Khlong Narai Waterfall: Witnessing the Beauty in Chanthaburi275
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Khlong Narai Waterfall: Witnessing the Beauty in Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi, better realized as the Gem Capital of Thailand, is the coastal region that offers more than the bustling gem markets. Nature has also blessed this seaside town with picturesque waterfalls that tourists worldwide crave to take a picture of. If neither history nor the gem market fascinates you, Chanthaburi foresees you with various waterfalls that enable you to rebuild yourself amidst nature. 

Here we come up with one of such waterfalls that offers you dramatic beauty and absolute reinvigoration. It's Khlong Narai Waterfall. This gorgeous water cascade is placed in Khlong Narai Sub-district, about six kilometers from Chanthaburi province and far from Chanthaburi, Trat's main road, about 2 kilometers away. The site is most convenient for travelers who like bushwalking and nature exploring.

Khlong Narai Waterfall: Witnessing the Beauty in Chanthaburi

So, join us on a fun-filled tour of the famous Khlong Narai Waterfall and get an opportunity to swim and enjoy nature!


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

See the sunlight leaping off the water as it falls over Khlong Narai Waterfall, and look out for any rainbows that form in the mist.


Natural Beauty of Khlong Narai Waterfall

Khlong Narai Waterfall: Witnessing the Beauty in Chanthaburi

Besides the well-known Namtok Phlio Waterfall in Chanthaburi Province, Khlong Narai Waterfall is nearby. It is a must-visit for a trip to chill because of its natural beauty, and this waterfall area used to be the site of an ancient city as well.

Khlong Narai Waterfall is a place to visit in the middle of nature. It is a fantastic spot for relaxing and sniffing nature. Most importantly, it is easy to travel, not far from the city and not far from the flutter waterfall as well.

In addition to having a waterfall to visit, there are also lodges and tent sites available here. You can sleep while listening to the sound of water as the sound of nature is up close. The surroundings will be quiet and suitable for sleeping and resting. 

Khlong Narai Waterfall: Witnessing the Beauty in Chanthaburi

The headwaters of Khlong Narai Waterfall come from the Khao Sa Bap Forest. The beauty of this waterfall is that it is a medium-sized stream that flows from a cliff over 25 meters high. The water is clear and runs all year round. 

Khlong Narai is one of the waterfalls of Chanthaburi that has been of considerable historical importance for a long time. In the past, this area used to be the site of a castle fort and Chum Pot, which King Rama IV built in the middle of a stream as a memorial. But now, only the traces are left because it was blown away by the flood in the year 1974.


The Bear Travel  Trivia!

Khlong Narai Waterfall is one of the 8 sacred water sources in holy water ceremonies.


Enjoying the Relaxing Atmosphere

Khlong Narai Waterfall: Witnessing the Beauty in Chanthaburi

Khlong Narai Waterfall (or Khao Sa Bap Waterfall) is a medium-sized waterfall that runs all year round. The stream flows down from the mountain peak, through caves, high cliffs, and crevices of large and small rocks, into a basin. The lower areas are often called "basins," such as reserve basins, Amon basins, shrines, and sanctuaries. 

To walk up to the upper waterfall, you should inquire from the staff in advance. There may be a guide to lead up to the waterfall. The path to the top leads through the sparse bamboo forest. Both sides of the walkway are covered with trees. You have a distance of about 2.5 kilometers to reach the Khlong Narai Waterfall. Next to the Khlong Narai are the Klang and some other impressive waterfalls. 


Facilities at Khlong Narai Waterfall 

  • Parking lots 
  • Restrooms 
  • Toilets 
  • Lodges 
  • Camping grounds 
  • Restaurants


Attractions Around ​​Khlong Narai Waterfall

Phlio Waterfall

Khlong Narai Waterfall: Witnessing the Beauty in Chanthaburi Part of Namtok Phlio National Park (Phlio Waterfall National Park), the 3-tiered waterfall, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Eastern Thailand. Cave brook carps love the refreshing, crystal-clear water as much as you, and you’ll find many of them at the waterfall.   

