Thailand Travel Tips: Your Ultimate Packing List and Must-Know Information380
BY Dr. Theodore Bennet (Professor Bear)

Thailand Travel Tips: Your Ultimate Packing List and Must-Know Information

Are you planning on traveling to Thailand and have little to no idea about travel information and what to pack for your trip? Don't worry here; I'll guide you through all the updated travel info and what to pack for Thailand to make your trip panic-free and easy.

Travel Information for Thailand sees an update frequently. But a few things are consistent that can be considered a basic playbook for coming here.

Beautiful Waterfall Rain Forest Bueng Kan Province Thailand

While you are in the preparation phase, making up an effective Packing List will help you make the most of a visit to the land of smiles, no matter the overall trip plan.

In this detailed guide, I will tell you all the standard stuff about restrictions on what you can bring in and what immigration procedures to expect upon arrival - one of the key variables! The TAT(Tourism Authority Thailand) is good at keeping this updated as well, so it is worth a quick look.



Best Travel Information for Thailand

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The best travel information for Thailand differs from the websites you can see with a Google search. There is a lot of good information on those sites, but the best thing you can do in the days/weeks leading up to your trip is to check what is happening on the real news websites. 

Travel & Tourism is Thailand's number one topic today; stories and features characterize everything happening or being talked about as future plans. A quick read of something like the Bangkok Post, the Thaiger, or ASEAN Now Daily News (just a few) will tell you everything you need to know about what is trending regarding travel info. 

Assessing the available info this way gives you the advantage of making your own conclusions and not having to rely on being told something by somebody on social media.



Prohibited Items In Thailand

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We begin with prohibited items for passengers entering Thailand because you don't want your trip to end even before it begins. There are obvious prohibited items like Narcotics, weapons, and counterfeit currency, but what is a little bit different for Thailand are restrictions on infringing on intellectual property and items considered to be pornographic. Both these categories have problems with defining what those terms mean, and it is entirely subject to the immigration official's judgment on the spot. 

The simple interpretation is that "intellectual property" means fake designer handbags that could be considered "for sale" and not personal items. True intellectual property in the software and product idea sense cannot be scrutinized at the airport. Still, if it were ever discovered in some future proceeding that an import violation occurred, that would add to the charges.

Prohibitions on pornographic items also have a bit of pragmatism built into how the rules are enforced. A personal item or two will be forgiven or, at worst, just confiscated. However, keep these things in your hand luggage if you want to bring them. They are considered more discreet if you have them in a checked bag; they will not attract unnecessary attention. Everybody sees the hand luggage x-ray. However, it is better not to carry such items on an international tour for moral reasons.



Strangest Prohibited Item in Thailand 

Thailand S Independence Day

The strangest prohibited item in Thailand is that bringing an incorrect representation of the Thai Flag to the country is illegal, which is considered a national insult and will result in immediate deportation.

There have been no recorded incidences of this offense in the past decades. Still, Thailand is very sensitive about its national symbols. And in a similar vein, a word to tattoo fans: absolutely do not try to get a tattoo of the Buddha that will get you in worse trouble.



A Complete Packing List for Thailand

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A complete packing list for Thailand is more of a challenge than it used to be. When it was free from vacation travel, the objective was to have a good time. In addition, we can add “Stay Safe & Be Prepared” to that now.

You will not need a “HazMat Suit” (DO pack masks!). Still, there are two things to be mindful of that could affect your packing: you may have to pivot your travel at a moment’s notice completely, and you might get stuck at an airport somewhere waiting to do that. 

So, the first thing is to go with the absolute minimum required for the length of stay and the travel activities plan. But it’s not a bad idea to use a big suitcase for a small amount of stuff so you can take things back home. 

You should bring two pairs of shorts, three shirts, a long sleeve shirt, and jeans for a ten-day stay. Shoes are a burden, so bring your favorite comfy shoes on the plane and get nice new cheapies when you arrive to get around in Thailand. Everything else gets here; the prices are great, and the stuff is cool.



Airport Survival Kit

Young Man Packing Bag with Documents Waterfood First Aid Kit Other Items Needed Survive

Airport Survival Kit is the newest addition to anybody’s packing list due to health emergencies and flight delays. It isn’t an entirely new idea, but flight interruptions used to be weather-related, maintenance, or some other kind of normal airline thing.

Now if somebody boarded improperly, or there is evidence of COVID-19 symptoms or any other health issue with a passenger, the flight will be suddenly emptied without any known re-routing. A 10-12 hour stay at the airport can & has happened. 



Travel Essentials

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So, we concur with other travel advisors by listing these essentials:

  • Make Sure You Have Something to Put on the Floor
    • A big towel or thin blanket is best because you might be sleeping on the floor in case of a long flight delay or cancellation.

