Thailand's Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC): Everything You Need to Know430
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Thailand's Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC): Everything You Need to Know

Sustainability refers to the capacity to endure and thrive without depleting natural resources, ensuring a viable future for generations to come. In addition to natural resources, we need social and economic resources. Sustainable practices support ecological, human, economic, health, and vitality.

Sustainable Development Goals Still Life

The Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) is one of Asia's first innovative research and development centers for quality of life. It is a sustainable research center and co-working space in the central business district (CBD) zone.

So, if you want inspiration about sustainable materials, you must visit this place.



What is Thailand's Research and Innovation Center for Sustainability (RISC)?

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RISC is an environment of knowledge sharing. Where scientific researchers, engineering, industrial design, and fine arts jointly developed solutions to lead to healthy ecosystems in a sustainable manner, both environmentally and socially. The center operates through domestic and international cooperation under the promise of building "sustainable innovation," which combines innovation with sustainable technology to contribute to the well-being of housing, communities, and all living beings.

RISC aims to generate and develop ideas and innovations through local and international cooperation to boost the quality of life of all beings. Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC) invests in research to create environmentally friendly real estate projects to help improve residents' quality of life, neighboring communities, and broader society. Such dedication is a collaboration between the property development team and the Research and Innovation Center for Sustainability.

The research center works as a resource for society. It is dedicated to reducing the impact of human behavior on the environment. It also provides information that the public can access and develop methods and materials through the real estate development sector.


  • Vision
    • Focus on creating happiness in all things and promoting sustainable and stable environmental protection through research and innovation.
  • Mission
    • Build a research and development center that distributes knowledge and builds international researchers focused on sustainability development.


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RISC is the first office in Thailand to be acknowledged by the International WELL Building Institute as a space that promotes health and wellness. 



Thailand's RISC History and Background

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Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Co., Ltd. (MQDC) prepared to launch Thailand's first holistic Research and Innovation for Sustainability Center on a 1,000 sq.m property with an initial investment valued at 200 million Thai baht. 

Associate Professor Dr. Singh Intornchuto, head of the consulting team at the Research and Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC), the concept's creator, hoped to open the research center in 2017 - began investing in the construction of the center in 2016 and the research space was ready to open to the public and organizations interested in sustainable development and construction. RISC's work approach goes by the principle of "sustainnovation." RISC research aims towards environmental sustainability while also raising the quality of life.

"The company has invested more than 200 million Thai baht to develop a project supporting research activities and new holistic innovations. The laboratory and testing center has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology to effectively support the work of the research team in their studies, research, and testing."

Within the 1,000 sq.m. of space, the RISC consists of a room for testing the performance of the "radiant flooring" system, which adjusts the room to a suitable temperature and lowers energy consumption, a room for testing the condition of the air, as well as a room for testing the sensor system used for detecting volatile matter from decorative material within buildings.



Available Research Space for Public

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The RISC is a research room for the public to make sustainable improvements to their residences. It is the nation's most extensive knowledge base of over 300 environment-friendly materials that can be referenced for design and construction. It will also be the resource for new environment-friendly designs. 

To add to that, the center has allocated space within the building interior to increase the quality of air. There is a laboratory space with modern technology supporting research and development related to real estate. Another simulation laboratory space is dedicated to using technology to analyze and design energy conservation, use of light, etc. The opening of RISC is an essential move in the evolution of the real estate industry in Thailand. Most importantly, every part of the Center has been constructed and decorated with environment-friendly materials. 

The RISC is among the first research centers in Thailand to be accredited by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), a world-class standard for buildings that support wellness. IWBI certifies considerate designs and construction, with criteria involving air quality, light, water, relaxation, and workout spaces and the materials used in the construction.



Thailand RISC's Nearby Attractions

Beautiful View Lumpini Park Located Bangkok Thailand

  • The Royal Bangkok Sports Club
  • Wat Pathum Wanaram
  • Pratunam Area



Innovative Projects that Transform Lives

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Research and Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) moves forward with 3 activities to change the world and improve quality of life. RISC is committed to conducting research and creating new knowledge. It aims to create innovations for the sustainable well-being of all things on the planet and focus on the issues that affect it. They intend to be a research center to disseminate knowledge to the public after 10 years of accumulating knowledge through research and innovation.

RISC's 5 Hubs Research covers all areas of well-being. It also aligns with international goals such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  These researches are applied in real estate development projects throughout the process and at all project sizes. Both at the building level, the community level, and the city level. In addition, this body of knowledge is further enhanced for the benefit of society in various fields to promote sustainable quality of life.

