Mo Hin Khao National Park: Explore the Paradise in Chaiyaphum179
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Mo Hin Khao National Park: Explore the Paradise in Chaiyaphum

If you’re looking for a spiritual and mysterious national park with compelling and incredible views, we recommend visiting Mo Hin Khao National Park in Chaiyaphum. The park has been used in TV promotions and for movie locations which are hugely popular with Thai people.

Mo Hin Khao National Park in Chaiyaphum is no big secret, even if it's classified as an “Unknown Destination” to tourists in Thailand. TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) puts it this way: foreigners don’t go there often. This is a great shame because this area has more Thailand to see at better prices than anywhere else. 

You will be compelled to admire the natural beauty of  Mo Hin Khao, so make sure you join us on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

What to Do at Mo Hin Khao National Park in Chaiyaphum?

Mo Hin Khao is one of five parks clustered together along the ridgeline of the Petchabun mountains in Chaiyaphum. These parks, together with Phu Laen Kha National Park, are some of the best-kept tourist secrets in Thailand. Considered the best Chaiyaphum attractions in the Isaan region, camping, hiking, and breathtaking views are rewarding for all travelers. The weather is cool all year round, and the amazing food in Isaan is an adventure worth seeking. The thing to do in these parks is to seek the peace of mind that only comes by communing with nature.


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

Mo Hin Khao Park is famous for its geological appearance. Visitors will surely admire natural beauty such as the famous “Thailand Stonehenge” and wildflower blossoms through the seasons.


Why Visit Mo Hin Khao National Park in Chaiyaphum?

1. The Mystery

Mo Hin Khao National Park in Chaiyaphum gets top billing amongst the national parks as “The Stonehenge of Thailand.” This is because it is a cluster of towering rocks like the English landmark of the same name. But the similarity ends there. These are natural formations; there is no wondering, “How did they do it” because there is no “They.” Humans didn’t make this place. The mystery is not about the forces that created these towers; it’s the spirituality of the place that is mystifying. It is said the site was discovered by people seeing white moonlight shining off the stone during Buddhist holy days. Is this a coincidence? Or is it a blessing by a higher force that draws humans to reflect on their place on the earth?


2. The Photography

Mo Hin Khao is maybe the most photogenic site in all of Thailand. For photographers, it is comparable to the seascapes of the Island and beach areas. It is just as impressive as the cityscapes of Bangkok or shots of the incredible Wats around the country. The mountain views are unparalleled in their beauty, and pictures of the stone towers hold a mystique as great art. Beautiful photos are so simple to create - put the sun in the frame with the stones, and you have it! Selfies with the towers will be a lifetime memory, and pictures of friends/family with them will be cherished.


3. The Road Trip to This Paradise

This drive is unique because the landscape is so different from the other parks in the chain. Anyone can see for miles in any direction. You pass through a long stretch of villages and see how the local Thai people live. There are endless fields of fruit to marvel at, primarily pineapples and Dragonfruit, which are the cash crop of the area. Make sure to stop along the route to take in some of the local Isaan specialties and meet people. Even if you can’t speak Thai, the broken conversations convey how friendly they are to visitors. Pick up some pineapple; it is better than most in the world and unbelievably cheap! Buy local veggies or chicken at a village shop and take them to camp for dinner. You will significantly help the local economy with even just a small purchase.


4. The Majesty of the Sun

The Mo Hin Khao National Park in Chaiyaphum is the land of inspiring sunrises and sunsets. The reason is that they are framed by incredible natural beauty. The rolling hills and farmland form a multicolored base for all east views. Valley floors soak up the depth of field, and the mountains add a filter to the light from the west. The clouds up top add a different reflection of color every day to either view. Some people come here just for this. The line of cars heading north around 5 PM makes you think a concert or something is happening. But the early crowd is usually already in place at the campsites to take in the sunrise. In between zenith views, the sunshine feels beautiful during the day because it is much cooler up near the parks. The light through the trees is warm but not hot.


5. Pha Hua Nak Cliff

Mo Hin Khao is the lowermost of the parks, and Pha Hua Nak is at the top. There is a cliff about 1000 meters up, with a rock ledge over one kilometer long across the top. This ledge is the evening sunset theater's seating and the viewpoint of the spectacular scenery below. All along the drop-off are small platforms to look out from. 

These are all made of welded steel and do not have the dangerous look of those at Phu Laen Kha. There are no guardrails, so caution is necessary, but there is no danger because the drop looks ominous. Nobody tries to press their luck to see if they will fall; you will! But caution aside, the ledge is nice and wide, and people can pass in either direction without risk. You want to move along the edge until you find a good seat for the show and have fun waiting.


Camping at Pha Hua Nak National Park

Camping at this park is much different than the other ones in the Chaiyaphum National Park Region. The campgrounds are more extensive; typically, more people stay each night to see the sunrise at the parks below. There is also a lot more staff at this location, and they are accommodating. They will even set up your rental tent for you if you wish! That simply can’t happen at the other spots. For instance, the lady at Phu Laen Kha’s rental shop is all by herself, and the sites are far away. There is also much more of a party atmosphere amongst the campers.