  • Something for the Head/Neck
    • Sleep support will be a big deal if you have to camp out at the airport for an extended time.
    • Those inflatable neck pillows are invaluable when this kind of emergency happens. Otherwise, if you have any clothing in the carry-on, wad it up and make a pillow!

  • Keep Comfortable in the AC
    • Many airports really crank up the air conditioning. It is not so bad for the normal time you expect to be there, but after about 4 hours, the constant blowing of cold air can feel uncomfortable.
    • A hoodie or long-sleeve clothing will make you much more comfortable as you wait for news.

  • Media Headphones
    • Keep your media stuff complete (e.g., charger) and close. You can’t just sit there and broadcast your phone with dozens of people around you.
    • If you do not remember your earbuds, the ones from the plane will often work. Always grab them anyway! 

  • Socks
    • Since extra shoes are hard to bring along when traveling with a minimum amount of stuff, a pair of big thick socks in the carry-on can fulfill the requirement to change something out to wear on your feet.
    • Keeping even comfortable shoes on the whole time is just, well, uncomfortable.

  • Toiletries and Meds
    • It goes without saying Meds are an issue because there will be little medical support short of an emergency situation.
    • Still, the thing about toiletries is that in the event of an unexpected flight cancellation with passengers stranded at the airport, the airport stores sell out of their very limited stock immediately.
    • Take your necessities in a zip-lock plastic bag and keep them accessible.



What to Wear When Traveling to Thailand

Two Asian Girlfriends Traveling Check Location by Map Grand Palace

It is no secret that Thailand is a hot and humid country, but what does that mean what you should wear? The answer for guys is easy: shorts and a Tee-shirt. But for females, it is more nuanced in that it is considered disrespectful to wear anything too revealing, so dressing like a guy might work in this case. The compromise is when you want to go somewhere nice. 

The rooftop bars and the unique restaurants in Thailand require long pants and closed shoes for men; this is going to be a little hot for you, but the AC works well once you are inside. There is a convenient double standard here: women have no such requirements.

  • Wearing Tee-Shirts in Thailand
    • A word of advice about what Tee shirts to bring or get while you are here: get dark colors.
    • While in many other hot climates, the advice is to get white or light; here, it is not the same. In Thailand, it is not the sun that gets you to melt, it is the humidity, so the reflective properties of light-colored clothing are less effective here. 
    • The concern is how much you sweat and what you look like in your clothes. The advice is black, you can sweat like crazy, and it is hardly noticeable. Keep a little washcloth from the hotel with you; it will help to wipe off your brow frequently.

  • What to Wear at Thailand Temples
    • Travelers should be aware of the rules of attire at the various Buddhist Temples.
    • Going to temples is one of the coolest tourist things in Thailand, but ultimate etiquette is expected in these places. Women should wear long skirts and long sleeve shirts over their T-shirts. Men are good in shorts, but absolutely NO tank tops.
    • The optimum color for going to the temples is white, considered the color of purity. This again has a bit of a double standard behind it because it is only women that are expected to wear white. Men, especially foreigners, are not held to the same scrutiny.



How to Not Dress Like a Tourist in Thailand

Male Tourists Playing Mobile Phones Middle Sea Thailand

It is impossible not to dress like a tourist in Thailand because you are a tourist, and everybody can see you are not Thai. But it is possible to tone it down a lot. 

The most elegant look for foreign men for casual wear in a social setting anywhere is a polo top and knee-length standard tailored shorts- not cargo shorts. Cargo shorts are acceptable almost anywhere at any time but are a dead giveaway as a tourist guy. 

Baseball Caps are another Tourist giveaway. Thai people wear them, but rather rarely compared to the USA, so seeing a white guy in a ballcap screams tourist. But let’s be positive for a minute about looking like a tourist.

Thailand is open and very welcoming to tourists, so looking like one will get you the kind of attention that is actually good and not the resentment of a couple of years ago. But it can also go the other way in these economic times, so staying low-key is also a good idea.



Weather Conditions in Thailand

Weather Conditions in Thailand

Thailand's rainy season is not always that rainy. The year was supposed to be one of the heaviest on record, but that has yet to materialize. There were some good rains in May, but the weather has not been bad for the past two months. 

This time of year, the weather becomes like a tropical Belgium or a tropical Seattle; it rains a lot- almost every day- but not all day long, and often not that much. So, at the moment, the rainy season is not that big of a deal in the cities. Rain can ruin a beach vacation, but not much is going on right now. The best thing about the rainy season is, at least this year, it is a lot cooler. At night, it can drop below 80 degrees Fahrenheit; absolutely beautiful nighttime temps in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok).

Above is a chart of Thailand's weather and climate averages (courtesy: This year has not seen too much action, and don't be fooled by an average it is not a fixed fact; always ask whoever you can that is local to get the latest on what things are really like.


Thailand Travel Tips Your Ultimate Packing List and Must Know Information


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