Travel to Pattaya: Day 1 Trip to Visit the Buddhist Attractions124
BY Shane, The Bear Traveler

Travel to Pattaya: Day 1 Trip to Visit the Buddhist Attractions

Hey! This is Shane here 🤩 I was in Pattaya on a two-day trip and want to show you the best places to stay and visit in a day.

Temples and Buddhism, in general, are stapled parts of the Thai diet. A trip to Pattaya, or any other Thai destination, is not the same without visiting the temples and cultural icons that are a massive part of everyday life and the culture here. 

Follow my day trip itinerary of three of the best Pattaya Buddhist temples and cultural attractions to visit in the region. 


The Bear Travel   Trivia!

Pattaya receives around 4-9 million visitors each year.


10 am - Vihara Sien Temple

A 30-minute drive to Bangsaray was a great way to start my day 🤩 to visit the most unique temple in the Pattaya region. Vihara Sien is a Chinese-Thai temple complex located within the luscious countryside near Buddha Mountain and Silverlake Vineyard on the banks of a large reservoir. Famous as the King’s project, the main temple is akin to a museum with many Chinese artifacts and a fully scaled-down version of the famous Terracotta Army. I enjoyed the art, sitting by the banks of the reservoir, absorbing cultural Thailand. 


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

The religious attractions in Pattaya are one of a kind glorifying Thai and Chinese religious cultures, such as Vihara Sien and Romance of the Three Kingdoms Park. These beautiful places offer sightseers rare insights into the rich Thai culture and obviously a photo opportunity.


2 pm - Romance of the Three Kingdoms Park

On my way back from Bangsaray, I headed towards Lake Mabprachan to visit the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Park. Constructed by a Thai-Chinese businessman who wanted to detail China’s long history, the park was built with feng shui geometrics, showcasing beautiful Chinese architecture. With a vast array of Chinese marble statues and artworks, alongside some stunning pagoda-style Chinese buildings, the countryside location and culture come together to create this masterpiece. 


The Bear Travel   Did You Know?

Vihara Sien is a Chinese-Thai temple complex located within the luscious countryside near Buddha Mountain and Silverlake Vineyard on the banks of a large reservoir. 


5 pm - Big Buddha Pratumnak

At the end of the day, I arrived at the Big Buddha, located on Pratumnak Hill, perhaps the most famous Buddhist temple and shrine in Pattaya, which sits aloft on the tallest hill in the city, overlooking the ocean and Pattaya in its entirety. The views are worth the visit by themselves. 

The imposing golden Buddha image that sits atop this shrine ensures flocks of tourists and pilgrims visit on a daily basis. Make an offering to Buddha or the monks and pray for good luck. The best part about visiting this temple during the late afternoon is you can hang around to catch the sunset 🤩 from the city's best vantage point. 


I hope my day trip suggestions to Pattaya Buddhist attractions will help you a lot in planning because I’m sure you will not regret visiting these unmissable places. 

To move forward, there are still more Pattaya cultural attractions that I’m going to share with you. And it’s coming up, so don't miss that 🤩 

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