Bodh Gaya Pagoda: A Leisure Visit While Paying Homage in Kanchanaburi288
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Bodh Gaya Pagoda: A Leisure Visit While Paying Homage in Kanchanaburi

Sangkhlaburi is a beautiful small Thai district surrounded by mountains and nature. It has an exciting mix of cultures thanks to its location near the Burmese border. The inhabitants of Sangkhlaburi are of the Mon ethnic group, have their language and customs, and are found in several parts of Southeast Asia. This district is excellent for those who avoid Thailand’s top tourist destinations.

It must be said that besides the beauty of nature, there are also important ancient Buddhist sites. For Thai people and visitors who hope to see the history of Buddhist culture, you must not miss the Bodh Gaya Pagoda in Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi.

So, take a break from the busy city life and join us at the Bodh Gaya Pagoda for some religious activities.


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

Bodh Gaya Pagoda is a replica of the real one in India.



An Interesting History and Background

Bodh Gaya Pagoda: A Leisure Visit While Paying Homage in Kanchanaburi

Construction of Bodh Gaya Pagoda began in 1978, initiated by Luang Por Uttama. Luang Por intended to replicate the real Bodh Gaya Pagoda, the place of Buddha's enlightenment in India, to become a center for Buddhists who could live together without racial segregation.

Total construction cost was received from the donations of devoted Buddhist faith in Luang Por Uttama, which was donated in cash, gold, and materials used in construction. Approximately 400 Mon men and women in the village were used to burn 260,000 Mon bricks. Later, in 1982, the chedi was reinforced with concrete.



Paying Homage and Exploring the Essence of Bodh Gaya Pagoda

Bodh Gaya Pagoda: A Leisure Visit While Paying Homage in Kanchanaburi

The Bodh Gaya Pagoda in Nong Lu Subdistrict, Sanghlaburi, Kanchanaburi, is a model pagoda smaller than the real Bodh Gaya Pagoda in India. It has a square base shape, with a width of 42 meters and 59 meters. At the entrance to the pagoda, there is a large pair of lion statues in Mon art that are believed to protect the chedi on either side of the entrance stairs, which resembles a pair of lions from Burma. 

The area around the chedi looks like a crooked balcony you can walk around. The walkway is covered, and a Buddha image and birthday angels are enshrined around the chedi. The surface of the pagoda is angular, indented, and hollow, resembling a geometric pattern. Inside a cavity is a small Buddha image with various Buddhist characteristics.

Bodh Gaya Pagoda: A Leisure Visit While Paying Homage in Kanchanaburi

The top of the pagoda is a place to worship as it enshrines the Buddha's relics that Luang Por Uttama brought from Sri Lanka. The relic is part of the right thumb bone; its size equals two grains of rice packed in a 3-tiered casket. King Rama 10 had previously come to perform the ceremony to bring the relics up and enshrine an actual gold-tiered casket weighing more than 400 Thai Baht on top of the chedi.



Experience the Charms of Mon

Bodh Gaya Pagoda: A Leisure Visit While Paying Homage in Kanchanaburi

Bodh Gaya Pagoda is a symbol of Buddhism. It is mentally entrenched for the prosperity of life. Not only that, but it is also the center of various ceremonies on important Buddhist days and festivals. 

Every February, there is a birthday event near the Bodh Gaya Pagoda. The event has various activities, including religious ceremonies and a boxing match performed by local cultural clubs, including the Mon dance and Karen Tong dance. But the event's charm is that the villagers who attend the event will dress according to the culture of the Thai Raman people and prepare a deck of food on the head to offer to the monks at the temple. 

Near Bodh Gaya Pagoda, many shops sell products from Myanmar, including jewelry, fabrics, flour, and woodwork, in addition to seeing the beauty of the pagodas. It's also like going to India and Myanmar at the same time.


The Bear Travel  Trivia

On October 18 of every year, Wat Wang Wiwekaram will hold a grand event to celebrate the death anniversary of Luang Por Uttama. which is in the area of ​​Bodh Gaya Pagoda.



Nearby Worthy Attractions 

Wat Wang Wiwekaram  

Wat Wang Wiwekaram is a temple of "Luang Phor Uttama,'' which the Thai, Mon, Karen, and Burmese people revered. But now it houses the incorruptible body of Luang Por Uttama after death.

Wat Wang Wiwekaram_Stupa in Bodh Gaya in Kanchanaburi

Inside the viharn on the riverside enshrines a magnificent marble Buddha image, locally known as Luang Por Khao. There is sizeable mammoth ivory that Luang Por Uttama was consecrated to bring them to watch.



