BY Hungry Bear

Petit Peyton Traveloque Cafe in Bangkok

Whether you are looking for an affordable place to stay, a top-notch coffee ☕, a stunning breakfast, or some quality sandwiches 🥪, cakes, and snacks 🍰, the Petit Peyton Traveloque Cafe is a real find on the Bangkok dining scene 😍.

The Petit Peyton Traveloque Cafe is located on the grounds of the Niras Bankoc Hostel and is a cool and trendy European-style café that offers some fantastic Euro and local cuisine in a bakery/café ambiance 😋. Although the hostel, which is located in the oldest culture and commercial area in Rattanakosin, is impressive, it is a historic venue and one of the most fascinating places in Bangkok 🙂 

If you are looking for a cool place for a morning coffee or breakfast ☕ in Bangkok, Petit Peyton Traveloque Cafe is the one for you ❤️.


Bangkok Dining In A Historic Location

When you first see the Petit Peyton Traveloque Cafe, you are awe-struck by its authentic appearance 🤩 that looks like a throwback to the 1800s in the city. The building where the hostel and café sites were originally built back in 1869 😮 during the reign of King Rama IV 🙏. The building was a grocery back in the early 1900s but had become a painting and hardware store 😧 by 1938. The building is now known as a protected heritage and conservation site and was renovated in 2008 and turned into the hostel and cafe you see today 🙂.