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Top 10 Doi Inthanon Mountain Attractions in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the most stunning and beautiful areas in Thailand. And if you are traveling through the area, you must visit the most stunning natural spots.

Doi Inthanon Mountain in Chiang Mai is among the tallest peaks in Thailand, but there is so much more to this stunning place than meets the eye. From mesmerizing waterfalls and conservation centers to viewpoints, summits, and temples, Doi Inthanon Mountain in Chiang Mai should be at the top of your list of Chiang Mai attractions.

Enjoy the top 10 attractions to discover the Doi Inthanon mountains and all their treasures. 


#10 Pha Dok Sieo Waterfall (น้ำตกผาดอกเสี้ยว)

The Pha Dok Sieo Waterfall (น้ำตกผาดอกเสี้ยว) is on a 2.6 km long trail from the main road and ends at the Mae Klang Luang village. Halfway through the trail, you will come across this magnificent multi-tier waterfall. The Pha Dok Sieo Waterfall is the Mae Klang River cascading down the Doi Inthanon National Park. It joins the Ping River and has many other waterfalls in different parts.

The Pha Dok Siew nature trail that leads you to the waterfall and Doi Inthanon mountain is off the beaten track and is full of nature. If you plan to summit Doi Inthanon, ensure you don't miss this trial.



#9 Mae Ya Waterfall

Mae Ya Waterfall is inside the national park, located at Km.1 on Highway 1009, 915 km (15 km from the entrance). The fall is one of the largest and one of the ten most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. It was acclaimed as the most beautiful fall before Teelorsu Fall was discovered. The 250-meter-high water curtain falling from the highest point makes it breathtakingly beautiful. Many restaurants are nearby, and restrooms and parking spaces are available for visitors. 

Make sure you bring a camera, as you can sometimes catch a rainbow in the falls



#8 Mae Klang Waterfall

Doi Inthanon Mountain in Chiang Mai is a famous national park and the source of many waterfalls nearby. One is Mae Klang Waterfall, where water comes down from the mountain's rift before reaching the 100-meter-high Mae Klang Waterfall. The fall is perfect for picnicking and relaxing as there’s enough water to enjoy swimming or watch Mother Nature.

It takes another 500 meters from the parking space to reach the falls. Near the parking space, stalls for food and beverages are available for visitors. The fall is located 8km from the T-junction at Doi Inthanon. 



#7 Wachirathan Waterfall

Wachirathan Waterfall is located at Km 20, 500 meters from the highway, where visitors can see these majestic 750-meter-high falls. The falls are undoubtedly massive, causing water mist to encapsulate the surroundings. For those who are lucky enough, you will be able to see a rainbow across the falls. Food and beverage stalls are also available for visitors near the entrance. 



#6 Sirithan Waterfall

Not far from Wachiratan Falls towards Doi Suthep, you will find the entrance of Sirithan Waterfall, which takes another 100 meters to walk to reach. This 2-tier waterfall is 50 meters tall with enough water all year round. The wooden veranda built next to the falls is the perfect spot to grab the camera for some photos. The falls have been graciously named after HM Queen Sirikit. 



#5 Baan Mae Klang Luang

Baan Mae Klang Luang is situated on the way to Doi Inthanon at KM 26.5, just before reaching its peak. A view of the terraced hillside of this village is beautifully filled with paddy fields, perfect for photo opportunities. From September to October, the scenery is so green from the paddy fields. However, in October and November, the rice turns a golden color. Many natural trails near this village include the Doi Hua Sua route, Huay Nam Khun bird-watching route, and Pha Siew waterfall route. These nature trails lead to the summit of Doi Inthanon Mountain. 

Homestay and camping are options if you plan to stay here for a night or two. After spending a day here, you will undoubtedly love the natural beauty of this village.



#4 The Royal Agricultural Station (Inthanon)

The Royal Agricultural Station was established by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The project aims to improve and develop the living situation of the hill tribes. The Project helps hill tribes to grow new alternative crops as a substitute for opium for a positive effect on farming. 

They also research crop development and plants in mild weather, ranging from coffee, flowers, hydroponic vegetables, and fern species worldwide. The Research Station has become a popular tourist site where many of them come and enjoy the wonderful scenery of various flowers, fruits, and vegetables. 

There are also restaurants and accommodations for visitors near the station, easily one of the most popular places at Doi Inthanon Mountain in Chiang Mai.



#3 Wat Phra That Doi Inthanon (พระธาตุ​ดอย​อินทนนท์​)

Built by the Royal Thai Air Force and Thai people, Wat Phra That Doi Inthanon (พระธาตุ​ดอย​อินทนนท์​) is located on the main road to the summit of Doi Inthanon Mountain in Chiang Mai, where you will find two Chedis.

Naphamethinidon and Naphaphonphumisiri are two temples with unique names that pay tribute to the power and grace of the natural world. Naphamethinidon signifies the strength of the earth and the air, while Naphaphonphumisiri represents the merging of the air's strength and the land's beauty.

Both temples were constructed to commemorate significant milestones in the lives of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit. The former was built to honor the King's 60th birthday anniversary in 1987, while the latter was erected to celebrate the Queen's 60th birthday in 1992.

In the inner section of these temples, visitors can admire the breathtaking orchards and enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surroundings from a lofty viewpoint.



#2 Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail

Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail is heaven on Earth, situated inside Doi Inthanon, thanks to its breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Admittedly, Kew Mae Pan Trail is also one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Chiang Mai. For many, Kew Mae Pan is an educative natural trail covering approximately 3 km, 2,000 meters high above sea level.  

The first stage of the trail is a rainforest full of moss and ferns, competing with each other to grow toward the sunlight. After passing through the thickest forest, you will enter a large field, which changes color from green in the rainy season to beautiful golden brown in the dry season.

When continuing walking through the mountain ridge, you will see lots of big and beautiful 'Thousand-year red roses' along the cliff. They bloom in the first month of the year and last until March. This particular type of rose is well known and is a highlight of the Kew Mae Pan Trail 🥇



#1 The Summit of Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai

Thailand’s highest peak is Doi Inthanon, with a summit that measures 2,565 meters above sea level. The weather is usually cold all year round. The 360-meter-long wooden path allows visitors to walk through and watch the beautiful scenery on both sides.

On the summit of Doi Inthanon, you will find the stupa of Phra Chao Inthawichayanon. Phra Chao was King of Chiang Mai and Ruler of Lannathai from 1870 until he died in 1897. Chiang Mai is one of the most naturally stunning holiday destinations in Thailand. With Doi Inthanon Mountain in Chiang Mai, you have one of the most impressive holiday attractions in Northeastern Thailand. Doi Inthanon is so much more than just a mountain range 🏆


With so many waterfalls and other Chiang Mai attractions, there is so much to see and do that you can spend a day or two in the mountains. Trek the natural trails of Doi Inthanon National Park to explore the beauty of this one-of-a-kind place. 



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