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Panlee Bakery: A Delightful and Tasty Treat in Bangkok

Delicious, pretty desserts and excellent snacks make our life fun! 😍 After a hard day's work or a stressful week, food is a little reward for life ❤️ For such a special reward, I know the best choice from Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), the Panlee Bakery.

Panlee Bakery is a legendary classic in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok). It has various bakery products to choose from, of course not only the Western style but more Chinese and Thai 🤤 The best thing is that they quickly adapt to the trend with a lovely taste. From delicious coffee and little bits of cookies with strange flavors like shrimp and ginger to the BBQ pork bun, the tastiest snacks make this bakery shop feel wow and will broaden your smile! 🤩

Apart from breakfast, their dessert menu has a lot of items that I have been dreaming about 😍 I am sure that once you try Panlee Bakery, you will want more of it 😀 So, read for a lovely selection of what's to order during your visit.


What is Panlee Bakery?

The Panlee Bakery is another beautiful food shop I have visited in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok). It is best known for its freshly baked bread stuffed with a pandanus custard and yummy sandwiches filled with tuna mixture 🥪 The bakery sells hundreds of buns daily, and I was not surprised, based on the steady flow of customers coming in and out of the bakery 🤗

Panlee Bakery in Bangkok

It has been a famous bakery shop for over 70 years and is now served by the 4th generation 🤠 But it keeps its uniqueness as a homemade bakery to make fresh bakery items daily. The most important thing about this bakery is that it does not use any preservatives to maintain its products' quality and taste 🤤

Panlee Bakery in Bangkok

It is a comfy, clean, and friendly place compared with everything around. You can have the facilities like free wifi, wheelchair access, clean and safe bathroom options, and exceptionally very friendly and helpful staff 👩‍🦽 They have a couple of stools outside at an open window service. In addition, their prices are very reasonable, with a good selection of bread and roll for takeaway 😍

Panlee Bakery in Bangkok They offer a varied selection of bakery products. There is a small seating area up a flight of stairs where these can be savored with tea or coffee ☕ So it's trendy as a nice little place to pause for refreshment while enjoying your Bangkok tour 😍 People usually come here for takeaways. Still, they have decent seating arrangements as well 😌 Their items all featured an attractive logo, making you think it is a franchise, but you are wrong. Many shops have adorable characters or symbols.


Delicious Snacks at Panlee Bakery 

Panlee Bakery in Bangkok

Panlee Bakery is mostly heavy on breakfast items like plenty of cookies, custard buns, and savory items. It has a refrigerated case with cakes, brownies, cookies, chips, and other desserts 🍰

Hot Beverages_Panlee Bakery in Bangkok

In addition, they have a good selection of hot and cold beverages. Most importantly, it is a must-visit for all bread lovers! Because they have a wide variety of freshly baked bread 🤤

Cold Beverages_Panlee Bakery in Bangkok

During my first visit, I stopped here for a coffee and was amazed by the taste 🤠 Rather than having my buffet breakfast at a luxury hotel or a cup of coffee (although there are a lot of refreshing coffee shops in the country) at those chain stores; I would instead try those small local cafes because of that unique taste that I feel from then 🤤

Panlee Bakery in Bangkok

All sandwiches are surprisingly delicious, especially the egg & ham and tuna sandwiches 🥪 I got an egg sandwich with a pulled pork bun. The most important thing to mention here is that I'm lucky enough to taste the best tuna sandwich that I ever had from the Panlee Bakery 😍 

Panlee Bakery in Bangkok

With all that, anyone who visits here will surely recommend this place as a shop where you can relax for coffee and snacks while cooling off the Bangkok heat! 😌


What is the experience like at Panlee Bakery?

After the first visit, I used to have my breakfast here in this charming bakery every day. Sometimes I order an American platter with a glass of orange juice and coffee ☕ The bacon is superbly delicious, and I also take Thai milk tea and BBQ pork buns, which take first place on my favorite list 🍠 On the way out, I also got some cookies and brownies 🤗

Panlee Bakery in Bangkok

I love cashew nuts 🤤 So, I always treat myself to caramel and cashew biscuits that perfectly match my flavor. The Thai iced tea is perfect for hot balmy days, and the stuffed rolls are also impressive 😍The desserts here are all delicious, especially the soft dough for those who like sweets. So do stop and shop, sit, and chill here 😌

Panlee Bakery in Bangkok

I can't forget to discuss the fresh butter bread I've always liked eating. I'd say it's the tastiest and most worthwhile one 😌 I've ever eaten. And every flavor is delicious, especially the fresh milk and salted egg 🍳 Panlee Bakery is also proud of perfectly cooked bacon, scrambled eggs, and egg sandwiches 🌮 Nothing can be better than eating good biscuits, brownies, and pancakes. 

Panlee Bakery in Bangkok

They have a large selection of homemade bread and cakes. They are frequently seen on Thai television, demonstrating their recipes 🤩 If you hope to visit here, don't forget to try a Thai tea with a freshly baked Pandan Bread bun. It is a small piece of heaven on a plate. Once, I was treated to extra cups when my evident enjoyment of each sip delighted the store owners 💕

Panlee Bakery in Bangkok

One day, one of my friends was celebrating her birthday. So I arranged for an additional treat with lovely cupcakes topped with a lattice made of sugary egg yolk 🎂 We had no problem enjoying the extra treat, and all of them helped us with our treat 🤩


The Bear Travel Rating 

Panlee Bakery: A Delightful and Tasty Treat in Bangkok

The Bear Travel Rating 3


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The Bear Travel Rating 3


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The Bear Travel Rating 3




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The Panlee Bakery is a homemade bread shop and a cute cafe near the corner of Charoenkrung and Silom near State Tower, Bangkok. It is over 70 years old but still retains its quality and magical taste. It is unique for customers fascinated by the bakery from the past to the present. They serve all the usual drinks and all-day breakfast from 90-150 Baht. State Tower is a must to visit after tasty meals at this cafe.


Business Hours

07:00 AM - 17:00 PM | Monday - Sunday

Business Address

1335 Charoen Krung Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

Contact Number

+66 (0) 2 233 5428

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