  • The first activity is the launch of "RISC 5 Research Hubs for Well-Being."
    • The five core research areas under RISC through the study of the integration of research across multiple disciplines.
    • Then, continue to deepen the body of knowledge to expand results and create innovations in various aspects of Well-being to promote it for all:
      • Air Quality Research
      • Materials and Resources Research
      • Biodiversity Research (Plants)
      • Happiness Science Research
      • Research in Resilience Science


  • The second activity is the launch of the Well-Being Engineering Program.
    • This course will help build a group of people in the "New Army of Well-being."
    • Or it may create well-being by using in-depth knowledge from research and working experience that could be applied to promote well-being in real projects.
    • Furthermore, knowledge from many sciences for scientific building design Helps promote good health. 


  • The third activity is the launch of the book. “Sustainnovation."
    • This book collects knowledge about innovations for the sustainable well-being of all life.
    • It consists of definitions of sustainability, innovation, and examples of global sustainability indicators with interviews with 10 experts.
    • They have expertise in many disciplines from various professions, from the business, education, and academic sectors.


In terms of research in 5 areas, from the integration of an in-depth body of knowledge to in-depth multidisciplinary research, promotes well-being and creates a sustainable quality of life as follows: 


#1 Restoring Balance: Empowering Lives through Biodiversity Conservation

It studies the coexistence of humans, animals, plants, and other living things to promote and support each other. It also finds ways to promote plant potential in various fields with modern technology.

  • Study and research on biodiversity to reduce environmental problems. 
  • Increasing urban green spaces creates ecological balance by figuring out the real estate project development process while preserving and enhancing biodiversity. 
  • Able to develop the city while maintaining the ecosystem in an understanding and correct life cycle of every living thing. 
  • Study the coexistence of humans, animals, plants, and living things to promote and support each other.
  • Find ways to promote plant potential in various fields with modern technology.  


#2 Breathing Easier: Advancing Air Quality for a Healthier World

Study and develop innovations to promote good air quality both inside and outside directly to the occupants of the building. It starts with a construction process that helps control air quality and the design process for good ventilation.


#3 Pursuing Collective Happiness: The Science of Well-Being

The study of creating happiness for human beings through behavioral studies and psychology and research on human cognition through brain signals and scientific instruments to create good feelings and happiness.

Study the behavior and psychology of people of all ages by understanding human changes throughout life. Since the impact of pregnant mothers' child growth and development of adult stress and anxiety, various deterioration of the elderly to find factors that enhance happiness in each age range. Apply knowledge to be consistent and conducive to life.


#4 Sustainable Resource Management: Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Study and research on building materials that are friendly and reduce the footprint on the environment. Safe for building occupants Using renewable materials to reduce the use of global resources in various ways and strive to find ways to reduce the world's carbon with future technologies.


#5 Adapt and Thrive: Preparing for a Changing World Through Resilience Research

Study ways to cope with changing the world and anticipate what will happen. This leads to a guideline for urban development that meets the needs of the future to defend and mitigate the expected impacts.

The world has changed in many ways. Both air pollution problems, economic downturns, epidemics, changes in people's behavior, society, and various disasters affected by global turmoil (Climate change) to understand the changes in the world now and in the future. 



Mapping the Path Forward: Future Plans and Aspirations

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In the future, RISC by MQDC plans to expand the research scope to be more comprehensive. It is also in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It requires up to 13 goals out of 17 to become global citizens and change the world together. By bringing research to benefit extending to communities, society, and cities, resulting in cooperation in all sectors, create benefits both nationally and internationally to create a good quality of life for all things sustainably.



The Significance of Thailand's RICS

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The Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) by MQDC (Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited) is Asia's first innovative research and development center for quality of life. It comprises a network of researchers, innovators, experts, and manufacturers. It creates a variety of innovations that can somehow be extended to improve the quality of life and health of all living things in the world, including restoring and maintaining the environment in balance and contributing to the life of all things with happiness, quality, and sustainability.

The research results have been used in various MQDC projects and contribute to the opening of this research area for everyone, every organization, to raise the standard of living in the real estate industry and create innovations to help solve problems affecting the quality of life. In addition, it was designed and constructed as a friendly structure for both the environment and residents. 

Therefore, the RISC not only stands as a significant architectural achievement but also functions as an information hub for product design and construction innovation to build a sustainable ecosystem that benefits society and the environment.


Thailand's Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (risc)   Everything You Need to Know


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