Family-Friendly Activities for Songkran: Fun Ways to Celebrate with Kids in Thailand657
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Family-Friendly Activities for Songkran: Fun Ways to Celebrate with Kids in Thailand

As we live in a constantly changing and developing world, family bonds play an important role. Gathering with your family to celebrate festivals will bring you joy and happiness while contributing to the holistic development of your children.

It builds a strong foundation for parents to endure family relationships with traditions, values, and memories gained through these celebrations. If a family can celebrate special occasions or festivals with children, it builds a natural bond beyond the festivities.

Teenager Group Have Fun with Water Gun Songkran Day

Accordingly, Songkran, Thailand's most celebrated festival and the world’s biggest water festival commemorating the arrival of the Thai New Year, combined with fantastic festivities and joyful gatherings, will be the best chance to gather with your family.

If you are a parent looking for enriching experiences to share with your kids, visit Thailand this April to celebrate Songkran with plenty of family-friendly activities tailored to delight and inspire. With that, don’t miss this opportunity for your family to come together and revel in the spirit of renewal and togetherness. Here's my full guide to family-friendly Songkran activities and other fun ways to celebrate with children in Thailand.


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Songkran is the time for children to chill by cleaning houses, gathering with family, visiting temples, and throwing water.



Importance of Family Gathering During Songkran 

Asian Family Eating Together

#1 Ability to Share Traditions and Values With Children

Celebrating Songkran with your family will help your children learn the importance of a country's traditions and values. They will feel great about their cultural heritage and improve their identity and belonging. So, joining together at Songkran activities will connect every generation while reinforcing the importance of family values.


#2 Opportunity to Spend Time Together 

Songkran is a good chance to have a good vacation and spend quality time with your family. So, children will regain the attention they miss from their parents during the hustle and bustle of daily life. Every moment of festive activities will highly contribute to your kids' emotional well-being.


#3 Experience Fun and Learn From It

Songkran is a festival that combines joy and rituals. So, engaging with Songkran activities can provide your children with valuable life lessons that would be difficult to teach through teaching moments. Kids will learn everything through experience, from the value of sharing and giving to the importance of gratitude to the responsibilities of a child. Most importantly, it would not be stressful for them as the joy that comes with Songkran makes learning enjoyable. 


#4 Collect Memories From Each Other

The experience of Songkran will be unforgettable for both children and family elders. So, it will become an important part of your child's treasure trove of experiences. Every moment you enjoy with your kids during Songkran will be filled with laughter and joy, as they always create lasting memories. 


#5 Understand Thailand and Its Culture

The Songkran Water Festival of Thailand is always an important event for their culture, which has diverse elements. So, the function allows your children to understand and appreciate different traditions. Through that, they will automatically learn how to respect diversity and embrace various cultural practices.


#6 Provide Lasting Emotional Security for Children 

If you plan to celebrate this year’s Songkran joining with your family, it will provide emotional security and support for your kids. When engaging in Songkran activities together as a family, they get to know that they have a support system and will get motivated through that. 



Family-Friendly Songkran Activities

Songkran Festival Thailand

Songkran is celebrated with vibrant water festivals and various family-friendly cultural activities. Here are some events to add to your list and enjoy with the family.


#1 Water Fights

There is a very close relationship between water fights and Songkran. Splashing water on each other with your family will be a very fun and interesting time. Most interestingly, major areas of Songkran have already designated areas for water fights. So, it will allow your whole family to make it safe and enjoyable, especially for kids. So, don’t be late to stay cool during Songkran, even though April is one of the hottest months of the year.  


#2 Visit Temples 

Songkran is a popular Buddhist festival; most Thai families visit temples during the day. So, you can engage your kids and family in visiting a temple to participate in the traditional Songkran ceremonies, offer food, and receive blessings for the New Year. 


#3 Enjoy Thai Cuisine

Thailand is popular for its delicious cuisine; the festival season is the best time to enjoy traditional Thai cuisine with your family. Walking through local markets or restaurants, you can try delicious Thai dishes, street foods, and snacks. Don’t miss out on traditional Thai dishes like Khao Chae, Prawn Pad Thai, Pad Kee Mao Talay, and, most famous, Mango Sticky Rice.

