What to Wear in Thailand: Everything You Need to Know377
BY Professor Bear

What to Wear in Thailand: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re dreaming of traveling to Thailand, the key thing that you’re wondering about is what clothes to pack. Indeed, it would be best to stay relaxed in Thailand’s hot and wet temperature.

But it's a country whose people dress very modestly. Is it practical to keep calm and happy while obeying the “rules”? So, dear readers, today I bring you the dos and don’ts of what to wear in Thailand.

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You may already understand that some clothing trends in Thailand are applicable, and others won’t. I can confidently indicate that your image influences how you’re treated in Thailand, so deciding to dress refined and correctly moves a long way. 

So, are you wondering what clothes to pack for Thailand? Then this article is for you. 



Quick Overview of Dos and Don'ts 

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  • Take hot weather clothing
  • Wear soft, rather water-resistant shoes
  • Wear bathing suits on the seaside and cover-ups in town
  • Cover up your shoulders and knees
  • Bring handy clothing made of quick-wicking fabric
  • Wear neat clothes and shower frequently
  • Wear a sweatshirt to prevent freezing 
  • When it is the rainy season, bring a waterproof raincoat to keep up dry 
  • To avoid being avoided by the police, use a helmet when driving a scooter



  • Roam around barefoot and uphold on to the high heels and boots
  • Walk around the city in bathing dresses or go topless
  • Dress immodestly
  • Bring jeans or clothes prepared of 100% cotton
  • Wear dirty clothing or avoid strong body odor
  • Wear uncovered clothing



Suitable Dress Codes for Hassle-Free Travel in Thailand

Day-to-Day Traveling Outfits

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When you expect a typical journey in Thailand, short skirts and shorts are likely to wear. Be sure to wear affluent flat shoes and shirts that cover your shoulders. Thailand is hot, cloudless, and humid. So, you’ll sweat no matter what you wear. But be tactful when packing your clothes. Here are some ideas before you pack the traveling baggage to Thailand.


Bring Hot Conditions Clothes

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For a refined dress code in Thailand, opt for polo shirts, button-down collared shirts, and golf or Bermuda shorts. High-quality T-shirts and cargo shorts will also do. Packing a pair of semi-casual pants will appear inconvenient for an evening out.

Ladies should pack skirts, shorts, summer dresses, and fine tops. Attire options in Thailand can range from flowing to fitted, emphasizing good quality. Ensure that shirts cover your shoulders and come with a semi-high collar line. We don’t say high necks, but your cleavage should be covered. Transparent or lacy fabric is a good way to stay cool but be convinced to wear a slip underpart.


Don’t Wear Reflecting Clothes

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While short skirts and shorts are acceptable, it's important that they remain appropriate. Men should avoid sleeveless muscle shirts or singlets and ensure shirts are properly buttoned. Ladies should refrain from wearing tank tops and avoid spaghetti-strap shirts unless covered with a cardigan or shawl. Extremely short shorts should also be avoided.



Footwear Suitable for Outings

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You may discover yourself stepping a lot before you relax using local transportation. It's more comfortable, and the simpler the shoes you carry, the better. Do wear comfortable, preferably.


Wear Water-Resistant Shoes

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Although you look cute in high heels, you may also break an ankle as you aren't used to walking on Thailand's roads. If you must wear heels, go with low wedges to give you a little extra ground area to balance.

Always remove your shoes before arriving at someone’s house or a temple. If you see some shoes outside an entranceway, that’s a dead giveaway to peel off yours, too.


Don’t Pass on the High Heels and Boots

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Ladies, although you look cute in high heels, you may also break an ankle as you aren't used to walking on Thailand's roads. If you must wear heels, go with low wedges to give you a little extra ground area to balance.

It’s better not to use hiking or combat boots and socks for everyday shoes. Your soles will boil to death and could formulate a mad case of an athlete’s foot.


Do Not Walk Around Barefoot

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Some free-spirited individuals like to immerse and connect with Mother Earth, and in some countries, it’s ok, but not in Thailand. Giving rise to city dirt that’s been compiling on the soles of your feet in a Thai home or business is offensive.



