Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park): Bangkok's Urban Art Haven447
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Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park): Bangkok's Urban Art Haven

Throughout time, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) has been a heart for travelers who relish temple-hopping, tasting the excellent street food, and shopping in the countless shopping malls and markets. But there are a lot of places in Bangkok that are hidden away in plain sight.

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park)

Many of Bangkok's streets, hallways, and parks hide some stunning art waiting to be revealed. It will be a surprise to know that a little graffiti park near Siam Paragon is named "Chaloemla Park."

If you're wondering where to begin your exploration of Bangkok, Chaloemla Park serves as an artistic sanctuary for local graffiti artists.

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park)

So, make sure to have your camera ready and carry essential items like a face mask and hand sanitizer as we embark on a journey to witness the vibrant artistry of Bangkok's Graffiti Park.


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

Inside Chaloemla Park, there will be a photo corner for you to pose with elegant poses.



Exploring Bangkok's Wonderful Graffiti Paradise

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park)

Chaloemla Park is a true haven for graffiti enthusiasts in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok). Although minor, it offers additional features like skateboard and ball game areas. While it may not be a conventional tourist attraction, it's a fantastic place to explore the world of street art.

The park feels like a vibrant playground, its walls adorned with stunning graffiti artwork. It's a great spot for leisurely strolls and admiring the artwork, especially when the weather is more tolerable. The park is conveniently located just 5 minutes from the BTS Skytrain station and is surrounded by various eateries. This makes it easy to pop in for some photos and then return to the BTS for refreshments while enjoying the captivating street art and graffiti.

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park)

Both locals and tourists frequent this park to unwind, engage in physical activities, and capture moments with the vibrant street art and graffiti on the walls. Yet, it's more than just a photo opportunity for social media; it's also a place where you can sense the essence of love, connection, and the camaraderie of visitors and the local community who share a deep appreciation for the art adorning the walls, where countless artists have brought their visual creations to life.


The Bear Travel   Trivia

The cool thing about this park is that it used to be vacated. Still, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration was supposed to give it some color and put it in a playground in the park.



A Remarkable Transformation from Neglected Land to Scenic Park

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park)

"Chaloemla Park" takes its name from the Hua Chang Bridge or Chaloemla 56 Bridge, an enduring landmark for a considerable time. This bridge is part of the Chaloem series and marks the 15th bridge to span the Bang Kapi Canal or Khlong Saen Saep Canal on Phayathai Road, connecting northern and southern Bangkok.

Today, Chaloemla 56 Bridge, commonly known as Hua Chang Bridge, has made efforts to maintain its historical significance. Surrounding this bridge is a public park named "Suan Chalermla."

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park)

Initially, this area was unfenced, leading to issues with illegal dumping and littering, which made the area unsightly.

However, "Suan Chalermla" has since been transformed into a lush green space that serves as a recreational destination for the city's residents. It is a place where people from the local neighborhood and the broader public come to sit, stroll, exercise, and continuously capture photographs, all thanks to the numerous vibrant and beautifully painted wall artworks.

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park)

Through a collaborative effort between Siam Motors Company Limited, the Think Earth Project, Ratchathewi District Office, and the Spray Brush Group, more than 50 talented artists were invited to showcase their works on world-class walls. This graffiti art event, known as "Meeting of Styles 2018 Bangkok, Thailand," at Chaloemla Park, has genuinely transformed the heart of Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok).

The collaboration among these artists has revitalized the park, turning it into a vibrant oasis. It was designed to be a place of relaxation amid the city, enhancing the green space with colorful and unique artwork.



An Exciting Addition to Your Bangkok Bucket List

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park)

Chaloemla Park isn't just a space for young people to enjoy its outdoor sports court and playground; its vibrant murals have also injected life into the older buildings along Si Surut Alley. A few minutes walk from BTS Ratchathewi, this urban square park, affectionately called the "Graffiti Park," stands out as a hub for street art in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), where locals can enhance their mural art photography.

The park's walls and aging structures are adorned with ever-changing murals that breathe fresh artistic expression into the area. Recently, the park has been inspiring aspiring young soccer players with depictions of characters from Captain Tsubasa, a classic Japanese manga series centered on the sportsmanship of a high school football team.

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park)

In a tribute to Thai football talent in the J-League, the anime versions of three renowned Thai football players, Chanathip "Jay" Songkrasin, Theerathon "Aum" Bunmathan, and Sittichok "Ya" Phaso, share the main wall with Tsubasa.

During weekends, if you're looking for a fun outing without traveling far, consider bringing your family or friends to Chaloemla Park. You can have a colorful and enjoyable day together.

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park)

All you need is your favorite outfit and a camera to capture fantastic photos against the backdrop of graffiti-covered walls, adding a street art touch to your images.

Within Chaloemla Park, you'll find a dedicated photo corner featuring a variety of poses from different angles. Whether it's a staircase corner depicting a woman with a demon or cute cartoon characters resembling familiar faces, this park offers a delightful backdrop for memorable photographs.



Why Visit Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park) in Bangkok?

Bangkok Metropolis Night Scene Cityscape Thailand

Revitalized by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) in 2015, this once-forgotten space has been transformed into an exceptional urban park. It offers benches, a badminton court, and even a tire swing. However, what truly sets it apart is the incredibly colorful graffiti-covered walls of the nearby buildings.

These walls serve as a captivating backdrop for photography or for enjoying some time in the city park. Urban enthusiasts often come here to take photos of themselves against the vibrant walls of the adjacent structures.

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park) 14

If you're a dedicated photographer or an aspiring Instagram model, this park provides the perfect backdrop to enhance your social media feed.

Despite being a canvas for art, the park remains lively, and the graffiti that adorns it is constantly changing. This dynamic atmosphere makes it a fantastic spot to visit regularly with friends to see the new art pieces that emerge with each visit.

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park)

Bangkok’s cafes and hip markets are the first things that pop up in many minds, but don’t forget these incredible hidden gems to explore.

Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park) offers a refreshing experience in a city of concrete, traffic, and smoke. So, check it out if you happen to be looking for new fabulous locations and spots to hang out!



How to Visit Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park) in Bangkok?

Aerial View Landscape Cityscape Bangkok City High Building Condominium Railway Track Electric Bts Skytrain Victory Monument Area Ratchathewi Urban July 6 2013 Bangkok Thailand

Chaloemla Park is easily attainable, only a 3-minute walk from BTS Ratchathewi, exit 2 if walking from Siam Paragon or MBK (Ma Boon Khrong) Center to the Hua Chang Bridge is a few hundred meters. 


The Bear Travel  Did you know?

Graffiti Park is a fantastic place to admire local and international artists’ work up close. Every once in a while, they will entirely repaint it all, so it’s a continually transforming scene worth repeat visits!  




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Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park) in Bangkok is a place to visit for someone who loves photography, art, and most street art/graffiti. If you think Bangkok has already been highly snapped from the fancy malls, cool cafes, famous temples, and countless other attractions. In that case, you will change your attitude after visiting this park. 


Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park) - Bangkok's Urban Art Haven


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