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Sam Phan Nam Floating Market: An Unlimited Shopping Experience in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a spectacular holiday destination due to its breathtaking views, friendly locals, outstanding food, ancient shrines, and many entertaining activities. Whether traveling with your friends or family, one destination you do not want to skip is the Sam Phan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin. 

The Sam Phan Nam floating market was built to articulate the architecture and distinct history of Hua Hin. The originality of this 'Floating Market' is almost similar to the Hua Hin of the past. Everything in the market containing the tiles on the roofs, fences, folding doors, and signposts, is an excellent example of Hua Hin during the 1920s. Sam Phan Nam is the largest floating market anywhere in Asia, and the background is from the Rattanakosin Period of King Rama VII. 

This is one of the two floating markets that are barely a short drive from the center of the city of Hua Hin. If you are a shopping enthusiast and want to explore the Sam Phan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin, join us there now!


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

The Sam Pan Nam Floating Market is a gorgeous shopping center on a vast artificial lake with islands. 


An Unlimited Shopping Experience

An Unlimited Shopping Experience at Sam Phan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin

The outlook of this market is old-fashioned, and each arrangement has been designed with the 1920s in mind. This market was constructed to commemorate the days when King Rama V and King Rama VI governed the area. It is indicated in all the signposts, railings, folding doors, and roof tiles.

Sam Phan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin 2 You will find forty boat sellers on the lake and another two hundred shops streaking the shores. All the shops look precisely like the shops in Hua Hin, but these are only one story tall. Each one of the shops and boat sellers trades antiques, clothing, and delightful Thai cuisine.

People traveling through the Sam Phan Nam Floating Market will discover themselves desiring to select from a vast diversity of food when they get eager. They can choose from snacks or ready-to-eat meals comprising barbecued meat skewers, noodles, and seafood. Of course, no trip to the market or dinner would be perfect without one of the beautiful desserts that are obtainable for purchase. 

Sam Phan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin 3 If the stores, food dealers, and model trains weren’t sufficient, people could see one of the different cultural shows conducted at this floating market. Travelers are enabled to search the calendar to see when each of the prominent shows is organized for. 

Anyone visiting the Sam Phan Nam Floating Market will have a great experience, and it is worth enhancing your itinerary during a visit to Hua Hin.


Delights of Sam Phan Nam Floating Market

Sam Phan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin 4 Sam Phan Nam Floating Market is the largest floating market, surrounding an area of over 16 hectares. At Sam Phan Nam Floating Market, you will discover 193 shops of all sorts and 40 stores on the boats, selling local food, handmade merchandise, and antiques. The floating market has over 1,000 parking spaces, so there is no need to bother about parking.

Enclosing the market is a natural water stream and magnificent mountains. Sam Phan Nam goes through 3,000 varied villages. Go to the back of the floating market to discover a mini tourist train and an admirable imitation of a train station. Even though the market does not have a fishing sanctuary, you will still get many fishing boats.

You can go up onto any of the moored boats to take some fine pictures. The cost to enter the market is 200 Thai Baht. If you need to ride the train in a full circle, the cost is 20 Thai Baht. You can feed the fish for 40 baht or enjoy a boat for two for 100 baht.


The Bear Travel  Trivia

The main attraction of this market may be the location itself, as it is desirable and has a very Hua Hin feels. Thanks to the standard architecture.


Why Visit Sam Phan Nam Floating Market?

Sam Phan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin 5

When you enter the front of the market, you will see the islands crisscrossed by alleys and red wooden bridges. Right in front is a clock tower with famous Thai figures. There are cultural shows and boat tours frequently taking place on the lake. The shops here are related to the buildings you will see in Hua Hin town. The peculiarity is they are all just one story in height. The mix of clothing, antiques, and food shops is outstanding. 

A lot of the shops are located at Sam Phan Nam Floating Market. You can even get a tasty snack bar in the stores. The food sector prefers various snacks, grilled meat skewers, noodles, exact meals, seafood, desserts, and drinks. In addition, this is the spot to meet new people, have a lot of fun, and even have a boat ride. 

Sam Phan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin 6 The preference for antiques is widespread. You can shop for everything from clothing to popular Thai magnets. Moreover, you can walk across one of the bridges to cross the canal to enter the market. As you walk along the canal, there are palms and orchids by the shops for excellent photography shots. There is a railway built by the market for travelers to ride.

All of the buildings were called for one of Thailand's many districts. Although you will see river taxis all over the Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) canals, they are unusual in this area. The taxis are most naturally created in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) along the Chao Phraya River, sending locals to work and the children to school. You will discover longboats all over Thailand participating in races. The yearly boat races occur south of Hua Hin at the Khao Tao Reservoir.

The Sam Phan Nam Floating Market is a brilliant selection of traditional Thai outdoor markets and shopping malls. If you need to experience, some of the best Thailand offers, spend some time at the Sam Phan Nam Floating Market. You will definitely take pleasure in shopping, architecture, culture, and incredible Thai food.


How to Visit Sam Phan Nam Floating Market?

Sam Phan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin 7

Your best preference for achieving the Sam Phan Nam Floating Market is to hire a taxi or transport from Hua Hin. If you are going from the railway station, you can take a taxi for 80 Thai Baht. Your ride will be incredibly long.

By car, inbound for Hua Hin, it is simpler to reach the market by taking the bypass road to the right towards Prachuap Khiri Khan. You will see Wat Huay Mongkol on the right, and then the market will be on your left. Those arriving in Hua Hin by bus or train can get to the market for only 20 Thai Baht. A bus shuttles back and forth between the station and the market every half hour from 07:00 am to 07:00 pm.

Or if you are crossing Highway 112 from the town center of Hua Hin, you will find the Hua Hin Floating Market almost 11 kilometers to the southeast. Once you have departed the Hua Hin Floating Market, look for the first paved road and make a left turn. Continue about one kilometer, and the Sam Phan Nam Floating Market will be on your right. 


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Make sure to carry cash with you; some stores don’t receive cards.




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Sam Pan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin is a large-scale market constructed in vintage mode. Built mainly to captivate visitors, the name floating market is a bit deceiving as this marketplace is nothing like the floating markets created in Krung Thep Naha Nakhon (Bangkok). The market is home to over 200 shops. It emphasizes a large artificial lake, 40 boat vendors, a mini railway track, and beautifully landscaped parks. The stalls at the market trade an assortment of vintage and handmade products, apparel, and delicious food.


Sam Phan Nam Floating Market: An Unlimited Shopping Experience in Hua Hin


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