Thailand Travel Tips: Save Up to 70 Percent on Popular Hotels378
BY Dr. Theodore (Professor Bear)

Thailand Travel Tips: Save Up to 70 Percent on Popular Hotels

Can you remember ever saying to a Thailand hotel reception that it’s your birthday with an urge for an upgrade? Or did you stay until the last-minute book to attempt and achieve a discounted rate? I have tried so many tricks and was successful. I must say that it really is the best way to budget!

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Last year our group was touring Thailand, and it was remarkably wonderful and fun, with the bonus of being incredibly cheap. Of course, Thailand has always been pretty affordable, and our holiday within the holiday was cheap because all our hotel fees were truly discounted. 

I know it surprised us too! So let me share the joy of tips and tricks to win a cheap stay in a hotel in Thailand.



Tips to Get a Cheaper Hotel in Thailand

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Most commonly, we all have tried at least one thing or another to lower the expense of accommodation, as it will be such a big part of a vacation budget. This could save you tons of money for other things that will make your vacation in Thailand just more meaningful.

Hanging around in a luxury hotel in Thailand is the cherry on top of a fantastic trip. Getting the biggest deals can be challenging and time-consuming. But don't worry; we have put our heads together and come up with a quick list of booking tips and tricks to encourage you to save money! 

How? Well, if you've ever dreamt of staying cheap at a luxury hotel in Thailand, then keep on reading and be inspired by these tips.



Tip #1: Free Hotel Settlement with Agoda

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Agoda's Cash Credits and Gift Cards have been a game-changer for our travel experiences. These valuable rewards quickly accumulate, offering us a week of complimentary stays during our unforgettable journey through Thailand. As fervent users of both Agoda and Hotels Combined, we have found Agoda to be our steadfast companion in travel planning.

Whether in Asia or beyond, Agoda has consistently proven its prowess in booking accommodations, ranging from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious resorts. Their exceptional customer service has stood out across various continents. With their expertise deeply rooted in Asia, Agoda's influence spans places like London, the US, and Romania.

Want to transform your Agoda points into an Agoda gift card? You should absolutely consider it! Our experience with $500 worth of 'free' Agoda cash significantly enhanced our Thailand tour. With Agoda gift cards, we indulged in slightly more upscale lodgings, and the outcome was truly worth it. Don't wait any longer – log into your Agoda account and explore the possibilities that await you. Your travel dreams are just a click away!



Tip #2: Book Packages

Luxury 5 Star Hotel Pool Asia Bangkok Thailand

You have already known that you are not getting on to staying at the hotel all day long anyways. So, why do you book only bed and breakfast for rates? That creates no understanding! Do yourself a favor and book the hotel-packaged rates, including outings, excursions, meals, spa therapies, etc. 

To make hotel packages inexpensive and highly valued, hotels often discount their room prices by almost 40-50%. Tour packages booked through hotels are constantly of higher quality and protection. Any owner will want to avoid risking the hotel's status by working with poor tour operators.



Tip #3: Negotiate for Lower Prices in Thailand

Phuket Thailand View Skyview Hotel Pool Luxury Hotel Patong Phuket

If you have pre-booked your hotel, there's only room for negotiation if you need additional nights. You can't turn up and predict places to reduce their rates that you've already decided to! Suppose you're walking around and trying to find somewhere to stay. In that case, it's okay to inquire about discounts on walk-in room rates. 

Although many hotels have an announced price list, many smaller guest houses and hotels might be willing to adjust the price, especially during the low season or in the middle of the week. Discounts are also common if a person plans to stay for an extended time and spends upfront. Remember that hotel managers are not responsible for giving you a reduced rate, but there's no harm in asking politely; if you're lucky, you will get more than 50% off the payment.



Tip #4: Book Early 

Koh Chang Thailand Kacha Resort Luxury Hotel Tropical Island Koh Chang

Opting for early booking translates to affordable rates. Hotels encourage early reservations to ensure ample time to prepare their rooms before your arrival. Planning ahead pays dividends, especially when it comes to your lodging. By securing your accommodation 2-3 months ahead, you can enjoy impressive discounts of up to 35% off the regular room rates. Seize this opportunity to stretch your travel budget!

Conversely, some advocate for last-minute bookings. The rationale behind this approach is that hotels struggling to fill their rooms might offer steep discounts to fill them hastily. Regardless of the conditions, this strategy could work if you're solely concerned about the cheapest rate. Yet, it's not the best fit for upscale and in-demand hotels.

Such establishments often have steady bookings, negating the need for last-minute markdowns. Additionally, reputable hotels may not find the last-minute tactic appealing, as it encourages customers to wait until the eleventh hour to book. This practice could pose challenges for hotels in the long run. Therefore, remember to secure your reservation at least 2-3 months in advance, particularly if you're aiming for affordable, high-quality accommodations.



Tip #5: Come in October 

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Thailand has high and low seasons. Many people will advise you to book during the low season because rates are cheaper. Unfortunately, they do not tell you that not all months in the low season are created equal! Several of these low-season months are annoyed by steady rain and thunderstorms. Yes, you may be eligible to get hotel rooms for inexpensive, but who likes to come to this sunshine island and be rinsed in a steady rain? 

Why not consider visiting in October? It marks the conclusion of the low season, offering reduced rainfall and a notably more pleasant climate. What's more, you can enjoy the advantage of remarkably low prices akin to those in May. Opting for a trip to Thailand in October presents a harmonious blend of affordable hotel rates and fantastic weather. Prepare to be captivated!

