Top 10 Thailand Motorcycle Tour Trips You Must Try250
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Top 10 Thailand Motorcycle Tour Trips You Must Try

Do you like to travel freely? So you will surely love a motorcycle tour in Thailand. The country is deemed one of the world’s best motorcycle journeying destinations 🏅 Buddhist sanctuaries, fishing villages, lovely Thai cooking and street food, mounts, rivers, waterfalls, lush forests, and elephants from the viewpoint of the street make Thailand a thrilling motorcycle paradise 🏆


One of the encouraging means to explore Thailand is on a motorcycle. There are tons of bike tours across the Land of Smiles to decide from 🥸 After all, do you know Thailand is well known for its gorgeous seasides, incredible royal castles, ancient temples, and ancestry sites? There is no fairer way to experience these interests than spring on a bike and ride along with a bike tour guide for a tremendous biking journey ⭐

Scooter Road Trip Love Couple Red Motorbike White Clothes Forest Road Trail

Motorbiking through Thailand's heart on less traveled roads creates surviving memories 🏅 Best of all, motorcyclists can celebrate vacations along the road and tasty local delights that divide them. Read on to learn about the top 10 Thailand motorcycle tour trips you must try.


#10 Exploring Samoeng/Mae Sa

Mountain Viewpoint Samoeng Chiang Mai Thailand

You must try exploring the Samoeng with a motorcycle 🥸 Barely north of Chiang Mai, the Samoeng Loop is the most outstanding day ride in northern Thailand, putting up with travelers through the rural Thai countryside, upholding caves, sanctuaries, elephant farms, and rice fields. The winding road circles the Doi Suthep Mountain, almost west of Chiang Mai, giving quite a variety of trekking and off-road motorcycle paths ⭐

The Samoeng Loop carries riders from Mae Rim to the attractive Mae Sa Valley 🏅 Do note that this is a mountainous ride, so you want a 125cc or above motorbike. In Mae Sa, you can have a tour around the elephant camp, Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens, and Mae Sa Waterfall 🏆


The Bear Travel Top Sights:
Mae Rim Orchid Farm, Mae Sa Waterfall, Mae Sa Elephant Camp, Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, Samoeng Forest, Pa Ta Cave, Ban Muang Goong Pottery Village

The Bear Travel Guinness Bear Tip:  
Have a taste of local coffee and pick strawberries from farms along the path.



#9 Sunset at Phayao

Sunset Scene Phayao Lake North Thailand

Phayao in Chiang Mai is a beautiful town beside a great lake, and it provides an incredible ride over tons of mountains ⭐ While the road Wang Nua-Phayao has a gorgeous forest cover and elegant beautiful sceneries of the Phayao Lake, Wat Si Khom Kham by the lake in Phayao also has some shocking monuments of life in Buddhist perdition to amaze the farang, and I highly recommend checking it 🏆

A night in Phayao is also delightful. There are many cafes beside the lake to eat, drink, and attend to the sunset in a comfortable environment, flaming through the rice paddies around Phrao 🏅 I suggest the Doi Farang Resort and try a surprisingly good coffee. You may try a few whiskeys and a dish of mouth-searingly spicy food that shortly puts the world to rights; then you can eventually relax as the sun falls behind the mountains and twilight swiftly falls over ⭐

Looking back on your travel life, the colors will clasp with you immensely. The forests' muted greens and browns give way to the glittering green flicker of rice paddies prepared for harvest 🥸 Foggy gray daylight mist burning off to deep blue afternoon skies, burning orange sun declining below the horizon, departing only the light of thousands of stars to brighten the black topography. This makes Phayao in 9th place on my list of top 10 Thailand motorcycle tours you must try 🏆



#8 Ride through the Nan Tour

Aerial View Beautiful Sky Road Top Mountains with Green Jungle Nan Province Thailand

Beginning in Chiang Mai, the Nan Loop grabs riders through some of Thailand’s most incredible mountain panoramas to Nan on Highway 1148, said to be one of the top 10 best biking roads in the world 🏅 You will pass by the Than Thong Waterfall and the Mae Kachan hot spring before attaining the lakeside town of Phayao, which is worth a day or two to explore its temples, the most remarkable of which being Wat Analayo. Phu Lang Kha National Park in the Phayao province is also worth visiting 🥸

Mahouts Bath Clean Elephants River

In Nan, you should tour the beautiful Wat Phra That Khao Noi hilltop temple 🥸 From here, the road runs through the whirling highlands of the province to Phrae, where you can get a wooden ferry to cross the Sirikit Dam, the biggest earth dam in Thailand. Phrae is an elegant town that beholds limited tourists to other parts of the country ⭐ This makes it ideal to have a genuine flavor of original Thailand.

