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Top 10 Best Tips for Solo Traveling in Thailand

After so many years of trips to Europe, America, and Australia, my time has come to change it up and visit a new, different continent, starting with the solo travelers' favorite; Thailand.  

But, as it was my first solo trip to an Asian country, I was confused about some problems, such as will it be safe to travel alone. Is it easy? How much does it cost to travel? Or would I hate it? ✈ Most people gave their feedback negatively towards Asia, especially solo travel in Thailand was hard. But, since I had followed some special tips when I travel alone in Thailand, it wouldn’t be too difficult for me. I want to say this, for me, solo travel in Thailand was really easy with the tips I followed during my solo travel 🧔

Solo travel in Thailand is incredible, and I believe that Thailand is one of the best countries in the world for traveling alone 🧔 So, here are the top 10 best tips for solo traveling in Thailand 🏝️


Tips for Solo Traveling in Thailand

There are dozens of tips to use when solo traveling in Thailand, but here I’ve updated my top 10 travel tips for Thailand to give you the latest guidelines about a country I love and hope to travel to again and again. Thailand is one of my favorite destinations for traveling by myself. If you’re worried about traveling to Thailand alone, I will say, 'well, don’t be' 🧔


#10 Stay in Hostels 

Thailand’s accommodation budget is exceptionally cheap for solo travelers 🏕 For example, private accommodation can be very budget-friendly even without sharing. You can easily find decent private accommodation for just $10 per night. That’s one reason which forced me to say that Thailand is the great backpacking destination I've ever visited. So, if you need to save more during your tour, take advantage of this easy tip to stay in a hostel 🧔

As Thailand is one of the most prominent backpacking destinations in the world, there are so many hostels with clean, cheap, and safe backgrounds 🏘 In addition, a hostel is one of the easiest and excellent ways to make friends while traveling alone in Thailand. I promise you that Thailand's travelers are solo travelers. Most solo travelers stay in hostels to make new friends while staying comfortable for a little price, and that's why I have to put it in my list of top 10 tips for solo travelers in Thailand 💰


#9 Be Friendly with the Locals

Thai people are exceptionally warm and welcoming. The best way to feel Thai people's hospitality is by kindly greeting them where you go. Don't care whether the accommodation, cleaning staff, or even locals on the streets and markets have a smile on your face.  What you'll receive from them depends on how you treat them ❤

You have to respect the culture of Thailand. Nothing will get you further in the eyes of Thai locals than demonstrating respect toward their culture. Avoid these common cultural mistakes that I listed here for your attention. 

  • As a profoundly Buddhist country, Thailand considered much about dress.  So, I recommend you should dress modestly.
  • Don't keep your feet up on anything; pointing your feet at another person is still considered offensive.
  • Keep the country clean and collect only the memories from traveling places.
  • You can talk and deal with Thai people but never try to touch them.


#8 Bring All that You Need during Travel

As a solo traveler, keeping all that you need in there is better. It will help you to save your money as well as your time. Before traveling, I usually prepare a list of things I hope to bring.

Here I'll name some basic things that you better bring from your motherland 🌂👟🎒 One or two pairs of comfortable shoes and good socks, suitable for city touring and light trekking, a pair of sandals, for the beach and to use when you remove your shoes. In addition, if you hope to visit clubs and parties, I want to inform you that Bangkok clubs enforce a strict dress code for entrance. So, be prepared 🧔

You can plan and take your clothes according to the places you hope to see as if you need to visit temples; you'll surely need long clothes of light colors. And if you wish to enjoy a lot of time on the beachside, you can bring more swimming kits. A light jumper, ideally with a security-zip inside-front pocket, is also helpful to repel mosquitos. UV-protective sunglasses and sunscreen are compulsory when you visit an Asian country, especially Thailand 🕶🤠 Moreover, you can use mosquito repellent as you'll need it during the night in some areas and some seasons.

So, I hardly advise you to bring all that you need; then, it will be a great way to complete your solo travel in Thailand.


#7 Think of the Travel Insurance

Did you know that getting travel insurance for Thailand was optional? Recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Thailand has required visitors previously to provide proof of medical insurance with coverage of hospital charges 🏥 I want to tell you the risk that, if you get injured, insurance companies won’t cover the medical bills of an unlicensed driver. So, they will leave you with a lot of bills and memorable marks you gain from a road crash.

Because of that, I repeatedly say, please, do not travel without travel insurance, especially as a solo traveler. I also have such bitter experiences as a solo traveler. Don't be aidless alone, as the cost may seem better spent elsewhere; trust me when I say you’ll be sorry if you don’t have it. I recommend SafetyWing for travel medical insurance as it is one of the most affordable options. So, travel insurance is the 7th tip I followed during my solo travel in Thailand 🤠


#6 Motorbikes are the BEST 

If you know how to drive them safely, renting a scooter or motorbike can be one of the most effective ways to explore Thailand more 🛵 They are very easy and cheap to rent. According to knowledge, it may cost about $5-8 daily. At the same time, they can give you the freedom to explore out-of-the-way places by yourself. Even on the busiest Thai islands, I found that having a scooter meant I could escape to some secret beach tucked away from the crowds. But, make sure you know how to ride a motorbike and that you are a safe driver, as Thailand is a country that increases road accidents daily. 

