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Tung Prong Thong (Golden Meadow) in Rayong

It’s easy when visiting Thailand to explore well-trodden tourist paths. Although most visitors to Thailand never get outside of its main tourism thoroughfares such as Pattaya, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), Phuket, and Koh Samui. There are so many great off-the-beaten-path attractions to explore across this jaw-dropping Kingdom. 

This includes the Golden Meadow, which is locally known as Tung Prong Thong. It is essential to escape the hustle and bustle of the major tourist traps in Thailand. It is recommended to get out there to explore the country and its scenic countryside. Tung Prong Thong is a stunning mangrove conservation area situated along the Eastern Seaboard between Rayong and Chanthaburi province in the central east region.

If you are a nature lover and want to admire the beauty of Tung Prong Thong (Golden Meadow), then join us there.

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Tung Prong Thong offers stunning views of the Mangrove forests. take a relaxing walk on the 1 km wooden walkway above the mangroves. You can also take a boat ride here. It becomes stunningly golden at dawn and dusk; that's why it's called Golden Meadow.


Exploring Tung Prong Thong (Golden Meadow)

Tung Prong Thong is a 6,000 rai (approximately 2,400 acres) area of mangrove fields and is the largest in the Rayong region. Tung Prong Thong is the perfect getaway destination if you're a fan of conservation and ecotourism. If you are holidaying in the hustle and bustle of Pattaya, then you must go there, especially if you want to get away for a few days.

Although the area is predominantly dominated by its fishing industry, eco-tourism is rising in the region. If you are with your partner and want a romantic few hours in the countryside, you can take a stroll along a 1 km wooden walkway. It meanders its way through the mangroves and forest. Then stroll until you are amidst golden fields of ceriops decandra that light up in the sun. This is where it gets its name “Golden Meadow.”

The best time to see the Golden Meadow is in the early evening light or first thing in the morning. It really is a great way to start the day. Try making your way through the fields. You can see some beautiful plant life and flora there, such as Xylocarpus plants, Rhizophoraceae plants, apple mangroves, and Avicennia plants. Species of fauna include a Mudskipper, Sesarma crabs, and coastal fishes, alongside many varieties of birds.

Along the wooden walkway, you can also learn more about the mangroves. There are many informational signs posted about the area along the route. You can also opt to rent a wooden long-tail boat near the entrance. It will take you on a memorable 20-minute boat ride amidst the mangroves. This is where you can get close to bird varieties that include the Terek Sandpiper, the Grey Plover, the River Tern, and the Eastern Curlew.

Tung Prong Thong is an inspirational place to visit when you want to immerse yourself in a beautiful world of mesmerizing flora and fauna while exploring an off-the-beaten-track location.

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Tung Prong Thong is spread over 2400 acres of mangroves.


How to Visit Tung Prong Thong in Rayong?

As mentioned above, if you are in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) or Pattaya and want to visit the Golden Meadow, it will take between two and two and a half hours. From Pattaya or Rayong, you can take Sukhumvit Road along the coast to the Klaeng district. You can then turn right at the Pak Nam Prasea Junction. Then continue for another 15km until you reach Tung Prong Thong. If you are already in Rayong, it’s only a 1-hour drive to the destination.


The Bear Travel  Did You Know?

Golden Meadow is actually located in the Pak Nam Prasae sub-district of the larger Klaeng District of Rayong. It is just a couple of hours’ drive from Pattaya and over a 2-hours drive from Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok). 




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Tung Prong Thong (Golden Meadow) is known for its stunning golden hues at dawn and dusk. The 1 Km long wooden walkway above the mangroves allows visitors to explore this beautiful place or they can take a 20 min boat ride across the waterways. 



Boat Trip: 50 Thai Baht per Person

Business Hours

06.00 – 18.00 hrs  |  Monday – Sunday

Business Address

Pak Nam Krasae, Klaeng District, Rayong 21170

Contact Number

+66 (0) 38 661 720  |  +66 (0) 38 664 585


Thung Prong Thong




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