Budget Tips for Celebrating Songkran: How to Enjoy the Festivities Without Breaking the Bank658
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Budget Tips for Celebrating Songkran: How to Enjoy the Festivities Without Breaking the Bank

If I ask what the grandest and wildest water fight in the world would be, you will undoubtedly say it is the Thai New Year, which is known around the world as the Songkran Water Festival. It is annually celebrated between the 13th and 15th of April, and in some areas, celebrations begin on different days during the month of April.

April is the hottest month of the year, the end of Thailand’s dry season. So, the water festival is perfect for everyone who celebrates it locally and visits from countries around the globe. In addition to its customs and traditions, plus entertainment, Thai New Year is a good opportunity to meet up with family and friends.

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Most travelers worldwide would love to participate in this event but are worried about the budget needed. Today, we hope to share practical budget tips for celebrating Songkran without emptying your bank. This will help you understand how to fully immerse yourself in the festivities while keeping your finances in check. 

Let’s start our journey to Thailand's Songkran Water Festival while making the celebration memorable and affordable!


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The Thai New Year, Songkran, has cultural values and improves the economy by opening various businesses in different sectors around Thailand.



Expenses During Songkran Celebrations 

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Songkran is Thailand's annual time to entertain and celebrate. It is a joyous moment of the year. But, besides having fun, we have to navigate the financial currents during the season wisely. This is because the costs for everything, including travel, accommodations, food, and activities, can add up fast.

So, let’s see the common expenses during the Songkran festival and tips to balance your budget.

  • Costs for Transportation 
    • Public or private bus tickets, airfare, fuel, etc.

  •  Costs for Accommodation
    • Townhouses, hotel rooms, hostels, guesthouses, rental properties, etc.

  • Culinary Costs
    • Dining, restaurants, street foods, snacks, etc.

  • Costs for Entertainment 
    • Songkran-related event expenditures may include cultural performances, clubs, bars, attractions, etc.

  • Costs for Various Accessories 
    • Thai traditional clothes, water guns, waterproof materials, other Songkran-related items, etc.

  • Costs for Water
    • Water bottles, refreshment drinks to stay hydrated, etc.

  • Costs for Miscellaneous Activities 
    • Water guns, souvenirs, beauty products, etc.


Accordingly, you will never waste your money at the Songkran Water Festival if you can understand and manage the above costs to plan and make an effective budget. 


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The total expenditure for the Songkran Water Festival in Thailand in 2023 is estimated at 125 billion Thai Baht.



Plan Your Budget Spending for Songkran

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As travelers, we hope to gain a memorable and stress-free experience without overspending during a tour. To achieve that target, planning our budget is a must. Here are some essential information about setting a budget for Songkran before participating in the event:

  • A budget shows how much you can spend during the festival, and it will avoid overspending and potential financial strain.

  • You can clearly understand what to prioritize through a budget plan. Then, you can balance your expenses for accommodation, transportation, and activities.

  • Understanding your financial limits before visiting the Songkran Water Festival will reduce stress.



Tips to Assess Your Personal Finances

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When planning your Songkran tour, you can also review your income and expenses. That will help you properly understand the income you can spend on Songkran. Next, you can allocate your money for the tour by considering the available income and removing money for your other commitments. 

In addition to the real costs you used to make your Songkran budget, remember to add money for expenses arising during the Songkran festival. This may be for additional travel costs, medicine, or gifts. Most importantly, search for resources that you can utilize to reduce costs during Songkran. You'll also be able to win loyalty points for accommodation or gain discounts through travel memberships.



Selecting Cheap Accommodations During Songkran 

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The first and most popular way of budget-friendly accommodation is staying at hostels. They always provide their customers with budget-friendly rates, while the facilities are of a high standard.

Next, staying at small, locally run accommodations called guesthouses can provide affordable rooms with basic amenities. This is also a good budget-friendly accommodation option for reducing the high costs during the Songkran season. Moreover, you can rent a room or an apartment through Airbnb. It is probably more economical than traditional hotels and high-cost accommodations.

In addition to all these stays, if you are okay with staying with a local Thai family, it will provide a unique cultural experience in addition to being cost-effective, and it will be unforgettable. Camping is the best option for a completely different experience while reducing your accommodation cost, but only if you love adventure. You can easily find camping grounds or designated areas near popular Songkran festivity areas. 

To reduce unnecessary costs for accommodations during the festival, don’t check or book hotels near the major festival areas, as they will not be friendly to your budget. Plenty of budget hotels or guesthouses are available at fare rates far from Thailand's major cities. Furthermore, don’t forget to book early, as prices tend to rise closer to the festival dates.



Transportation Hacks During Songkran

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If you are searching for ways to reduce unnecessary costs during the Songkran festival, consider reducing transportation costs. First, opt for public transportation like buses, trains, and boats instead of cars and taxis, as they offer comfort while saving you money. Next, if you can visit nearby locations on foot, it will be a nice way to experience the festival with a closer look while being a cost-effective way of transportation.

Moreover, you can travel early in the morning or late evening to avoid peak hours and win promotional offers by booking your tickets early. You may also try to negotiate when possible to prevent being overcharged by some drivers. 



Culinary Habits on a Budget during Songkran

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  • Eating street foods

  • Cooking by yourself

  • Searching for set menus

  • Eating in less touristy areas

  • Check for promotional discounts

  • Sharing meals with friends or neighbors

  • Exploring local markets to buy fresh foods



Safety and Health Conditions During Songkran

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In addition to the main costs during a trip, you will also have to be careful for yourself! Follow these tips to avoid unnecessary costs created by bad health conditions and carelessness:

  • Drink more water

  • Safe drive and safe walk

  • Wear goggles or earplugs

  • Keep emergency contacts

  • Try to eat freshly prepared food
  • Apply sunscreen when you stay in outside

  • Use waterproof pouches to protect your accessories 

  • Be careful when participating in Songkran activities 



Other Budget-friendly Ways to Enjoy Songkran

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You have to select the perfect activities and experience the festivities without breaking your wallet during the Songkran festival. For that, you can opt for activities like water fights, visiting temples, and street parties, as they are not only fun but also free of charge.

If you love to explore Thai markets, plenty of local markets are available around festival areas. You can buy cheap souvenirs, crafts, and delicious street foods that suit your budget. In addition, don’t miss out on sitting back and relaxing at the Thai street performances of the Songkran festival. Local communities organize many free events and activities for foreigners during the festival season to enhance cooperation among people.

So, join those community events, which are free and provide entertainment. If you engage with the above budget-friendly Songkran activities, you will fully immerse yourself in this wonderful Songkran festival.



Save Money While Enjoying Songkran!

Asian Thai Girls Splash Water Songkran Tradition Thai Lanna Chiang Mai Province Thailand

There are numerous ways to celebrate Songkran without overspending. Following these tips will ensure your journey to Thailand for the festival is memorable and budget-friendly. Saving money during the festivities enables travelers to secure their financial future, whether for emergencies, investments, or long-term goals.

Implementing money-saving strategies during Songkran promotes financial responsibility and prevents post-celebration financial strain. So, prepare to join the joyful festivities in Thailand while keeping your wallet happy and your spirits high!


Budget Tips for Celebrating Songkran How to Enjoy The Festivities without Breaking The Bank


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