Nong Nooch Gardens: Capture Beautiful Memories in Pattaya111
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Nong Nooch Gardens: Capture Beautiful Memories in Pattaya

Located towards Bangsaray and approximately a 25-minute drive from downtown Pattaya, a widely known 500-acre attraction offers a variety of themed gardens with elephant shows and rides. It is one of the most loved tourist attractions in the Pattaya region.  

Set over stunning Thai countryside, Nong Nooch Gardens Pattaya is a purpose-built attraction home to a vast expanse of gardens. It is the perfect and most recommended way to spend a beautiful day in Pattaya on holiday with family and friends. The park has beautiful gardens, incredible elephant shows, shops and restaurants, cultural shows, and more. 

This is the ultimate family attraction in Pattaya, so don’t forget to bring your wife and kids. If you’re curious to know more, make sure to read along.


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

Nong Nooch Gardens Pattaya is a must-visit place for families and friends as you can enjoy beautiful gardens with various plants and flowers. You can also enjoy restaurants, a small zoo, a hotel with a swimming pool, and Thai-style rental houses.


Pattaya Theme Parks

If you are a fan of flowers and plants, the gardens have some of the rarest and most beautiful species known to man. The elephant and cultural shows are fantastic to behold, and with the shows taking place often during the day, you won’t miss anything. 

When you seek a beautiful attraction to spend at least a few hours or even a full day, Nong Nooch Gardens was created just for you and your family. Not only are there fairground rides and attractions, gardens, and much more, but you will also find lots of shops, stalls, souvenirs, restaurants, and even bars where you can relax for an hour or two and take in the stunning natural beauty. 

If you visit Pattaya with your family and kids, bringing them to Nong Nooch Gardens will forever keep you in their good graces. This is one of the ultimate family attractions in Pattaya, so make sure you get some good photos to capture the memories. 


The Bear Travel   Trivia!

This garden is set over 500 acres of land.


How to Visit Nong Nooch Gardens Pattaya?

Nong Nooch Gardens is located over towards Bangsaray at Sattahip if you travel along Sukhumvit Road to the south towards Rayong, Nong Nooch Gardens is located across from another popular attraction, the famous Amazone Network Water Park.


Why Visit Nong Nooch Gardens Pattaya?

  • One of the most popular family attractions in Pattaya
  • Set over 500 acres of the beautiful Thai countryside
  • Stunning botanical gardens with lots of species of plants and flowers
  • Lots of restaurants and souvenir shops
  • Cultural shows every day
  • Elephant and animal shows daily
  • Located near Bangsaray


The Bear Travel   Did You Know?

This botanical garden is dedicated to Cycads and has a gene bank. Cycad is a prehistoric plant. There is a diversity of gardens here, such as European, French, Stonehenge, and many more.




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Nong Nooch Gardens Pattaya is a must-visit place for families, especially children. You can enjoy the diversity of plants and flowers here and experience religious ceremonies, martial arts demonstrations, elephant shows, and much more. You can also spend a night at a hotel or rental house.



Business Hours

08.00 – 18.00 hrs  |  Monday – Sunday

Business Address

34 Na Chom Thian, Sattahip District, Chon Buri 20250

Contact Number

+66 (0) 81 919 2153

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Official Website

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YouTube Channel

Nongnooch Studio


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