Legend Siam Pattaya Thailand: Experience the Fun & Exciting Cultural Theme Park103
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Legend Siam Pattaya Thailand: Experience the Fun & Exciting Cultural Theme Park

One of Thailand's newest and most exciting tourist attractions is the brand-new Legend Siam in Pattaya. This is such a fantastic cultural theme park. It is located in the south of Pattaya near other popular Pattaya attractions. 

Popular attractions around this area include Nong Nooch Gardens and the Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park (UPDATE: Columbia Pictures Aquaverse Water and Theme Park are taking over this water park). 



Legend Siam Pattaya is currently the most talked-about new attraction in the Kingdom. Thailand has long been known for its immense culture and rich history. With Legend Siam, we now have a theme park dedicated to the culture of ancient Siam. 

If you want to know more about Legend Siam Theme Park in Pattaya, stay with us for more.


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Legend Siam theme park offers visitors an insight into rich Thai culture and traditions. Visitors can also enjoy food, live performances, different rides, and more.


Thailand’s First Cultural Theme Park

Legend Siam is a purpose-built theme park that focuses on the best aspects of Thai history and culture. It has been open since 2019, and you can still visit while having a fantastic experience. 



The park is over an expansive area of 264 rai and combines a 164-rai amusement park with top-notch real estate developments on over 100 rai. The park enjoyed a grand opening ceremony in February 2019 attended by high-profile Thai celebrities such as movie stars, including Toey Pongsakorn, Pope Thanawat, Bella Ranee, Prang Kannarun, Mario Maurer, and Mint Chalida



When fully completed, the park will have over three zones to showcase all the best parts of ancient Siamese culture. Thai culture dates back almost 1,000 years and has some illustrious stories and legends. Legend Siam is here to give visitors a keener insight into the great history of Siam. The first zone is named the ‘Siam Zone’ and will showcase the civilization of Siam. This also includes how its agriculture in the past has dramatically affected present-day Thailand.



The 'Araya Thai Zone' showcases Thai life and how the nation lives daily. This zone will be home to temple fairs, farmer’s markets, floating markets, and even cultural shows and performances that show the best in Thai arts and dance. The final zone is the 'Phum Pandin Zone,' which tells the exciting stories of the people of Bang-rachan. These people followed the late King Rama IX’s “sufficiency economy” philosophy, which is still quite prevalent in today’s modern Thailand.  


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At peak days, Legend Siam Park receives up to 20,000 visitors.


How to Visit Legend Siam?

Legend Siam is located in the south of Pattaya towards Sattahip and Bangsaray. Suppose you travel along Sukhumvit Road for 25 minutes from Pattaya to the South; the region towards Bangsaray and Sattahip is one of the best in Pattaya in terms of purpose-built family attractions. 

Alongside the aforementioned Nong Nooch gardens and water park, this area is also home to other popular attractions such as Silverlake Vineyard, the Ramayana Water Park, the Pattaya Sheep Farm, and much more. If you are visiting Legend Siam and want to explore the surrounding areas, in that case, we recommend you visit the nearby Bangsaray Beach, which is not just the most stunning stretch of sand in the region but is also flanked by some excellent Thai seafood restaurants that sit on stilts in the ocean. 

When you want to know more about the rich Thai culture and ancient history, visiting the brand new Legend Siam theme park is a great move. Just make sure you check their Facebook Page to ensure the park is open that day.


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The Legend Siam Park is spread over 100 acres of land, showcasing Thailand's thousands of years of culture and traditions. Its grand opening took place in 2019 but will be fully complete in the near future.




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Legend Siam Pattaya Thailand is a famous Thai cultural theme park that exhibits the most magnificent of the world beyond imagination. Get to experience fun and enjoyment in one place as it showcases the legendary civilization of Siam.


Legend Siam Pattaya Thailand: Experience the Fun & Exciting Cultural Theme Park




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