If you can't be sure about your driving safety, scooters are not the only ride in town in Thailand. Tuk-tuks and other public transport are everywhere, relatively affordable, and worth taking for the experience. So, when I talk about solo travel in Thailand, one of the best tips is to rent a motorbike or scooter. It will bring you anywhere you need to see. But be careful on your ride! 🧔


#5 Visit during the Best Season for You

Thailand has three seasons: hot, wet, and dry 🌩 March-June brings the hot months 🏖 while months of straight rainfall follow from July to October during the wet season. The most comfortable time to visit for a solo traveler is from November to March, Thailand’s dry season. But these months are high seasons.  So, I recommend beating the tourists and catching some good weather, visiting Thailand near the beginning or end of the dry season during April and October. 

The period you hope to visit Thailand will directly impact your budget; the high season for higher prices and the low season for low prices. However, to have a better experience in Thailand as a solo traveler, you should select your preferred season. Although the high season costs high prices, it is an excellent chance to make new companions and enjoy your solo travel with tons of memories while no doubt about your safety 🤠 Think of the best season for you.


#4 Say 'NO' to Inappropriate Activities

Drugs are completely illegal in Thailand. Enjoy your trip but stay away from drugs to gain the maximum use of your solo travel. Like me, enjoy your tour to collect good memories only. And next,  I want to say don't go to a promiscuous show. Always try to avoid eye contact with the girls and the touts. People often fall into the trap just for being curious. And also, don't help or join scams, and you also be careful with your money bag as there are some pickpockets in the streets. 

The best thing is always to stay alive ❤ Don’t get carried away with dire situations, and drink responsibly to avoid any disaster on your holiday. Thailand's majority are religious people, and they are very sensitive about their culture. So, always dress appropriately and avoid unnecessary clothes and behaviors while visiting any temple or religion.


#3 Tips for Your Safety 

With a deep-rooted Buddhist culture and a high standard of society, crime rates are very low in Thailand. That's why Thailand is the best country for solo traveling. But follow the following tips for your safety when traveling alone in Thailand. 

Search and think many times when you rent a motorbike or a scooter for your travel. Thailand’s roads are not the best place to test your driving skills 🛵 So, go deeply through the condition of the vehicle before starting your travel. And you must rent a motorbike or scooter only from a reliably recommended business. I'm sure to say this; Thailand's cheapest is not always the best.  

Then excuse yourself from paying some extra money to buy yourself a higher-quality adventure, better equipment, professional instructors, and even insurance during the activities you hope to engage in. It's better to take your vaccinations before you travel. Consult your doctor regarding travel vaccines and the covid-19 pandemic, but unless you’re focusing on the depths of the jungle, you’re at minimal risk. Tap water is unsafe in Thailand, but you can save money and avoid environmental pollution by taking free, filtered drinking water from restaurants and hotels. Finally, stay alert for any scams in Thailand, especially in Local Taxi 🚕


#2 Tips for Traveling 

The easiest and most effective way for a solo traveler 🧔 to a minimum risk transport is a booking agent. With a seemingly infinite number of train lines, bus routes, and boat schedules, you’ll save time, money, and brainpower by going to an agent. Tell them your desires, wishes, and end destination then they’ll arrange all the chutes and ladders to get you there 🚤 

When you travel by taxi, don't forget to ask for the meter constantly. A common but avoidable scam occurs when a taxi driver does not switch on the meter, then charges a wildly higher rate upon arrival. I used the night train and night boat during my solo travel in Thailand 🤠 You can also use them and remember this, book lower bunks, bring your headphones, and wear your jumper to gain a fantastic experience.


#1 Use Travel Apps

Getting the right travel apps on your phone will make your solitary life much easier in Thailand 📱 For assistance and more information, download apps such as Bangkok MRT, BTS Skytrain, and Grab. Grab is similar to Uber, but you can book a taxi, car, or motorbike from the app. The largest city in Thailand is filled with the best food and culture and one too many opportunities for fun. To get the most out of this city, try using several different apps which make exploring Thailand much more manageable. Here are the top apps you’ll need before heading to Bangkok 🧔


The solo trip to Thailand turned my dream of travel into a reality ❤ and I’ll never forget how welcoming the country was when I began my journey as a new traveler to Asia. If you’re also dreaming of traveling somewhere new, Thailand has more than enough beaches like the Koh Phi Phi islands, other activities, forests, and temples for a fresh start.

It’ll be a life-changing and unforgettable experience for you. Don't be nervous about traveling alone in Thailand, and follow my list of top 10 tips for solo travel in Thailand. Finally, I suggest following the top 10 tips for solo travel in Thailand to enjoy a safe and wonderful solo trip in Thailand 🏆


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