Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand255
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Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

Are you looking for the best international health insurance companies in Thailand? Fret no more, as I have created my top list of the country's best Thai global health insurance companies. It surely is a must-read article before you take any step further, especially on your travel health insurance in Thailand.

Travel insurance enables you to ensure the financial involvement you prepared in your vacation, whether you booked a tour to a tropical destination or a sightseeing outing to a far-flung country. Though purchasing travel insurance coverage is discretionary, it does help you prevent falling money on prepaid travel payments if your travel recommendations run awry.

To know more about travel health insurance, read along first and check out my list of Thailand's top 10 best international health insurance companies.



Importance of Travel Health Insurance

Medical Insurance with Family Stethoscope Wooden Desk

Before you spend a lot of wealth on a family tour, an academic trip, or a dream holiday you've been designing for years; you may purchase a travel health insurance policy that can pay you back if your plans fall apart. There are options to purchase comprehensive policies that cover a range of potential issues and standard policies that provide the flexibility to cancel your trip for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore, for a low general expense, you can acquire essential travel insurance policies that enclose your trip's major segments, like your airfare or trip cost.

The extensive travel insurance companies will pay you back for medical expenditures, baggage loss, and evacuation to your residence country, all for an accessible rate. As your exit date pulls near, contemplate the organizations that can assist you in preventing you from monetary losses if your trip is revoked or postponed for reasons beyond your control.

Health insurance is somehow outstanding in Thailand, particularly for Thais and tourists, as they already cover their social security. More and more people have recognized the advantages of having private health insurance as it is easy to acquire. The usefulness is far bigger than what social security insurance gives. Also, with the rising medical cost, health insurance is becoming essential.

Here is my list of the top 10 best International Health Insurance companies in Thailand:


#10 AXA

Axa Thai Insurance Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

AXA is on my list as Thailand's 10th-best international health insurance company. It is a big global company, so it’s no wonder that people prefer to be covered by AXA health insurance; they have various plans for various budgets. While AXA health plans may be more expensive than those offered by other insurance companies, they also provide more benefits; they do not have a waiting time for medical requests compared to most insurance companies.

The AXA international health insurance is specially formulated for immigrants who want health coverage modified to their desires. Thanks to this discount, you can access similar strong usefulness, valuable medical services, and special cover status at a smaller price. They moreover propose a lifetime discount of 10% on your insurance, which pertains to the first day of your coverage for the first 12 months of your health insurance so that you can retain a smooth beginning in your new country.

Axa Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

AXA offers “Sawasdee Thailand,” comprehensive travel insurance that comprises health coverage for foreigners traveling to Thailand, offering up to 3.5-million-baht of medical expenditure containing COVID-19, which fulfills the Thai government’s stringent insurance laws for entry schemes to Thailand.

AXA Sawasdee Thailand is customized to bring about travel practices and make the trip hassle-free. The policy has no staying period or co-payment with a 24-hour hotline service. Cashless duty is ready if a customer is disclosed as an inpatient in an AXA network hospital throughout Thailand. AXA Sawasdee Thailand is accessible for 30, 60, 90, 180, 270, and 365 days.



#9 Pacific Cross

Pacific Cross Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

Pacific Cross is one of the rising insurance companies in Thailand; they have been going against Bupa and prospering. So, it takes 9th place in my list of Thailand's top 10 best international health insurance companies. 

They have additional options than any other health insurance provider and have reasonable prices for others. The good thing about Pacific Cross is that they have an Expat department that puts up with the attention of clients who can only communicate in English. They moreover give worldwide allowance through the Assist America Hotline.

Pacific Cross similarly has a broad network of hospitals that offer cashless claims. They have over 300 hospitals in Thailand and a limited circulation around Southeast Asia. You can compare their Pacific Cross Health insurance Plans at their official website.

They have already witnessed that insurance can be exciting and that it is one of the most significant determinations you will make to conserve yourself, your family, and your employees. So, Pacific Cross Insurance has a skilled squad of customer service representatives who defer to resolving any problems or comments you may have. 



#8 LMG Insurance

Lmg Insurance Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

Established in 1975, LMG Insurance has become one of Thailand's top ten insurance companies through a progression of unions and accessions. As a publicly listed company and a member of the Liberty Mutual Group, you will discover that this insurer is one of the country's most reliable and financially safe companies.

LMG is fresh to the game, but they are very specified; they have pretty periodic fascinating plans that are reasonable. The big thing about LMG is that they process your application as fast as possible but can only accept applicants up to 60.

Thirty years of obligation to propose the most incredible service to the customers has motivated LMG Insurance Company Limited into a top role in the Thai insurance market, with prestige for faith and trustworthiness that expands countrywide.

Medical Bills Prepayment Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

Its financial stability is remarkable, with about 1,700 million baht in legal capital and the assistance of Liberty Mutual Group of the USA, one of the world’s dominating insurance providers.

They have five budget plans and two that appeal to full coverage for inpatient and outpatient. The five budget plans are called the “Universal Plan,” and The Full coverage plans are called the “Elite Series.” Their hospital network list is approximately the same as the Pacific Cross, so they are relatively competitive.

To apply for LMG health insurance, you will need the documents below,

  • Apply via the website or contact the customer service representative for an Application form.
  • Submit a copy of your passport with a verified signature.
  • Wait until you offer the letter.
  • Accept the offer letter.
  • Pay the Invoice Premium
  • You’re covered.
  • Registered EMS will deliver the original policy and card to your address in 7-10 business days.



#7 MSH International

Msh International Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

Although MSH International can't be deemed a budget, they have a good name. If you need the gold insurance standard, MSH is a top choice. As an international company, they do have a significance to maintain. They have different language speakers that can help you without a problem where you're from. They have two types of plans: the Asia Care First, which is more exclusive and costly, and the Asia Care Plus, which is more budget-friendly.

