101 Food & Drink: A Sophisticated Sports Bar in Bangkok252
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101 Food & Drink: A Sophisticated Sports Bar in Bangkok

Thailand 🇹🇭 is generally well-known for its heavenly Pad Thai, aromatic green curries, and delicate tropical production. On visiting Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) capital, you can turn on to some of Asia's most outstanding dishes served at some great and elegant restaurants 🤤

If you're searching for a place to unwind, enjoy a meal 🍝 and some drinks 🍷, or engage in a friendly game of pool or darts, the 101 Food & Drink establishment in Bangkok is the perfect destination, as it offers all of these amenities in a welcoming and pleasant environment 🎳

With an incredible choice of foods and drinks, come along to 101 Food & Drink with me, and let's try something new while enjoying the lovely atmosphere there ❤️



A Place to Relax and Enjoy

101 Sports Bar in Bangkok

Places like 101 Food & Drink are getting harder to discover as they keep up unique in such a busy landmark 😅 With its free & easy setting, courteous staff, and savory food freshly cooked by a chef who realizes the job well. And a presence of locals and foreigners who enjoy a cool drink and a good talk provides you with such a remarkable background 🥰

Two French men and their families operate the place. Their warm and peaceful reception has little or no fluctuation, which means they are doing superb service 🤠 The adapting staff at this place similarly can show how much they give importance to their clients. It's because the satisfying service is something this restaurant maintains 🥰

On weekends, you can always count on live music at 101 Food & Drink, with a well-configured sound system that allows you to fully enjoy the music without the risk of damaging your ears the next day 💃 In addition, in the evening, the pool matches will offer you a wonderful experience to engage or watch from a distance with drinks 🍸 and food 🍜

Suppose you are looking for a place to sit under a roof for leisure, high-quality food 🍻 and a convenient place to hang out with your friends or partner; in that case, I can say that this is the best place because this is my place of choice 🤩



Not Your Ordinary Sports Bar

101 Sports Bar in Bangkok

101 Food & Drink delivers its guests to try delightful Thai cuisine. Good beer is among the biggest drinks to order. Indifferent from local spirits and beers, there is an excellent picking of wines 🍷 and imported beverages at a fair price. You will surely like it and just get confused by its reasonable prices 🥂

In addition, it's a nice hangout place with a large open-air seating area and 6 large screen TVs showing all sports on request. The sports bar is away from the crowd with a good setting and not directly in 101. So, you can have your dinner or coffee time ☕ without hearing the troubling sounds of crowds or vehicles 👍

 They have two 9 feet Brunswick pool tables and some best-talented staff who can provide you a run for your money on the pool table. There is live music every Friday and Saturday to entertain you, and you will enjoy it 💃 The crowd is lovely in the sports bar with many foreigners. Moreover, it is a decent spot, and I guarantee it's a kid-friendly and LGBT-friendly place in the city 🤩

This place stands out in a part of the city that is inadequate in good bar choices. There's a delightful menu 🤤 with a good selection of foods and drinks. I once relished hanging out with friends on a weekend night there. Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed with open arms by the staff, who were not only friendly but also fluent in English, making our experience all the more enjoyable 🥰

As for the drinks and food, their service was too warm and fast. So, I see it as a familiar local bar and restaurant that caters to both Thai and international customers on the same level 🥂



Exciting Variety of Menu Choices 

101 Sports Bar in Bangkok

There are all possibilities here in 101 Food & Drink, containing popular Thai restaurant cuisines, desserts, and fast food for those who have less time 🤤 If you are looking for something quick and easy to eat during the evening or something to drink with your friends while chatting, they have it all 😉

101 Sports Bar in Bangkok

After ordering, sit down to eat comfortably inside the food court area, which has a combination of seating preferences 🥰 The whole table is large for those in groups. Or for those who come alone, there are individual tables and counters to share space 🤩

101 Sports Bar in Bangkok

Our evening here started up exceptionally well. Our opening glass of Prosecco 🍾 was so delightfully vibrant and bubbly that we ordered the bottle to attend the stir-fried chicken and cashew nuts 🤤 It is delicious and one of our most popular dishes, maybe one of the best in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok).

101 Sports Bar in Bangkok

For mains, I ate up a large plate of seafood spaghetti 🤤 At the same time; my friends enjoyed pad see ew noodles and Bowmans with chips, salad, and gravy 🍛 We then sipped first-class tiramisu, and delicious cheesecake ensued with perfectly enforced coffees. So, that day was tummy-filled and somehow unforgettable in my life 🤩



Come Now and Get Entertained!

101 Sports Bar in Bangkok

For anyone looking for a place to chill with friends and fun entertainment, then make sure to visit here. They have it all. They have a simple menu such as BBQ, sausages, and sandwiches with a mixture of drinks 🤩 So the 101 Food & Drink will let you sit, eat, and play fun games with friends in a relaxed atmosphere 🥰 Or whoever goes single, don't worry. The restaurant will have staff to support and guide. They play games with friends as well 🎳 What's more, this incredible place is open during the night, so visiting to chill alone or with friends can be fun in any aspect 🎯

As for anyone who needs to hang out with their loved ones, 101 Food & Drink has adequate areas for getting their partners to a different dinner 🤭 There is a broad assortment of dishes, comprising pasta and mussels baked in white wine sauce, black Angus sirloin steak imported from France while sipping wine in a calm and relaxing atmosphere - they use the high quality and delicious raw materials as before. That's the secret of its reputation over the years 🤩

Throughout our visit, the service was faultless 🤗 We stayed on well, and there was never a miserable minute; our waiter was accommodating and had an eye for detail 👏 Therefore, it is the best idea for those who like to bring the family to change the background of cooling off at 101 Food & Drink 🥳 There are so many choices and facilities, including motorbike parking spaces. You can have fun together with your friends or family at the 101 Food & Drink in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) 🤩



The Bear Travel Rating 

101 Sports Bar in Bangkok

The Bear Travel Rating 3


Food Quality
The Bear Travel Rating 3


Dish Size
The Bear Travel Rating 3


Value for Money
The Bear Travel Rating 3




Map & More Information


101 Food & Drink has the coldest beer and most incredible food in Punnawithi (Sukhumvit 101) and the surrounding area. It includes a large open-air seating area, 7 large screen TVs that play all sports on request, two 9ft Brunswick pool tables, and live music every Friday and Saturday. So, don't forget to visit there during your city tour.


Business Hours

16:00 - 1:00  |  Tuesday - Wednesday

16:00 - 2:00  |  Thursday - Sunday

Business Address

Sukhumvit 101 Alley, Bang Chak, Phra Khanong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), 10260

Contact Number

+66 2 054 1049

Email Address




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