Interestingly, hotel prices were nearly half their peak-period levels in the past. This appears to be an unwritten rule that Thai hotels adhere to without fail. So, prioritize your wallet's well-being and make every effort to plan your visit before the peak seasons kick in!



Tip #6: Get Promotional Deals Through Newsletters

Koh Lanta Thailand Luxury Beach Chairs by Swimming Pool Luxury Hotel Thailand

Many top 4 or 5-star hotels in Thailand and abroad have a loyalty program or newsletter. So, you can sign up for these hotel newsletters to benefit from discounts and promotional agreements. During the festive seasons, hotels come up with good packages to stay along with their opponents. So, grab the handle of the chance to book yourself a luxurious room in an elegant hotel and get a good bargain in return.


🧑‍🎓 Quick Trivia!

Thailand's popularity as a tourist destination contributes to its relatively higher costs compared to other Southeast Asian countries. However, notably, it remains more budget-friendly than most Western nations, allowing travelers to comfortably spend as little as $40 a day while exploring the country.



Tip #7: Join a Hotel Loyalty Program

Pattaya Thailand Luxury Hotel with Swimming Pool Renaissance Pattaya Resort

In recent years, some major hotel chains have possessed a lucrative loyalty program that enables you to achieve points through hotel stays, flights, and credit cards and redeem them for free nights. Moreover, partners of these loyalty programs similarly receive profitable advantages such as favorable promotions, wifi, and breakfast.

The only requirement is to book your hotel stays directly on the official website. Supposing which hotel commitment program is right for you relies on some factors, which include but not limited to the following: 

  • The number of hotels occupied by the chain, as the bigger chains give more choices to attain and more redeem points

  • The advantages that are most crucial to you

  • The type of hotel that you need to stay 


The high-end luxury hotel chains are rather unwilling for the impression of a loyalty program, with only very few contributing ones that allow you to redeem points for free nights.



Tip #8: Make Use of a ‘Free Night’ Hotel Promotion

Arbour Hotel Pattaya Thailand November 2022

When booking a certain number of paid nights, the best option is to keep an eye out for hotel promotions. However, these specials are mainly functional when you book directly on the official hotel website. So, don't forget to sign up for the newsletter of your selected hotels to ensure you know about approaching promotions. 

One of the hotel brands to bring feelings to create use of this promotion is Soneva, which governs incredible hotels in the Maldives and Thailand. Soneva annually undertakes promotions where you get one or two free nights and other services that can save you a lot of money. You can check current offers on the Soneva Fushi (Maldives), Soneva Jani (Maldives), or Soneva Kiri (Thailand) website.



Tip #9: Improve Your Social Media Preference 

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More and more luxury hotels are opening up to recent promotional alternatives to strengthen their earnings by giving free holidays to a select few guests in exchange for distinction on social media. 

Suppose you maintain at least 100,000 followers, and your social media profile fits the hotel brand’s aesthetic. In that case, there’s a possibility that you will be required freebies, wandering from discounts to free nights, as long as you commit to promoting the property during your stay. 



Tip #10: Share Special Events of Your Life

View Point from Hotel Rooftop from Bangkok City with Bar Twin Tower Background Thailand

Whether it's your birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or prime time at a hotel, it will never harm anyone if you remember that you're there to cheer for a special time. Sometimes, it can bring to promote or convenience kits that help make your stay all the more special.



Tip #11: Complain a Troubling Experience

Hotel Manager Controlling Work

Having a vacation at a hotel can become quite challenging when things don't go as planned. Especially in countries like Thailand, there might be various issues such as problems with your room, unsatisfactory services, disappointing activities, downgrades, overbooking, and other mistakes that can occur. However, when faced with a significant problem that clearly falls under the hotel's responsibility, you have the option to express your dissatisfaction courteously. This can be done directly at the hotel or by contacting customer service later. By doing so, you might even have the chance to receive a complimentary hotel stay.

For instance, a few years back, I encountered a situation where my reserved room wasn't available upon arrival, despite having booked it several months ahead. As compensation for the inconvenience, the hotel refunded my stay cost and provided me with a voucher for a two-night stay on a future trip. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in such a predicament, remember that expressing your concerns politely can be more beneficial than you might expect. Just remember to be truthful and avoid exaggeration.



Quick Tips to Win a Cheaper Stay in a Hotel

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  • Book on time, as the leading luxury hotels will always sell out months in advance. 

  • Do not count on a last-minute deal.

  • When you want to save some money, travel in the shoulder seasons.

  • Don't forget to use discount coupons which can easily find anywhere on the internet.

  • Subscribe to the newsletters of your chosen hotels or preferred booking websites.

  • Stay for free using hotel points and credits you collected in a hotel loyalty program.


Key Points

  • Best Rate Guarantee
    • Adjust a downward rate and receive an extra discount.

  • Cheapest Room Rate
    • Be updated on hotel promotions.

  • Don't Overpay for a Hotel Room
    • You can enjoy your trip guilt-free if you use it to find the best room rates.

  • Favorable Stay
    • Subscribe to a hotel loyalty program.

  • Free Extra Savings
    • Book a package on the hotel website.

  • When Payment is an Issue
    • Book outside the high season.


We invite you to discover some insider tips on securing affordable hotel rates in Thailand. Put these strategies to the test and watch as you save a substantial amount of money, enabling you to plan your upcoming trip to the country more easily and effectively.

Thailand Travel Tips Save up to 70  on Popular Hotels


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