MSH International may have higher premiums than most, but they also have a good track record and give 'Cashless' claims in selected hospitals in Thailand. They have full cancer coverage under all plans with no regulations and caps. You also can choose your medication provider, whether here or in any country of your coverage.  

Msh Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

You will get tons of advantages from the company. It is a dominating company generating a good health benefit concept and supervision. It also has numerous branches worldwide, with regional offices that include Calgary, Paris, Dubai, and Shanghai. MSH International has more than 300,000 covered members in 200 countries, a massive 2,000 business customers, and takes over 10% of the Fortune 500.

With these facts, I included MSH insurance company in 7th place in my list of Thailand's top 10 best international health insurance companies.



#6 NZI

Nzi Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

NZI (New Zealand Insurance) plan is under Safety Insurance, one of Thailand's largest and most well-known insurance companies. It offers world-class coverage and service by two of the world’s largest insurance groups. They also have a Local English and Thai-speaking team for client comfort. They carry recent policyholders up to 74 years of age and no cut-off age for existing policyholders.

NZI is considered one of Thailand's best international health insurance companies; although their prices may be higher than most, they have outstanding coverage and world-class service.



#5 Thaivivat Insurance

Thaivivat Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

Thaivivat Insurance holds the 5th position in my list of the top 10 best international health insurance companies in Thailand. Thaivivat is a formal Thai Company, and the insurance offers a wide range for people with different budgets. You get a free choice of hospitals, stable financial planning premiums, and flexible premium rates. 

They also have 24/7 global coverage and lifetime renewal guaranteed. Established in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) in 1951 with a priority on fire and marine transport insurance, Thaivivat has accumulated to evolve into one of the nation's biggest insurers. With a wide choice of insurance plans available to individuals and groups, you can rest easy knowing that the insurer will cover any eventuality.



#4 AIA

Aia Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand
AIA is on my list as Thailand's 4th best international health insurance company. It is a member of the AIA Group, one of the longest-serving insurance companies in Thailand. The company began processes in 1938 and seeks to offer excellent insurance outcomes to individuals, organizations, and groups nationwide. With an obligation to always do what is right, you can rest assured that any plan from AIA Insurance will be credible.

Besides offering life protection and investment opportunities, AIA wishes to be an integral part of its customers by building a positive influence that facilitates them to live ‘Healthier, Longer, Better Lives’ through various health promotion activities. 

AIA Sharing a Life charity run gained overwhelmingly positive responses from over 50,000 participants, including AIA management teams, employees, agency forces, government agencies, and the general public.



#3 Cigna

Cigna Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

If you are looking for a better, inexpensive international insurance company in Thailand, you can select Cigna. Although they are comparably cheaper, they provide multiple insurance choices and outstanding customer service. They give a modular plan design, enabling you to adapt the plan to your wants and budget by picking and selecting various modules.

Near the end of last year, they enlisted Cigna Global Health Thailand, mainly designed for immigrants and Thai citizens living in Thailand. Besides health insurance, Cigna offers travel, critical illness, and personal accident insurance. Their insurance is functional for a wide range of people, including elders and company executives, and can even cover the necessities of a whole family. So, on my list, it is the 3rd best international health insurance company in Thailand.



#2 Dhipaya Insurance

Dhipaya Insurance Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

Dhipaya is one of Thailand's best and biggest insurance companies, with a market percentage of nearly 9.9%, based on direct premiums written in 2020; they have previously published health insurance plans pointed to expats. It is cheap, and the coverage is satisfactory as well. They have four plans, two of which have deductibles to make the insurance more affordable, which is very reasonable. 

Besides health insurance, Dhipaya also offers many other insurance types. For example, if you have land, you can assume there are six various kinds of car insurance. They even provide pet insurance and insurance for bike lovers. In addition, they also have mainly formulated insurance for their Muslim customers.



#1 Bupa (acquired by Aetna)

Bupa Insurance Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

Thailand's best international health insurance company on my top 10 list is Bupa. It is the biggest name in Health Insurance in Thailand; it’s almost ridiculous to look for health insurance and not mention Bupa as their presence is very big in Thailand. Most people go for Bupa because they have a 24/7 English staff available to take care of them, and this is a must for expats living in Thailand.

Bupa International has a bigger hospital network than most insurance companies governing their business here. This works well for the consumer as they can go to any hospital in Thailand, and the transaction will be cashless. Some people consider Bupa more expensive than most, but they have plans ranging from budget to premium. You can check their Bupa Health Insurance Plans and compare their plans.

Doctor Using Stethoscope Listen Heart Rate Elderly Woman Patients Check Heart Disease

Bupa Thailand was organized over 30 years ago and is Thailand's leading specialist health insurer, with more than 300,000 members and a network of over 400 healthcare providers in the country. Bupa Thailand will operate under the Bupa brand for a limited period before transitioning to the Aetna brand. Bupa aims to enable people to live extended, healthier, pleased lives and a better world.

They are an international healthcare company serving over 31 million customers worldwide. With no shareholders, they reinvest profits into providing better healthcare to benefit current and future customers. In addition, Bupa has been devoted to looking after the health of customers and communities for over 70 years.

Health insurance is at the bottom of Bupa's business, and they donate healthcare through health clinics, digital services, hospitals, dental centers, and aged care facilities. The capacity and depth of their experience give an immense knowledge of how health systems work in the markets in which they exist, enabling us to meet the different desires of the customers better.

Top 10 Best International Health Insurance Companies in Thailand

Insurance is a huge industry in Thailand, with most companies experimenting with Health Insurance. If you want health insurance, here is the best guide. So, read carefully and select the best one for you.



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