Namtok Phlio National Park is lush green, so don’t forget to walk the nature trail before or after swimming. Since Phlio Waterfall is King Rama V’s favorite, the area has a couple of royal memorials. One of them is a moss-covered pyramid for one of his Queens called Phra Nang Ruar Lom Stupa.


Waterfront Community 

Stretching along the Chanthaburi River, the 300-year-old Chanthaboon Waterfront Community boasts a scenic location and exciting history. Time-honored houses line the narrow alleys dotted with street art. Thanks to the mix of Thai, Chinese, French, and Vietnamese styles, it's a beautiful architecture walk. Some quaint houses have been transformed into local museums, hip cafes, and boutique accommodations. The community also won the Asia-Pacific Heritage Award from UNESCO.


King Taksin Shrine

When ancient Ayutthaya was under Burma’s siege in the 18th century, Phraya Wachiraprakarn (who would later become King Taksin) stayed in Chanthaburi to recruit soldiers and collect food and supplies for the battle to free the kingdom. The King succeeded, and monuments were constructed to commemorate the city’s historical importance. 

King Taksin Shrine shows the locals’ respect and admiration for the King, and the design is striking. In addition to the roof that resembles His Majesty’s helmet, you can admire the Chinese-style architecture that celebrates the king’s Thai-Chinese roots. Many soldiers recruited there were of Chinese descent.  


Chao Lao Beach Khlong Narai Waterfall: Witnessing the Beauty in Chanthaburi

The most popular beaches in the city are Kung Wiman Beach, Laem Sing Beach, Chao Lao Beach, and Laem Sadet Beach. These swimmable beaches might not be on the same level as the Trat and Rayong islands, but they are still beautiful and laid-back. Try one of the seafood restaurants in these areas and relax to your heart’s content on the sand.


Noen Nang Phaya Viewpoint 

It’s easy to see why Chalerm Burapha Chonlathit Road is considered one of the most scenic roads in Thailand. As you drive or bike along the road, stunning sea views will always be in your sights. Stop and stare and snap lots of photos.


The Historic Red Building

Since France colonized the city, you’ll find a few historic buildings from those times that still survive. The first is Tuek Daeng (Red Building), a Thai fort turned into living quarters and a command post of the French military. You can now find a small history-related exhibition and a French cannon inside. The other building nearby is Khuk Khi Kai or Chicken Dung Cell. 


Why Visit Khlong Narai Waterfall in Chanthaburi? Khlong Narai Waterfall: Witnessing the Beauty in Chanthaburi

  • Khlong Narai Waterfall has been one of the historically essential waterfalls for a long time. It is a tourist attraction and a place to enjoy nature, relax, and play water sports.

  • Located before the waterfall flute, it is easy to visit because it is not far from the main Sukhumvit road. The site is very convenient for people who love to explore nature and the experience of bushwalking.

  • You can take a walk around the beautiful forested area. You can also be able to see plenty of fish that are flowing along the stream in the area.

  • Moreover, at Khlong Narai Waterfall, there are not many tourists, so it's quiet and peaceful. It's very private, suitable for relaxing.

  • There is a welfare shop with food, papaya salad, spicy salad, desserts, fried meatballs, and drinks. On weekdays, welfare shops may not be open for service.

  • In addition to having a waterfall for tourists to visit, there are also lodges and camping spots to serve. The tent site is a vast lawn area. There are large trees providing shade. There is also a camping area available near the waterfall.


How to Visit Khlong Narai Waterfall in Chanthaburi?

You can travel by coming in via 3rd Road (Sukhumvit Road). Then go straight until the intersection of the Pak Saeng red light. Then turn right towards Trat Province. Drive about 7 kilometers, and a sign will indicate the way - Khlong Narai Waterfall. Finally, drive for about 2 kilometers to reach the waterfall.


The Bear Travel Did you know?

In addition to having a waterfall for tourists to visit, there are also lodges and camping spots to serve.




Map & More Information


Khlong Nalai Waterfall is located in Khlong Narai Sub-district, about 6 kilometers away from Chanthaburi province and far from the main road Chanthaburi – Trat, about 2 kilometers. The site is suitable for visitors who love bushwalking and natural exploring.


Khlong Narai Waterfall: Witnessing the Beauty in Chanthaburi


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