Cafe on Saphan: A Fantastic Place at Chalomkhawithi Bridge in Chonburi239
BY Waranya Chamrat (Hungry Bear)

Cafe on Saphan: A Fantastic Place at Chalomkhawithi Bridge in Chonburi

Chalomkhawithi Bridge is a bridge along the seashore of Chonburi and will be a new landmark for tourists 😎 Today, I'm not going to talk about this magnificent bridge. Still, I should say 🏡️ that a detour over the Chalomkhawithi bridge is a must if you travel to Chonburi. An interesting thing comes to mind when I'm talking about this bridge - it's one of the most delicious coffee I've ever tasted while looking at a glamorous ocean view 🏝️



So, here I have a proposal 😉 On your next holiday, you should have a coffee while taking a look ☕ at the sea breeze. Where? Well, it's a surprise! 🤫 This place is very close to Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok); driving for more than an hour, you can take yourself to sit, chill and look at the beautiful sea view at ✨️ Cafe on Saphan. The name says it all because it is located on Chalomkhawithi Bridge which is also called Ocean Bridge or Sea Bridge 😎



I highly recommend it as a beautiful cafe for those who like to take photos 📷 and drink coffee or do something for relaxation. If you plan to visit Chonburi next time, don't forget to stop at the Cafe on Saphan. Until your visit, make sure to stay with me as I am about to share my experience of visiting the Cafe on Saphan at Chalomkhawithi Bridge in Chonburi ❤️ 


The Cafe at Chalomkhawithi Bridge

The Cafe on Saphan is a restaurant by the sea with a million-dollar view, affordable price, mouth-watering foods 🤤 and drinks 🍻 It's one of the best places in Chonburi to relax and enjoy. Please don't miss taking pictures with the net stretching out into the sea 🏖️️ Sitting, lying, standing; every picture is beautiful 🤫

Cafe on Saphan

You should visit during the evening to take photos of the sunset 🌅 in a terrific, extraordinary way. The cafe has an air-conditioned zone and an outside to enjoy the sea breeze 😶‍🌫️ The atmosphere inside the shop is decorated with comfortable, excellent air conditioners, so you can take chic photos to show your friends to be jealous of every corner 😉

Cafe on Saphan

There are delicious foods 🤤 and drinks to choose from as you like 🍗🍖🥣 There are many kinds of side dishes as well. You can eat every meal here, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner 🤤 Arrive at the restaurant and next to order food at the counter. Get ready to pay and get a table to choose your favorite corner, beautiful location, wait for a loud alarm, and then get up and pick up your order as it is a self-serving cafe 🏝️


Delicious Food at the Cafe

One day, during my visit, I ordered a large plate of duck breast salad 🥞 It was really delicious!! 🤤 There are 2 types of sauces: salad dressings and orange sauce.

Cafe on Saphan

If you visit the Cafe on Saphan for lunch, I suggest ordering a Teriyaki Chicken Rice 🍽️ The fried chicken came with crispy skin, so, so yummy!!! 🤤🤤 You may be addicted to the taste. If you are looking for just a snack, take French Fries, this was also delicious and crispy, and it had a cheese dip 🍟️

Cafe on Saphan

Someone who has eaten its Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie once will eat it again 🤤 All sweet fans said it's delicious. The smoothie is sweet 😍 and the sour taste is perfect with the ice added on top of the smoothie 🍧 It's totally delicious 🤤 If you prefer to eat a cake rather than a smoothie, Blueberry Cheesecake in the Cafe on Saphan should be your choice. It's so sweet, and the taste is excellent 🍇


Another Cool and Chic Cafe in Chonburi

Cafe on Saphan is a fantastic and chic cafe 🤗 There are many seats to support. You can either sit in a warm atmosphere and cool air or sit and eat while looking at the sea outside. It's totally up to you.



The shop is also decorated stylishly with many stunning background corners where you can take photos beautifully from every angle 😍 The highlight of the shop is the large round mirror, where we can sit, pose and sip an excellent coffee ☕ with the backdrop of the sea as far as the eyes can see 🌅 Every day, from 7 AM - 3 PM, you can watch the sunset in a very romantic way from here.

Cafe on Saphan

Traveling to the cafe is very easy 🚗 But if you don't know where the cafe is, you can go to google maps, type the name of the shop, and drive-by GPS. As for the parking lot, you can park right in front of the shop 🤫

Cafe on Saphan

I highly recommend this place because I've been there many times and tasted 🤤 a variety of foods and drinks with a relaxing atmosphere 🤫 Crowds increase a bit during the holidays and weekends, but I can confidently say you get the best service anytime, anywhere from the friendly staff in a Cafe on Saphan 🤗


The Bear Travel Rating 

Cafe on Saphan at Chalomkhawithi Bridge in Chonburi

The Bear Travel Rating 4


Food Quality
The Bear Travel Rating 4


Dish Size
The Bear Travel Rating 3


Value for Money
The Bear Travel Rating 4




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Cafe on Saphan is a fantastic place to hang out while enjoying the beautiful sea view of Chonburi. The coffee is excellent, with nice smoothies and great food too. Don't forget to take many photos to remember this excellent cafe.


Business Hours

7:00 AM - 8:00 PM | Monday - Sunday

Business Address

เลขที่ 136 หมู่ 3 ถนน เลียบริมทะเล สะพานชลมาครวิถี Bang Sai, Chon Buri District, Chonburi 20000

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+66 83 745 5666 | +66 63 216 3444

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