What to Wear at the Beach?

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Thailand is most famous among tourists because of its stunning beaches. But don't forget to cover up appropriately as soon as you exit the beach!


Cover-ups in Town & Bathing Suits on the Beach

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While Thais typically dress more conservatively at the beach, it's acceptable for foreigners to wear just swim shorts and for women to wear two-piece swimsuits. However, it's important to limit this attire to the beach area and not while walking on the main street.

When you step off the sand and begin to attempt to get into town, clasp a beach cover-up. This implies wearing a sarong or drape covering your chest and abdomen, and men should grab a t-shirt to wear over their swim trunks.

Thailand’s beach towns have many stores retailing airy cover-ups and jackets. They’ll similarly have amounts of sunglasses and big floppy sun hats to safeguard you from the sun when you want them. Sarongs may be the perfect bathing suit for you as it is drying off, saving skin from the sun and outstretching on the sand.


Don’t Walk Around Town in Bathing Dresses or Get on Topless

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Look around; you will never notice a Thai person walking down the street or driving a motorbike in a bathing suit. Nor will they ride around barefoot. Wearing a bathing suit in the city without a cover-up is a big mistake and makes Thais uneasy. This particularly clashes in non-beach towns such as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) and Chiang Mai.



How to Dress When Visiting Temples?

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Lengthier-sleeved shirts and pants or skirts past the knees are perfect clothes for visiting Thai temples. If there is one place where men and women must dress appropriately, this is it. Oppositely, your chance to embarrass the locals in their place of worship.


Cover Up Your Shoulders and Knees

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Men are advised to wear modest collared shirts and shorts that reach the knee, although wearing pants is also acceptable. T-shirts are preferred, but a dressier shirt is the best, whether short-sleeved or long-sleeved.

Women must wear pants or skirts that are at least knee-length, and they should cover their cleavage and shoulders. One of the decent pieces of clothing that you can pack is a shawl. With this, you can cover it around your waist or wrap it across your shoulders and chest when visiting a temple.


Don’t Dress Immodestly

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Men should avoid wearing sleeveless shirts or shirts left unbuttoned, which expose their chest or stomach when visiting a temple. Don’t walk in with really short shorts, also. If women are showing their shoulders, thighs, or cleavage, they will not be allowed to enter a temple.

Most famous temples give visitors free wraps in case you’ve not covered up sufficiently. Here is the list of impermissible dresses for both men and women in temples:

  • Hats
  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Vests
  • Short tops
  • See-through shirts
  • Shorts and even shortened pants
  • Tight pants such as leggings
  • Zipped pants
  • Miniskirts
  • Sandals without ankle or heel straps



Fabric Choices to Feel Comfortable

Selecting a costume based on fabric is the best way to stay cool and comfortable.


Compact Clothes Made of Quick-Wicking Fabric

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Natural fabrics such as silk and linen are nice to wear in hot temperatures. Similarly, some artificial or semi-synthetic polyester mixes are known for being sweat-wicking and quick-drying. They usually remain wrinkle-free after storing and washing, too. So, these are the best! Of course, cotton blends are ok too. 

Punch with clothes that have dark color complexions or patterns. Light or bright colors will effortlessly show dirt. That’s difficult to resist between the steady sweating, shades from Thai food splatters, and the prevailing dirt on most textures.


Don’t Pack Clothes with 100% Cotton

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Although you wear jeans, it’s safe to say that most tourists aren’t adapted to the heat and will be too hot. Jeans are heavy in your baggage and take a long time to dry on a clothesline. 100% cotton shirts take a long time to dry. They also fold easily and don’t always keep you cool. Leather will give you rashes in places you don’t want.


🧑‍🎓 Quick Trivia!

Even though Thailand is a magnet for tourists from around the globe, the locals dress very modestly. Not only do visitors pay respect by wearing appropriate clothes, but it also keeps them cool and calm in the hot and humid Thai environment.



