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7 Days in Thailand: How Much Money Do I Need?

Do you want to know the budget for 7 days in Thailand? Then you're in the right place. Although Thailand is a country that covers all budgets, it is essential to be aware of its prices as they vary from time to time due to rush tourism in the country.

Traveling in Thailand can be cheaper than in many countries, especially if you can decide your budget to have a vacation for around 7 days according to what you do, how much luxury you demand, and which parts of the country you plan to visit.

Let's find out how much money you need to spend a week in Thailand.


Quick Tips to Travel in Thailand at a Low Cost

  • Eat street food
  • Find a place to sleep in a person
  • Shop at a weekend market
  • Use public transportation 
  • Change your money
  • Visit free cultural sites
  • Use water dispensers
  • Avoid scams

Generally, a person can survive and have a nice one-week vacation in Thailand for as low as around $445 (15000 THB). Budget travelers and backpackers can often get by in Thailand for $175- $245 per week. In addition, you could travel to more destinations, eat more delicious international meals, and stay in air-conditioned rooms on a budget of around $350- $420. 

Accordingly, a two-person trip to Thailand typically costs around $876 for one week. If you're traveling as a family, the price often decreases because kid's tickets are cheaper, and hotel rooms can be shared. And If you’re looking to stay in expensive resorts or hotels, eat mostly Western food or in tourist areas, drink a lot, and fly a lot, you should budget around $1000- $1050. Here we just estimated the prices, and you can decide wisely.

So, if you’re searching for how much your tour will cost elsewhere and you’re thinking of traveling to Thailand, we have a lot of information to share. We hope sharing this article may help you to decide if Thailand is the right place to spend your next one-week vacation. So, this article demystifies the cost of travel in Thailand and covers a range of opinions on what it costs for each task, like accommodations, food, transportation, and travel destinations.

How to Calculate Your Budget

How to Calculate your Budget for Seven Days in Thailand? 

As Thailand is always an enchanting and inexpensive destination for tourists to visit, one week is an excellent period to enjoy your vacation in such a charming and fantastic country. You can see the jungles, Buddhist temples,  and beaches while enjoying delicious meals. And of course, the country has a wide range of destinations. So, you’ll no doubt want to think about how to split your time and money; you have things for over a month to do there.

Whether you have a reasonable or low budget, you'll surely not stay hungry in Thailand. If you plan a low-budget tour in Thailand, you can take a bowl of street food for 30 baht (around $1). A meal in a regular Thai restaurant will cost you between 90 and 150 baht ($4–$6). But, your cost may increase if you're in more touristy areas. 

Moreover, you can set up a high-quality international meal in Thailand for 1,360 baht ($56). When it comes to alcohol, it can also be pricey in Thailand. Buy or order a beer in a hotel, and you can pay up to $7. Accordingly, the meal prices in Thailand can vary; the average cost of food in Thailand is around $100 per week. 

The cost of your accommodation in Thailand depends on how much comfort you hope for. You can easily find backpacker guesthouses in Thailand for $10 a night (320 baht) or less and five-star accommodation where you can have everything you need. One person's average accommodation price in Thailand is $210 per week. And two people can share a standard double-occupancy hotel room. It will cost an average price of $60 per week. 


The Bear Travel  Quick Trivia! 

The cost of living in Thailand is around 39.2% lower than in the USA, while rents are 66% lower.



Remember that the price of accommodation in Thailand is very reasonable as a private room in a guesthouse in Thailand will only cost you about $8. There is no matter how many people are staying in the room. Moreover, most private rooms have two beds; you can share them with a friend for just $4 each. 


Shared Dorms

Hostel Dormitory Beds Arranged Room

If you can share your room with another one, and you’re a delight to stay in shared dorm rooms, you can expect to pay somewhere between $3 and $6 per night anywhere in Thailand. 



It is the best way for solo tourists to spend a holiday at an affordable price and meet more friends. You will cost $5.09 daily and $35 weekly when staying in a hostel in Thailand.



If you plan to spend a luxurious vacation in Thailand and don't care about your budget, you can stay in a hotel. But, make sure that hotel charges vary according to the comfort level. Anyway, you may have an average cost of hotel charge of nearly $60 for a week in Thailand.



The most costly expense during your tour in Thailand is transportation. Most travelers use boats, trucks, tuk-tuks, scooters, vans, and buses. Make sure that transportation means getting from one city to the next and getting around within your destination city. Taxis and public buses are Thailand's most used modes of transportation,  but we suggest the cheapest and most joyful way to explore a city is a scooter, which costs $4 or $5 per day, $28-$35 weekly. 

Blue Tuk Tuk Thai Traditional Taxi Bangkok Thailandbangkok Traffic Front Giant Swing

However, on average, you may have to spend around $ 80per person per week on local transportation in Thailand. Transportation between cities and towns in Thailand costs an average of $360. But usually, transportation prices vary by the length of the route, the type of transportation used, and the date in Thailand. 



In addition, if you use entertaining activities during your week trip to Thailand, it will cost an average of $15.70 per day and $110 per week. The budget was calculated with fees for admission tickets to museums and attractions, sightseeing costs, day tours, and nightclub expenses. These prices will vary based on your travel style and select destinations.


Other Costs in Thailand 

Two Wine Glasses with Red Wine Sand Beach Sea Shore Romantic Couple

Cost for Tips in Thailand

The average price for Tips and Handouts in Thailand is $3.09 per day and 21.63 weekly. A foreigner may have to pay a usual 5%-15%  tip in Thailand. But keep in mind that tipping is not expected in Thailand outside of luxury hotels and more excellent restaurants.


Prices for Bad Things That Might Happen 

Unexpectedly, many bad things may happen on a trip. Well, you've just got ready for it! We suggest you plan an average price of $200 for a scam, robbery, or mishap in Thailand.


Cost for Alcohol 

A person may spend about $50 on alcoholic beverages in Thailand weekly. The more you spend on alcohol, the more fun you might have if you don't care about your higher budget.


Money for Water in Thailand 

Tap water is unsafe to drink in Thailand; you have to pay for water during your trip. A 1.5-liter bottle of drinking water costs around $0.45. But, you can look for free water refills in some hotels. Also, you can find water-refill machines on the street that cost only a few Baht per liter. However, people spend $10.15 on bottled water in Thailand per week.

Chiang Mai Thailand November 06 2014 Colorful Thai Style Fabric Market Thailand

So, unless prices are fixed, you can often negotiate in Thailand for a better deal. It's a part of Thai culture but do it correctly to minimize your budget during your tour. Traveling to Thailand can be very affordable. How much money you need in Thailand depends on what you do and your style. You can follow innovative budget travel techniques to save money during your tour to Thailand.

You can plan your Thailand tour with an average budget of $445 for a person per week. And we hope that's the natural beauty of traveling in Thailand that the infrastructure happily accommodates all budgets.



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: a deceptive scheme or trick is used to cheat someone out of something, especially money



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