From Phrae, you will ride along with the picturesque rice fields to Den Chai, then through mountain sight to Lampang, where you can travel to the elephant conservation center and the world’s first elephant hospital. You will also pass by national parks and rice fields on your way back to Chiang Mai 🏅


The Bear Travel Top Sights:
Temples of Phayao, Than Thong Waterfall, Santisuk Waterfalls, Doi Phuka National Park, Tai Lue Village, Nong Bua Temple, Mae Kachan Hot Spring, Sirikit Dam, Wat Phra That Khao Noi, the Elephant Conservation Center, Big Reclining Buddha in Phrae

The Bear Travel Guinness Bear Tip:
Stop in Lampang for a horse-drawn carriage ride. Known as ‘Horse Carriage City,’ Lampang is the only town in Thailand that still uses horse-drawn carriages as transportation.



#7 Highlands of Kanchanaburi

Tropical Wooden Raft Resort Illumination River Kwai Dawn

Further south and in a varied range of highlands, Kanchanaburi has become a famous weekend destination for locals of Bangkok wanting a calm, natural opportunity to visit their exciting city 🏅

Among the weekenders who gather at the riverside resorts and national parks of one of the country’s largest western provinces are bikers wanting a variety of struggling hill riding and sufficient high-end settlements 🏆 The most prominent ride is the Nang Prue – Si Sawat loop, covering 300 kilometers on rural roads running through farmland, dense jungle, and old-growth forest 🥸

Erawan Waterfall Thailand Beautiful Waterfall with Emerald Pool Nature

Hours of tight turns, waterfall cavity stops, and mountaintop scenery of the Srinagarind reservoir are just some of the intentions that locals rate this route among the best in the country 🏅 Operators in Bangkok recommend tours that gain in both the historical sights, like the world-famous Bridge on the River Kwai, hot springs, and the well-known caves and waterfalls of the area ⭐

This area is known for its prominent bridge over the River Kwai and world-class waterfalls. But this vast, hilly area is so much more than that 🥸 Bordering Myanmar; this charming tropical jungle nature is impressive. With flooded lowland valleys and awe-inspiring mountain backdrops, this area of Thailand has been the emphasis of countless Hollywood movies and for a lovely purpose. It is astonishing 🏆


The Bear Travel Top Sights:
The Death Railway Mountain, Erawan National Park, Off-Road Experience at Pilok, Sangkhlaburi District

The Bear Travel Guinness Bear Tip:
Regular buffalo shows run through the day for a funny scene in Baan Kwai. Enjoy it!



#6 Exploring South Thailand

Happy Couple Tourist Travelers around Patong with Motorbike Scooter

Phuket Island is recognized as the "Pearl of the Andaman" for its beaches and panoramic limestone karsts Still; it is also a considerable core to explore the west coast on two wheels. For something varied, there are overnight trips from the tropical island to Ranong City 300 kilometers off on Harley-Davidson 🏅

The ride blends the pleasures of riding along beach roads with the challenge of assuming twisties through the jungle-covered limestone hills that comprise the coastal region. 600 kilometers later, with a night in a four-star resort to rest sore muscles from guiding a huge bike all day 🥸

Railay Beach Thailand Krabi Province Aerial Birds View Tropical Railay Pranang Beach

As the borders of Thailand become less restrictive, multi-country motorcycle tours from Thailand will broaden to explore once-prohibited areas 🏅 Bikers know that the journey is as vital as the destination in Thailand. So, exploring South Thailand holds 6th place in my list of top 10 must-visit motorcycle tour trips in Thailand ⭐


The Bear Travel Top Sights:
Chalong Bay, Railay Beach, Phuket Bird Park, Phuket Botanic Garden, Splash Jungle Water Park

The Bear Travel Guinness Bear Tip:
Phuket’s nightlife is electric, and attending a theater show is a fun option for a night out. 