General Cleanliness is important

The broad impression of cleanliness is significant in Thailand, which pertains to what you wear and your body.


Wear Clean Clothes and Shower Often

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Always be presentable! Don't forget to wear fresh and clean clothes everywhere every day; they should smell fresh. You can easily get it at laundry facilities in Thailand. Either your hotel will deliver those services, or there will be coin-operated facilities down the street. Practice good hygiene habits by putting up with a shower at least once a day and doubling up on deodorant. 


Don’t Wear Dirty Clothing or Avoid Strong Body Odor

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Don’t wear clothes that are tuckered out, dyed, or holey. Throw them, go to a Thai market, and buy cheap alternates if needed. Smelling bad is supposed to be impolite, so don't go for more than a day without a shower. Whatever the reason, chances are you’ll have a panic going on. Don’t forget. 



What Can You Wear When Driving a Scooter in Thailand?

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You should wear a helmet and a jacket for your safety and to prevent being stopped by the Thai police. The number one reason to be pulled over and checked for documents in Thailand is driving a scooter without a helmet.


What to Wear in the Rainy Season in Thailand

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  • Waterproof and windproof coat
  • Rain poncho
  • Leggings, linen pants, or shirts are popular as clothing that dries quickly
  • Slip-proof shoes
  • Running shoes



Dress Codes for Rooftop Bar

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With so many buildings, many rooftop bars can come as a wonder. Moreover, most adhere to a strict dress code and are limited. If you’re not dressed suitably, you will be banned from arriving.

Not Allowed

  • Sportswear or sneakers
  • Flip-flops, sandals, or slippers
  • For men: Sleeveless clothes, shorts, and open-toe shoes
  • Luggage such as backpacks, shopping bags, or suitcases
  • Clothing that’s damaged or ripped
  • Hats and caps



How to Dress Up for Jungle Trekking?

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You will need particular clothes for the jungle, especially if you’re going on a multiple-day hike. Still, you won’t want any special waterproof clothing treated with mosquito repellent or any such thing. Instead, you will want a pair of good-quality shoes with tread diagrams that have optimal drag. 

Regular hiking shoes or walking shoes will do just good for that. But, of course, you won’t need hiking shoes unless you’re aiming to spend most of your trip in the jungle. Open hiking sandals are also very ineffective, as you’ll run a higher risk of being bitten by mosquitoes. Leeches could also become a huge issue, and there’s more possibility of branches and shrubs causing scrapes. This is why we are instructed to wear long socks and pull them over the pant legs.

In terms of clothing, multi-length pants would be favorable. Similar to that, you can also wear loose sweatpants or long sports leggings.



What You Don’t Need on Your Thailand Packing List

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  • No Valuable Jewelry
    • It’s just making you a victim and not unavoidable. In addition, you can easily forget if you’re moving around a lot.
  • No Mosquito Nets
    • Please don’t pay attention to the people that suggest this, it’s so useless, and if you’re miserable with one for whatever reason, you can easily find it in Thailand.

  • No Camping Items
    • It's unnecessary unless you want your gear and camp the entire time. If you need to find cheap stuff or rent at the campsite, you will find them.

  • No Jean Pants
    • Maybe one pair if you’re spending time up north, and it will be a bit cold, but nothing more.

  • No Hairdryer
    • The humidity is incredibly high, so your hair might get unruly. If you're bringing a hair dryer, ensure it's dual voltage to avoid damaging it or your hotel's electricity. Alternatively, you can purchase an affordable one upon your arrival.



Classy and Comfortable is the Way to Go

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You can dress appropriately and stay comfortably if you lean towards simple, classier outfits and clothing made of airy and quick-wicking materials.

Finally, deciding on the clothing and appliances to bring and pack for your trip to Thailand can be entirely tiring. Still, with this guide, you are sufficient to get on! Remember every point in mind while packing, and then all you have to do is take your getaway to Thailand and enjoy!


What to Wear in Thailand - Everything You Need to Know


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