Uttamanusorn Bridge (Mon Bridge)  

Uttamanusorn Bridge, also known as Mon Bridge, is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand, with a length of 850 meters.

Uttamanusorn Bridge_Stupa in Bodh Gaya in Kanchanaburi

Furthermore, Uttamanusorn Bridge (Mon Bridge) is the second longest wooden bridge in the world after U Bein Bridge in Myanmar. It is a bridge that crosses the Songkari River. 



Suan Ruen Rom View Raft (สวนรื่นรมย์ วิว ราฟท์)

Suan Ruen Rom View Raft (สวนรื่นรมย์ วิว ราฟท์) is in Thong Pha Phum and features water sports facilities, a BBQ, and a garden. All rooms are fitted with terrace views of the mountain. This property boasts valet parking and provides guests with a children's playground. 



Baan Saphan Rak 

Lovely Bridge House is located in Sangkhlaburi. It is a 5-minute walk from Wat Sam Prabap and offers air-conditioned rooms. Free Wi-Fi is also available at the property. Mon Yu Bridge is 30 meters from Love Bridge House, while the Three Pagodas Pass is 18 km away.



Sinakharin Dam National Park

Sinakharin Dam National Park was declared the country's 38th national park on December 23, 1981. The park has an area of ​​approximately 957,500 rai or about 1,532 square kilometers and covers 3 districts in Kanchanaburi, namely, Si Sawat District, Sai Yok District, and Thong Pha Phum District.

Srinakarin Dam National Park_Stupa in Bodh Gaya in Kanchanaburi

Important natural attractions in the Sinakharin Dam National Park area include Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall. Pha Sawan Waterfall, Pha Tad Waterfall, and Viewpoint at Noen Sawan Checkpoint, including hiking activities to see nature with accommodations to serve tourists.



Best Time to Visit Bodh Gaya Pagoda in Kanchanaburi

Because Bodh Gaya Pagoda is popular for tourists to pay homage to and perform Buddhist ceremonies regularly, you can visit every season. Tourists who want to capture the atmosphere can check the weather before traveling.



Why Visit the Bodh Gaya Pagoda in Kanchanaburi?

Stupa in Bodh Gaya in Kanchanaburi 3

As mentioned earlier, Bodh Gaya Pagoda is a model pagoda smaller than the real one in India. On the top of the pagoda enshrines the Buddha's relics that Luang Por Uttama brought from Sri Lanka for worship. So this is one of the main reasons as it would be best to visit to see and pay homage to them.



How to Visit Bodh Gaya Pagoda in Kanchanaburi? 

Stupa in Bodh Gaya in Kanchanaburi 6

  • By Car from Kanchanaburi
    • Running on Sangchuto Road, which is the main road to Kaeng Sian Intersection, turn left at the sign of Amphoe Sai Yok - Thong Pha Phum (Highway No. 323) before entering Thong Pha Phum District.
    • There are three intersections: turn right to Sangkhlaburi District and pass Tha Khanun Temple, Pom Pee, Khao Laem National Park, Bridge over the Rantee River and, when passing through Sangkhlaburi District, cross the Tsongalia Bridge.
    • Go past the wooden bridge, and you will see three intersections.
    • Turn left for about 300 meters (right to Wat Wang Wiwekaram).


  • By Public Bus
    • Traveling from within the province (Mueang to Bodh Gaya Chedi, Sangkhlaburi District, distance is 221 kilometers).
    • You can travel by using an air-conditioned tour bus. Non-air-conditioned buses and vans are available throughout the day, which can be picked up at Kanchanaburi Bus Station.


The Bear Travel  Did you know?

Tourists who have traveled to the Bodh Gaya Pagoda must not miss to pay homage to the marble Buddha image at the Viharn and pay homage to the Buddha's relics at a replica of the Bodh Gaya Pagoda, which Luang Por Uttama brought from Sri Lanka.




Map & More Information


Bodh Gaya Pagoda is located in Sangkhlaburi District, Kanchanaburi. It is a sacred pagoda with a square base and a replica of the Great Bodh GayaChedi in India, but smaller in size. The top of the chedi contains the Buddha's relics, while the bone part of the right thumb is the size of a grain of rice. A staircase leads up to the base of the Bodh Gaya Pagoda. Along the route is a replica of the Buddha's footprint and a statue of Luang Por Uttama paying homage.


Bodh Gaya Pagoda: A Leisure Visit While Paying Homage in Kanchanaburi


Business Address

4FH2+563, Chedi Phutthakhaya Alley, Nong Lu, Sangkhla Buri District, Kanchanaburi 71240

Business Hours

24 Hours Open  |  Monday - Sunday

Contact Number

+66 (0) 94 338 0790


15.1278854, 98.4505453



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