#5 Adventure at Sukhothai

Buddha Statue Wat Mahathat Temple Precinct Sukhothai Historical Park

This quick and smooth motorcycle adventure will bring you to the most beautiful countryside in the northern part of Central Thailand ⭐ The Sukhothai Loop will not only take you to visit the old history of Thailand in Sukhothai, but you may also avert any city traffic and uncover the most impressive windy and back roads 🏆

For a particular but stunning period, the walled city of Sukhothai presided as the capital of Thailand, generating the heritage of a united nation of Thai people and an incredible cultural heritage 🏅 Now a massive assembly of gorgeous ruins, the Old City has been conserved as Sukhothai Historical Park, one of Thailand's most famous temptations 🥸

Lamphun Thailand Trains Are Running through Khun Tan Tunnel Khun Tan Railway Statio

Attending the border with Myanmar, you sense as if you're there. Different faces and tribal dress make you understand that this is the road-less-traveled 🥸 This is the "long way round" to this most distinguished of Thai cities. Still, you'll be delighted to have experienced roads and scenery most people will never get the chance to see 🏅

So it's worth visiting there on a motorcycle tour. The grounds are beautiful, well-maintained, and very well-renovated ⭐ Make sure you visit the northern region to see the giant Buddha. I found renting a motorcycle from New Sukhothai to the park the most inexpensive and straightforward option. Be sure to eat outside the main door at the small food perspectives populated by Thais. The cards are in Thai, so point and order is so good. The night markets in New and Old Sukhothai on the main drags are worth checking out. The fruit is so reasonable and good 🏆


The Bear Travel Top Sights:
Khun Tan, Thailand's highest train station with the longest tunnel, unseen Uttaradit; World Heritage Site of Sukhothai; the world's first elephant hospital in Lampang

The Bear Travel Guinness Bear Tip:
The excellent time to visit Sukhothai is from November to January, when the weather is more relaxed and less humid around Sukhothai Historical Park. 



#4 Endless Pleasure in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok)

Rama 8 Bridge

Pleasure is bike riding in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) with the wind in your hair and friendly smiles from passers-by all through 🥸 This three-hour Bangkok Classical Bicycle Tour brings bikers through Chinatown, rushing markets, and fascinating alleyways. Look out for extraordinary shophouses trading local commodities and temples along the narrow streets 🏅

Additionally, bikers cross the Chao Phraya River via the pedestrian ferry and pedal across the residential communities of Thonburi while appreciating panoramic cityscapes 🏅 Experience an original tour of Bangkok like never before. Friendly and excellent for bike lovers, this tour endeavors into the heart of Bangkok and explores its glorious history 🏆

There's plenty to see and explore, from ancient buildings to current city arrangements, stunning works of architecture to historic ruins, vital markets to sleepy waterways 🥸 Riders are provided a thorough justification of every interest from an expert guide. Best of all, the tour provides a closer peek into the daily lives of the local societies and how they prosper in the city ⭐


The Bear Travel Top Sights:
Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Wat Saket (Golden Mountain), Golden Buddha, Reclining Buddha, Khao San Road, Non-stop eating at the Floating Market

The Bear Travel Guinness Bear Tip:
Get some excellent street food in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok).



#3 Cultural Tour in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya Historical Park Wat Chaiwatthanaram Buddhist Temple Thailand

Take the road less traveled when you meet the three-hour sunset ride bike trip at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ayutthaya. Begin your tour with a ferry ride across the Pa Sak River and follow to the famous Chao Phrom Market 🏅 Next, head to Chankasem Palace, visit an ancient prison and Hua Ro Market before entering Bang Ian Night Market. At sunset, you can proceed to Wat Mahathat, one of the most outstanding temple networks in Ayutthaya Historical Park ⭐

Biking by night offers extraordinary views of the lighted-up ancient capital with historical ruins and temples. And ultimately, you can end in the temple with a large sitting Buddha, the biggest in Ayutthaya 🥸 In addition to enjoying the history of Ayutthaya City and the historical park; you can also begin with a tour of the ruins of Pom Phet on the old city walls, attended by riding through local neighborhoods past local street sellers to test unique Thai delights.

Ayutthaya Night Market Is New Market Province Located Old Town Hall Be surprised by the tranquillity of the Somdet Phra Srinakarinda Park and the art of the Muslim society that brings about hand-woven items from palm leaves 🏅 Furthermore, a bike to Ayutthaya Historical Park to explore temples and ancient ruins before stopping the tour at Chao Phrom Market, which is prominent for its amulet shops and food haven ⭐


The Bear Travel Top Sights:
Ayutthaya Night Market, Wat Phra Ram, Wat Phu Khao Thong, Ko Loi, Portuguese Village

The Bear Travel Guinness Bear Tip:
Don't miss the street, cooked pad Thais and curries, soups made with mouth-tingling morning glory, and river fish and sushi served at tables next to the river in the night market of Ayutthaya.