In addition to those food items, add Thai Margarita to your beverages list! Accordingly, eating different foods in different locations with your family will make your days fun and give your kids memorable experiences.


#4 Watch Cultural Performances and Games

During the Songkran festival, you can enjoy a number of cultural performances and games organized for the occasion. Some of the major activities that you can take part in with your family include interesting Thai beauty pageant competitions, street food vendors, flag ceremonies, Thai dances, theatrical shows, and boat races.  


#5 Build Sand Pagodas

During the Songkran festival, people bring sand and build pagodas on temple grounds. You can also join them in repairing temples while teaching your kids good practice.


#6 Release Birds and Fishes

Freedom is the most important and valuable thing in every living being. So, don’t forget to release a bird or a fish back to their natural habitats to commemorate Songkran Day. 


#7 Celebrate with Elephants 

If your family would love to celebrate Songkran differently, you can get away from the bustling cities of Thailand and celebrate Songkran with elephants. Major elephant sanctuaries and retirement parks are open for visitors to celebrate the festival with the national animal of Thailand. Rather than street water fights, you will have more fun with elephants as they use their trunks to spray water on visitors. In addition to watching elephants, you can engage your kids to bathe and feed the elephants. 



Major Areas to Celebrate Songkran with Your Family 

Songkran Festival in Thailand

Rather than celebrate Songkran as a solo traveler, visiting the festival with kids can be an exciting and memorable experience. So, you must select the best, safest destinations so families can enjoy the festivities in a child-friendly environment. 


#1 Ayutthaya (Central Thailand)

Ayutthaya (Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya) adds a unique experience for families during the Songkran. You can give your child an experience mixed with historical and cultural settings and modern festivities in the old city of Ayutthaya.  



#2 Bangkok (Central Thailand)

Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), with the epicenters of Songkran like Silom Road, Khao San Road, Siam Square, and Asiatique The Riverfront, offers many family-friendly Songkran celebrations. You can enjoy water fights, cultural performances, and entertainment suitable for children in the area. 



#3 Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand)

Among the Songkran festivals in Thailand, Chiang Mai is one of the largest and most elaborate festivals for kids. It is filled with numerous family-friendly activities, and when you walk near the Old City area, you will see designated zones where kids can participate in water fights safely.



#4 Pattaya (Eastern Thailand)

Pattaya would be the perfect destination if you and your family love to celebrate Songkran on the beach. 



#5 Phuket (Southern Thailand)

Thailand’s magical coastal island, Phuket, will be filled with tourists during Songkran. So, you can visit Patong Beach in Phuket with your family to engage in water activities, cultural performances, and street food stalls.



Essential Family Tips During Songkran

Front View Hands Holding Safety First Sign

You have to prioritize safety while collecting joyful memories with your family. Firstly, dress appropriately for both you and your kids by wearing lightweight and quick-drying clothes. In addition, you can wear a swimsuit underneath for additional comfort. Don’t forget to wear goggles for your kids, and wear a hat and/or sunglasses to protect against the sunlight.

Next, select family-friendly accommodations and areas to stay and enjoy festivities. Avoid busy streets and areas with heavy traffic to get rid of accidents. If you feel a risk of getting lost in the crowds, supervise them closely and teach them about the importance of respecting others in the celebrations.

In addition, remember to check whether your kids drink water properly to stay hydrated. Be careful about slippery surfaces, as water may accumulate in crowded areas. Finally, respect local customs and traditions, teach your children to participate in the festivities responsibly, and avoid behaviors that may harm others. 



Enjoy Songkran With Your Family!

People Street Cityelephants Play Water Songkran Festival Ayutthaya Thailand

Let this guide be your roadmap to family-centered joy during Songkran. Following its tips ensures an unforgettable experience while nurturing family bonds. Safety is key amidst the festivities, especially for your little ones. Embrace every moment of Songkran, from traditional rituals to modern celebrations.

Create lasting memories with your children, filled with laughter and togetherness. Happy Holidays, and may your Songkran be a testament to family love and unity.


Family Friendly Activities for Songkran Fun Ways to Celebrate with Kids in Thailand


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