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Lalu Thailand's Canyon: The Land of Wonders in Sa Kaeo Province

If you’re looking for a collection of natural rock/pillar formations that seem out of place in the surroundings of Thailand, we highly recommend visiting the Lalu Thailand's Canyon in Sa Kaeo Province.

Lalu Thailand's Canyon is one of the natural attractions in the Sa Kaeo Province in Eastern Thailand. The rock formation is located at Ban Noenkham, approximately a 40 km drive north of Sa Kaeo City.

Sa Kaeo Province is home to some of Thailand’s most impressive national parks and is a relatively untapped region in terms of mass tourism, which is why it’s the ideal place to visit for a real traveler. So make sure you grab your camera gear as we take you to one of the most bizarre landscapes you've ever seen.


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Lalu Thailand's Canyon offers its visitors a surreal landscape due to its unique rock formations. Located inside Phraya National Park, you can spend hours soaking up the natural beauty of this place.


Unique Rock Formations

The formation of pillars at Lalu Thailand’s Canyon has been caused by thousands of years of erosion, creating gorges, canyons, impressive walls, and cliff faces. The formations cover an area of almost 2,000 rai, surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery that has to be seen to be believed.

The word ‘Lalu’ is derived from the nearby Khmer (Cambodia) dialect and means ‘punctured’ or ‘pierced.’ The local Cambodian culture has had a massive influence on this part of Thailand for a very long time. If you are a geological nerd or expert, you can find pillars similar to those in other parts of the region, such as Ratchaburi and Phrae. The Lalu Canyon rock formations in the heart of Ta Phraya National Park have one of the most impressive national parks in this part of Thailand. 

Over the years, the local and Thailand tourism board has tried to remarket the pillars as the “miniature Grand Canyon of Thailand,” which is a real play on words that do not fit the region. The rock formations are cute and interesting but could never be regarded as ‘Grand.’ If you are interested in geology or want to explore and find something different, visiting Lalu Thailand’s Canyon in Sa Kaeo Province is different. It’s also a great place to visit if you are traveling on a budget, but don’t get too excited and expect to encounter Thailand’s version of the Grand Canyon. However, it’s still an interesting site. 


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Lalu Thailand Canyon is spread across 3.2 sq Km


Attractions Around Sa Kaeo Province

Although the Lalu Canyon is impressive, there are many things to see and do in Sa Kaeo Province. Sa Kaeo is approximately 200 km east of Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), and it only became a province in 1993. Currently, Sa Kaeo Province is home to six districts: Sa Kaeo, Khlong Hat, Wang Nam Yen, Aranyaprathet, Ta Phraya, and Watthana Nakhon. The region is predominantly known for its natural beauty and its national parks. There are two major national parks in Sa Kaeo Province: The Pang Sida National Park and the Ta Phraya National Park. 

The most intrepid travelers come to the region to explore the flora and fauna of the national parks while taking in other attractions, such as Lalu’s Thailand Canyon, on the same trip. To the north of the province, some mountainous areas include the Sankamphaeng Range and the Dangrek Mountains. If you want to explore the region, we suggest you come for a few days to visit the two national parks, the mountain ranges, and the canyon. Also, if you want to explore areas of Thailand that other foreign visitors never visit, a trip to the Sa Kaeo province could change how you view Thailand. 

There is more to the Kingdom than partying, beaches, and affordable shopping. The Kingdom has some of Asia's most beautiful national parks and natural attractions, so make sure you do not miss them if you are a traveler. 


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Due to its close proximity to Cambodia, this region is influenced by culture, and Lalu means ‘punctured’ or ‘pierced’ in the Khmer language. These bizarre rock formations result from thousands of years of erosion caused by wind and rain.




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Lalu Thailand's Canyon in Sa Kaeo Province is a splendid masterpiece of natural phenomenon. Most people call it “Lalu – the Land of Wonders” because its strangeness makes us feel like we have reached another world.


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