#2 Enjoy the Chiang Rai Tour

Karen Long Neck Villages Chiang Rai Province North Thailand

One of the most picturesque rides in the country, the Chiang Rai Loop holds 2nd place in my list of top 10 motorcycle tour trips in Thailand 🏅 Just north of Chiang Mai, you can stop at the Mae Sa Elephant Camp, where you can see elephants making their daily habits, from washing and eating to painting, dancing, and playing football 🥸

From Mae Sa, you may drive on a hilly road to Tha Ton, overlooked by the dramatic Wat Tha Ton temple, located close to the border with Myanmar on top of a hill that grants incredible scenic views. While here, you can also visit the long-necked Karen Tribe Village ⭐ The journey continues on rural roads, by mountains and hot springs, towards Doi Mae Salong, where Chinese mountain tea farmers live. The locals here are ethnically Chinese, and these lands almost feel like Thailand. You will head towards Mae Sai, the northernmost point of Thailand, where you may visit Wat Tham Pla and get the opportunity to see some wild monkeys up close 🏆

Wat Phra that Pha Ngao along with Mekong River Chiang Saen District Thailand Golden Triangle Viewpoint Is Border Three Countries Thailand Laos Myanmar

You can quickly arrive at the Golden Triangle from here, where three borders meet: Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. Here, you can hold a long-tail boat and cross into Laos to visit some villages. No visa is expected 🏆 From the Golden Triangle, Highway 1048 will carry you to Chiang Rai, which is best known to be one of the most refined rides in Thailand. Chiang Rai may be quieter than Chiang Mai, but it is no less thrilling. The primary temptation here is Wat Rong Khun. Better known as the White Temple, it is one of the top 10 wonder temples globally ⭐

Some incredible off-road trips are beginning in Chiang Rai that are worth a few more days to explore for adventure lovers 🏅 A zigzag/snake-like mountain road will take you back to Chiang Mai.


The Bear Travel Top Sights:
Mae Sa Elephant Camp, Chiang Dao Cave, Wat Tha Thon, Hot Springs, Wat Rong Khun (White Temple), Golden Triangle

The Bear Travel Guinness Bear Tip:
Stop at Doi Mae Salong for the best tea in Thailand. 



#1 Mae Hong Son Motorcycle Tour Trip

One Side Entrance Cave with Stalagmite Stalactite Tham Lod National Park Mae Hong Son Province Thailand

The topmost Thailand motorcycle tour that you must visit is a trip to Mae Hong Son. Thailand’s incredibly prominent road trip assumes riders through the more fantastic and extremely panoramic hilly region of the Mae Hong Son province 🏆 The opening point for this meandering ride is the large tourist hub of Chiang Mai. From here, you may head west on an epic journey to explore northern Thailand's distinct landscape and rugged nature, riding on narrow paths to Pai and back, adding 1,864 curves! ⭐

You can pass by hill tribe villages, Buddhist temples, caves, and waterfalls, so set aside some additional time to visit as much as you can 🥸 On your way to Mae Sariang, you can also pass by the Doi Inthanon National Park, and, if you like, you can even make a short detour and ride to the top of the Doi Inthanon Mountain, the highest peak in Thailand. Also known as the ‘Roof of Thailand,’ the 2,565-meter tall Doi Inthanon is part of the Himalayan mountain range 🏅

Mountains Roads during Day Mountain Road Mae Hong Son

Going from Chiang Mai to Pai can be challenging as it is one of the most treacherous in Thailand, with twists and turns on narrow roads carved into the mountains ⭐ You can take on the Mae Hong Son Loop clockwise or counterclockwise, but you should be advised that this ride is not for new motorcyclists 🥸

Those riding in Thailand for the first time are advised to do the loop in a clockwise direction, stopping at Mae Sariang first 🏆 Make sure your motorbike is powerful enough before attempting the challenge; a semi-automatic scooter or a larger motorcycle should do the trick 🏅


The Bear Travel Top Sights:
Trekking near Mae Sariang, Doi Inthanon National Park, Cave Lodge, and the Surrounding Adventure Activities

The Bear Travel Guinness Bear Tip:
Pack enough warm clothes; you’ll be surprised at how cold it can get in the mountains at night. 


Top 10 Thailand Motorcycle Tour Trips You Must Try

The Bear Travel Guinness Bear Top Tips:

  • Be careful on Thai roads.

  • Carry waterproofs if you’re riding in the monsoon season. The rain is torrential.

  • You don’t need to book accommodation in advance, but remember that it can get busy in the hotter months.

  • Carry your International Driver’s Permit and Thai motorcycle insurance at all times.

  • Get a Thai SIM card on your phone just in case of emergencies.


If you plan to take a tour around Thailand on a motorcycle and fulfill your wildest dreams, then make sure not to miss any of the mentioned and recommended top 10 must-visit motorcycle tour trips 🏆 I hope you enjoy them and share extraordinary stories with your friends ⭐



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