Venice of the East Tour: Exploring 4 Floating Markets in a Day314
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Venice of the East Tour: Exploring 4 Floating Markets in a Day

Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) was once named Venice of the East, with Khlong an essential part of the Thai lifestyle. Floating markets are tapas for Thai food! It is best to make this trip in the morning for breakfast and on an empty stomach. This tour will take advantage of the electric shuttle bus to get us from one floating market to the other.


  • Starting Location: MRT Bang Khun Non
  • Ending Location: MRT Bang Khun Non


The Bear Travel   Check this Route!


The Bear Travel   Highlights

  • Song Khlong Floating Market
  • Taling Chan Floating Market
  • Lat Mayom Floating Market
  • Flower Market Thailand
  • Wat Saphan Floating Market


The Bear Travel   Feeling Thirsty?

  • Option 1: Rawvaela Cafe (small family-run cafe with delicious drinks)
  • Option 2: The Pine Farm and Cafe (you can enjoy feeding rabbits and you can buy a variety of cacti)


The Bear Travel   Important to Note

It is going to be hot! So please remember to wear a hat, sunscreen and drink plenty of water. The two cafes will have AC where you can enjoy a little break. You can also enjoy a river tour of the canals as well. Please also note that the FREE electric shuttle bus operates only on the weekend, begins at 9:00 am, and stops at 16.30 pm.


A Trail Starting from MRT Bang Khun Non

We start at the MRT Bang Khun Non on the Thonburi side of Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok). You might have noticed if you come by MRT that the underground train becomes an overground train around Bang Sue. 

After you get to the station, walk down to the roadside, where we will wait for a FREE shuttle bus that comes every 20-30 minutes. This is a brand-new AC shuttle bus that operates in a circular loop. Remember, if you want to miss a stop, you can continue riding the shuttle bus back. 



Exploring the Floating Markets in Bangkok

Song Khlong Floating Market

Our first destination is Song Khlong Floating Market. There are multi-colored flags strewn across the car park, with a man singing karaoke for charity.

Song Khlong Floating Market 2

The sense of community is strong here, with market sellers clapping and cheering for him. It is best to pick one thing to eat here and drink here. 

Taling Chan Floating Market

Our second destination is very close by - walking to Taling Chan floating market is best.

Taling Chan Floating Market 2

This narrow street has vendors on both sides, leading to a floating area where you can pick up something a bit heavier to eat.

Fortune Teller Taling Chan

You can also see men getting their haircuts in public, feeding the catfish, or having their fortune read. 



Ending the Trail Back to MRT Bang Khun Non

Lat Mayom Floating Market

Hop back on the shuttle bus for our third destination - the Lat Mayom Floating Market. This is the biggest floating market where you can rest your feet and have a little massage.

Lat Mayom Floating Market 2

If you want to get a coffee somewhere with AC - go past all the vendors, and you have two options Rawvaela Cafe or The Pine Farm and Cafe

Rawvaela Cafe

Our next destination is the flower market, where they sell their flowers wholesale. Be ready for a bit of bargaining action. 

Flower Market Thailand

The last floating market is Wat Saphan Floating Market, where charming ladies sell their products right out of their wooden boats. You can get deep-fried bananas, rice noodle rolls, and even a small portion of phad thai


4 Floating Markets in A Day


I hope you like my self-guided walking tour ‘Venice of the East - 4 Floating Markets’ trail in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok). Want more? You can also check our post on Bangkok's Top 10 Most Popular Night Markets!

Please leave a comment to tell me how you found the trail. This initiative was born from the desire for expats and locals alike to enjoy Bangkok’s hidden gems. Furthermore, I hope walking these trails will help you build lasting relationships with the spaces and locals around you. 

Thank you for reading! Till my next trail around Thailand ✌️

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