Alcohol is still not permitted, but the campers quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, flaunt this. Most of the staff goes home at night, so it is up to the campers to maintain control. Generally speaking, they do, and if anybody needs to complain, there are rangers on duty, but complaints are rare. Like the other places, there is plenty of deadwood for fires, but most people use charcoal. The convenience store at the head end of the campground is magnificent and has almost everything you need. But if you left something at home or want some midnight snacks to go early, it closes at 6 PM.


Camping Logistics at Pha Hua Nak

There are nearly 3 kilometers between the different Parks from Mo Hin Kha to Pha Hua Nak. And there is only one convenience store at the top end. You can reach the villages in a short drive from the lower parks, which are further away. So, in the words of the boy scout motto, “Be Prepared”! Supplies are available, but finding them is not a simple walk. Water faucets for cooking etc., are at the toilet stations but remember, water is heavy to carry. Camping close to the toilets is more of a good idea than just the convenience of relieving yourself.

It is also worth noting that these parks don’t have the campfire emplacements that PLK does. You must make rock rings for the fires and be aware of keeping the fire inside the ring. Bringing a mettle barbeque with you in the car would be a brilliant idea. Grilling over an open fire is rustic, like in the cowboy movies, but it's challenging to cook well like that. Boiling water for coffee, tea, or soup also requires more stability than holding a stick of chicken over the flame. A 20 Baht metal mesh like those at Thai Village hardware stores is an excellent solution to this problem.

The Bear Travel   Did You Know?

There are five pillar rocks with a structure eroded by thousands of years of weathering. This place is called Mo Hin Khao because white light would appear during Buddhist Sabbath nights (full moon, the 8th and 15th days of the waxing moon).


Hiking in the Mo Hin Khao Area

Hiking in this Chaiyaphum National Park also differs from other areas in the park system. The trails aren’t as well-marked, and the tracks aren’t as clearly defined. This park area is also much more prominent, so it is easier to get lost, especially in the east-west direction. North-south is pretty easy to figure out. The villages are south, and the mountaintop is north, but only forests and fields are going out from this axis. Keep the rocks in sight, and you will be ok.

The fun part about hiking through here is looking at all the rocks. Between Mo Hin Khao and Pan Hin Nak are 3 other rock parks famous for their exciting sandstone formations. One is called the Pagoda/Elephant Park because the figures carved by weather look like those things. On top of the “Pagoda” stone, you can get a gorgeous sunrise view. Around 80 different formations to explore and hike around in this part. The next one north is Lan Han Ton Sai, with about 50 more figures. One of the most exciting looks like the Sphinx in Egypt! There are a lot of remarkable Banyan trees here too. Usually, Banyan trees are found individually, so an entire forest is pretty unique.

Hike up another 600 meters, and you enter the “Million Years Stone Park.” There are exciting formations here, too, but not as many as below. What is noticeable when hiking is that much groundwater comes to the surface from the springs below. These springs are the Lam Pa Thad River headwaters that flow through Tad Ton Waterfall National Park. During the calendar summer months, this area has many fields of wildflowers that thrive on this moisture.


Things to Do Outside the Area of Mo Hin Kha National Park in Chaiyaphum

The Parks of the Mo Hua Hin chain are very remote compared to other National Parks in Chaiyaphum. There is no town to go to for supermarkets, shopping malls, or other trappings of “civilization.” Instead, there is a string of quaint little villages along the road leading to the parks. These places have many little stores and restaurants, but the variety featured in larger towns is unavailable. However, visiting small villages and seeing the people is how you will discover the heart and soul of Isaan's life. The eateries may not look great, but their Isaan-style food is fantastic. It helps to figure out what to eat if you or somebody speaks Thai.

Another Thai tourism classic is visiting the Temples, or “Wats”; a few good ones are on the way. The most attractive is Wat Arun Dhamma Sathan, about 10 km from the park. This is the sister Wat to the famous Wat Arun in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok). It has very large Buddha Sculptures and brightly colored buildings with ornate roofs as well as dragon and snake figures. This is a great shortstop for photos or sightseeing, going to or leaving the parking area.


The Bear Travel   Trivia!

In 2006, this park was selected for filming “The Legend of King Naresuan.”


Discover More of Thailand in Isaan and Chaiyaphum

The Isaan region of Thailand is almost as big as Cambodia, and Chaiyaphum is one of its heartland provinces. There is much more to explore in Chaiyaphum and Isaan, and traveling in Thailand is a beautiful adventure when you go beyond the cities and tourist areas.




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Mo Hin Khao National Park in Chaiyaphum is another tourist attraction due to its natural beauty. It is located in Phu Laen Kha National Park. The famous Thailand Stonehenge and other rock formations are its main attraction points.


Mo Hin Khao National Park in Chaiyaphum


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