Koh Chang: A Quick View of the East Coast365
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Koh Chang: A Quick View of the East Coast

To truly experience Koh Chang in all its splendor, make sure you explore the wonders of the East Coast, take a delightful break from the beach, check off the list of must-do activities on the island, and visit the vibrant tourist centers on the West side. Only then can you claim to have fully immersed yourself in the essence of Koh Chang.

Koh Chang's East Coast is the limited developed part of the island. But thanks to the new road, tourism has gradually begun to explore this picturesque area. The coast is very flat and somewhat dense with mangrove trees.

Ferry Goes by Sea Ferry Island Koh Chang Thailand

Available beaches have large stones and boulders, but there is also an elegant, sandy beach with thick red sand. During low tide, the beaches are twisted into swampy bays. Those who went on the road to the south on the way to SalakPhet Bay or Long Beach have relished the beauty of this area. 

So, if you are searching for the best coast side to spend your holidays, come with us as we take you to the East Coast of Koh Chang.


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The Koh Chang east coast runs for some 25 kilometers from the ferries in the north down to the Salak Khok, Chek Bae, and Long Beach turning, with Salak Phet beyond that in the southeast corner.



The East Coast of Koh Chang

Beautiful Beach View Koh Chang Island Seascape Trad Province Eastern Thailand Blue Sky Background

If you have been to the East Coast of Koh Chang at least once during your lifetime, you may be familiar with the beautiful scenery. 

The East Coast is very flat and partially overgrown with mangrove trees. Accessible beaches are rocky with huge stones and boulders, but there is also a small, sandy beach with coarse red sand. All villages are located here along the main road, and only up to two villages: Ban Khlong Rakam village and Ban Khlong Hin Kong village, should be attained by boat.

Beauty Koh Chang Trat Province Summer

This side of the island is far less aged than the other, and you will be dealt with a view of a more conventional Thai way of life as you watch local farmers and fishermen go about their business. Additionally, there is some great panorama and lots of delightful stops to make. And don’t worry; there are some quality cafes and places to stop, so you don’t want to stock expenses.


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If you need to sunbathe by the pool, head to Funky Hut; if you like to drink and then discover yourself in a 'chill out,' move onto the Souk.



Top Accommodation Choices on Koh Chang's East Coast

Classic Building Harbour Quayside Wooden Walkway Bridge Koh Chang Island Gulf Thailand Thai People Foreign Travelers Walk Travel Visit Rest Relax May 28 2011 Trat Thailand

  • Amber Sands is a prominent place in elegant gardens beside a beach, a few kilometers south of the ferries. Most importantly, it is a quiet and highly valued restaurant in the area.

  • Spa Koh Chang is an extraordinary place near Salak Khok in the South East of Koh Chang. Island View Resort is another unique place. Good value and mid-range rooms are located in a complex over the water at the end of a pier in Salak Phet Bay. 

  • Parama Koh Chang is renowned as one of the best high-end hotels with a terrific underfloor saltwater aquarium. It has top-quality accommodation in a friendly and isolated location beside the waters of SalakPhet Bay.



Savoring Culinary Delights on Koh Chang's East Coast

Romantic Dinner Beach Koh Chang Thailand during Sunset

  • Elysian Pearl Resort

  • Journey’s End 

  • Serenity Resort

  • Shambhala Beach Bar

  • Island View Resort

  • The Spa Koh Chang

  • Amber Sands Koh Chang



Why Visit the East Coast of Koh Chang?


Waterfall Klong Plu Koh Chang Trat Thailand Holidays

Explore at least four captivating waterfalls in the area. As you head south, you'll encounter Klong Nonsi, located just before Dan Mai village. A few kilometers further south, you'll find Than Mayom. Continuing on, you'll reach Khlong Nung and Khiri Phet waterfalls, nestled in the foothills of Salak Phet Mountain in the far south. Among them, Mayom retains the highest volume of water during the dry season and boasts a magnificent six-level cataract.


Salak Phet Village

Beautiful Shot Buildings near Pond Blue Sky

Salak Phet, the largest settlement in the South-East of the island, is a charming waterside fishing village situated at the mouth of a vast bay adorned with picturesque islands. The prominent long pier extending deep into the bay offers a remarkable vantage point to soak in the captivating scenery of the area.


Wai Check Beach

Beautiful Rocky Seashore Tropical Beach Koh Wai Trat Province Thailand

Wai Check Beach is accessible primarily by boat as there are no roads leading to it, and no development or infrastructure exists on its shores. This hidden gem is nestled on the South Coast of Koh Chang, located in an area of the island without any road access.



How to Visit the East Coast of Koh Chang?

Woman Red Motorbike White Clothes Drive Forest Road Trail Trip One Girl Caucasian Tourist Go Scooter Nearby Tropical Palm Tree Asia Thailand Ride Tourism Motorcycle Rent Safety Helmet

Coming from Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), there are various public transport possibilitiesThere is no definitive "best" option for travel as it depends on your budget and preferred style of travel. For a luxurious and time-efficient option, consider flying with Bangkok Airways to Trat, which is the shortest and most convenient route.

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly experience and a chance to immerse yourself in local life, taking a ferry from one of the mainland piers in Laem Ngop is a great choice.

Once on the island, having your own mode of transportation is essential, especially on the eastern side of Koh Chang, where public transportation is limited. Renting a scooter allows you the freedom to explore and enjoy more of the island's attractions at your own pace.


The Bear Travel  Did you know?

The East Coast of Koh Chang is the best place to seek a couple of the island’s promising small resorts, the opportunity to see the local way of life, no traffic, and you will find a world away from the busy west coast.



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Koh Chang is a place to avoid tourists and has more of a relaxed experience, especially on the island's eastern side. The east side is less developed and more unique than the West. You will get to undergo true local life on the island around the fishing villages and get out into the leafy green countryside to explore the jungle and incredible waterfalls hidden in its interior. 


Koh Chang A Quick View of The East Coast



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