malls and outdoor recreation facilities within a 20-minute drive time. Some of the best housing areas in the Bangkok suburbs are in or near Lam Luk Ka. 

The BTS Dark Green Line and the gateway bus terminal in Rangsit are both in this district. Because of the many gated communities and rental properties, it is regarded as an urban retreat from Bangkok. Lam Luk Ka District has one of the lowest cost of living indexes in the Bangkok area. It is an affordable place to stay out of the city and still near plenty of action and attractions.


About Lam Luk Ka District

Lam Luk Ka was created as a district of Pathum Thani province in 1904, and until about 20 years ago was a mostly rural area of immense rice farms. A project at the beginning of the last century created a network of canals to irrigate the rice fields. These canals are still the landmarks of the area today and the province is navigated by the canal numbers. The rice farms remain and are a distinctive feature easily visible from the air. You see them all around the power lines as the plane descends into one of the different airports.


Five Great Attractions in Lam Luk Ka District

1. Lam Luk Ka Country Club

This club boasts a professional golf course, Olympic size swimming pool, and a fine international restaurant overlooking the course. LLKCC is located at the far eastern end of Lam Luk Ka road (route 33122). There are actually two 18-hole courses. One is a tournament-style course that has hosted premier golfers off the PGA tour, and the other is a recreational one. Both courses are set along a beautiful creek run of wetlands, trees, and wildlife.


2. Thai Water Park

It is advertised as the most developed water skiing course in all Thailand. This park has a giant racetrack oval with jumps and things to ski over like in a skateboard park. They have a complete waterboard sports pro shop and rental equipment for everyday customers. A restaurant and an onsite hotel make this a destination unto itself. Something fun and different is night waterskiing that runs until 12 AM


3. Zeer Electronics Shopping Mall 

Advertised as bigger and less expensive than the more well-known Pantip in Bangkok. Here you will find hundreds of shops with everything for gadget lovers. IP Phones, computers, car electronics, audio, and video. Sales, parts, and installation. There is even an extensive food park for when you need to take a break from shopping.


4. Future Park Mall

The mall features a multiplex cinema and the only bowling alley in the region! This place is suburban shopping at its best! There are large department stores like Robinsons, a giant sporting goods store, Big C, and a Tops Supermarket. And this mall is not just for shopping. There are about 70 restaurants, Banks, and a kid’s adventure area. Every now and then. They have cool events, and right now there is a weekly dance and karaoke thing with a countdown to New Year’s theme.


5. Dream World Amusement Park

This is a classic theme park like a smaller Disneyworld, with rides, games, food, and shows. The theme here is making dreams come true, and fantasy is what it's all about. You can make snow angels in a “snow” filled adventure area. Meet famous characters from the movies and get into 3-D virtual reality worlds. The price is more like the USA than Thailand at about 1500 Baht per person, but it is an all-day event that is fun for the whole family.


The Bear Travel  Trivia!

The total population of the city is over 250,000 with a population density of 918 per sq Km.


The Food World of Lam Luk Ka District

Besides all everything else in and around LLK, there are also many other local favorites. People that have lived there a long time go to the Rangsit Agri-Market, supplying trees and plants commercially for the entire Bangkok region. About 2 Km further is the massive produce and meat/fish markets of the Bangkok city central market. Here they bring in food products from all over Thailand to supply the restaurants and supermarkets in the city. The best part is that it is open to the public for home shopping. But what the locals really go crazy for are the “Boat Noodles”.

This dish harkens back to the days when most people of the area lived along the canals that crisscross the region. Back then, the famous places to eat were all on large boats moored to the banks of the canals. The difference from all other Thai noodles dishes is the noodles themselves, and the soup they come in. The consistency, thickness, and fresh rice flour give them a more robust texture and flavor than at noodle shops anywhere. Add to this some secret herbal ingredients in the soup bathing the noodles, and you have a unique flavor to savor. The general category of boat eatery is known as “Klong Langsit”, but they are not always on a boat anymore. Locals say the best Boat Noodles are from an untitled family-run place at Klong 1 and Thanyaburi road. You can find it at the base of the bridge over the canal.


How to Visit Lam Luk Ka District?

Getting to and from Lam Luk Ka is relatively easy given the road chaos that is Bangkok. There is only one road- the 3312, and there is only one exit for it off the main roads, Route 1 & Route 9. It is a straight shot from either airport by taxi or airport van and costs about 300-400, and 120 baht respectively. If coming from other parts of Thailand by bus, get off at the Rangsit station. LLK is about a 15-minute cab ride from there. The BTS station at LLK will be open in a couple of years and will greatly shorten the trip to downtown. The nearest stop now is Khu Kot, about 10 km from the Rama 9 road intersection with 3312.


Where to Stay in Lam Luk Ka District?

There are many hotel options in the area, with the Terra Grand Hotel a recommended spot at about 1,800 baht with tax, and the best on the lower price end being the newly renovated T.Win Hotel for only 650 Baht per night (tax included). In the middle of this price range, another recommendation is called the Nsiri Resort, featuring a pool and health spa. T-Win and Nsiri have the advantage of being very close to Tesco, Big C, and some great restaurants. You can look online for dozens of other hotel options at all price levels.


The Bear Travel  Did You Know?

The name of this city is taken from a pond in the district. In English, it translates to “song of the baby raven” and many buildings and lamp posts have raven statues on them.


An Alternative to Downtown Bangkok

Whatever the reason for coming to the Bangkok area, staying in Lam Luk Ka District offers an economical side vacation destination. You can relax away from the downtown after your workday and the family can fill their time with activities. Everyone can visit either the city’s famous tourist spots or stay right nearby with so much to do! Lam Luk Ka is not a party spot, instead, it is a classy suburban retreat.  It is truly the best of both worlds.




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Lam Luk Ka is a district of Pathum Thani Province in Central Thailand. The district is subdivided into 8 sub-districts with 3 town municipalities, 2 sub-district municipalities, and 6 subdistrict administrative organizations.



Pathum Thani, Thailand 12150

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