5-Day Songkran Getaway Tour: Experience the Ultimate New Year Celebration655
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5-Day Songkran Getaway Tour: Experience the Ultimate New Year Celebration

What would come to your mind first if invited to the world’s most popular water fight? Yes, I’m just talking about Songkran, the biggest water festival in Thailand. Thai people celebrate Songkran as the New Year, which symbolizes washing away the negativity of the past year. You'll be able to engage with tons of Thai people and tourists on the busy streets and stunning beaches to enjoy and get a relaxing mind through the rituals.

Songkran Festival in Thailand

Thailand's Songkran Water Festival is coming up soon, this April, and is the greatest time for tourists to immerse themselves in Thai culture. I recommend having five days to celebrate the festival; you will experience the best of the Songkran Festival by going on an ultimate New Year journey. It would surely be a wild adventure filled with exciting top destinations, family-friendly activities, and vibrant, thrilling ones.

So pack your bags for the unforgettable five days of your life, turn up the tunes, and prepare for the ultimate New Year celebration in Thailand!


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Focusing on family is one of the most significant aspects of the Songkran festival. So, Songkran in Thailand is the time to stay and reunite with your family. 



Songkran Water Festival in Thailand

Water Is Splashing Child Girl Songkran Festival Thailand

If you are planning a five-day itinerary, you should know about Songkran in Thailand first. So, let’s look for some major facts about the huge water festival in Thailand. Songkran originated from Chiang Mai, the northern city, and started with the blessings of locals who sprinkled water on each other. With that, the traditional festival evolved into the biggest water party in every corner of Thailand!

Most importantly, Songkran is a major holiday in Thailand, as people take extra days off to celebrate the festival while visiting friends and relatives. This biggest holiday starts on the 13th of April every year and extends to the 15th of April. Most interestingly, the holiday extends to five days from April 12 to 16 in some years.



Celebrating Songkran Across Thailand

Smiling Asian Woman Was Splashed by Water She Is Using Water Gun Songkran Festival

During the month of April, every corner of Thailand is filled with unique Songkran experiences. But if you have a limited vacation, it’s better to dive into the major urban centers of Thailand, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), and Chiang Mai, as they are the perfect destinations where you’ll find the most raucous parties.


#1 Bangkok (Central Thailand)

Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), the capital of Thailand, is transformed into a colossal battleground for water wars during the month of April. Streets such as Khao San Road, Silom Road, and Siam Square will turn into arenas for fun and frolic. If you need to enjoy the traditional spirit of the festival, you can join in with religious parades and rituals in the city.



#2 Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand)

Chiang Mai is famous among locals and foreigners for its grand celebrations, which can combine spirited water fights with deeply rooted customs and traditions. The celebrations begin at Tapae Gate with a grand opening ceremony, where the religious procession to Wat Phra Singh is getting started. Within the ceremony, you can see a long parade of Buddha statues carried throughout the city.



#3 Phuket (Southern Thailand)

If you need a tropical Songkran experience, Phuket is the perfect destination. During your visit to Phuket during Songkran, you will gain both the relaxation of a holiday and the excitement of the festival with its stunning islands. So, don’t miss this wonderland during your five-day itinerary of Thailand Songkran experience, as it will be a unique blend of cultural festivities and sandy shores.



#4 Pattaya (Eastern Thailand)

Pattaya is usually famous as the party city of Thailand. So, it is no surprise that the Songkran Festival lasts in Pattaya longer than anywhere in Thailand. To be proof, people in Pattaya celebrate Songkran for more than a week, and the festival is called the Wan Lai festival, which follows up to the 19th of April. People of Pattaya enjoy the water festival by making high-pressure hoses made from a length of plastic plumbing pipe with a small hole and splashing water on each other.



#5 Koh Samui (Southern Thailand)

Songkran Water Festival in Koh Samui is one of the most fun celebrations, and there are plenty of events in major beach towns in Thailand. Unlike other major cities celebrating Songkran, Koh Samui has special makeshift parties that anyone can join and enjoy. In addition, you can visit the Chaweng Beach area to join a no-holds-barred party, and if you go deep into the more traditional side of Koh Samui, you can join the families on the west coast around Na Thorn.


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Songkran Water Festival has nothing to do with national boundaries, beliefs, or ethnic colors; all you need to do is enjoy it!



5-Day Songkran Getaway Itinerary

Group Thai Women Children Ware Thai Traditional Dress Play Splashing Water

By planning your days before, you can get the most out of your valuable vacation while embracing the full spirit of the Songkran festival. 


Day 1: Arriving in Thailand & Preparing for the Journey 

On the first day of your Songkran itinerary, you can arrive in Thailand and rest at your accommodation. Next, you can explore the local supermarkets and Thai night markets around your accommodation to buy Songkran essentials like a water gun, waterproof bags, and traditional Thai attire. Allow your evening to enjoy a delicious culinary experience and chat with your family and friends.


Day 2: Bangkok Water Fights, Parades, and Street Foods

You can start your Songkran Celebration in the bustling streets of Bangkok. There will be huge water fights on Khao San Road, Silom Road, and Siam Square, as well as local street food specialties. Finally, in the afternoon, you can visit temples around Bangkok to observe traditional Songkran rituals.


Day 3: Visit Chiang Mai for a Cultural Journey 

During the third day of your Songkran vacation, you can join with alms-giving functions and traditional ceremonies in the cultural city of Chiang Mai. Give your afternoon to stay in the Old City for water fights, and you can explore the night markets in the evening.


Day 4: Visit Phuket for an Epic Water Fight

If you need to join in with beachside celebrations, don’t forget to visit Phuket on your fourth day for a final epic water fight. Through that, you can join the water fights along Patong Beach while enjoying the vibrant nightlife of Phuket.


Day 5: Cool Down, Walk in Nature, and Get to Relax

On your final day, when you're probably already tired of all the hustle and need to feel relaxed in nature, opt for a day at a beach in Phuket (e.g., Koh Phi Phi) or any national park. These places are especially good for breathtaking views and tranquil nature walks. In addition, you can opt for wellness and rejuvenation with a traditional Thai spa treatment.



Culinary Experiences During Songkran

Mango with Sticky Rice

The Songkran festival and Thai culinary delights have a very close bond. So, you can enjoy some of the main seasonal specialties, such as ‘Khao Chae,’ ‘Mango Sticky Rice,’ ‘Thai margarita,’ Pad Kee Mao Talay, and Pad Thai. You may check our article on Experience Thai Cuisine: Top 10 Must-Try Dishes in Thailand.



Accommodations & Transportation During Songkran

Bangkok Thailand Passenger Holds Mobile Phone Bts Skytrain Is Running Chong Nonsi Bts Station Bangkok Thailand

If you could select the perfect accommodation during the Songkran festival, your five-day stay in Thailand would elevate your Songkran experience. You can use bustling city centers, serene retreats, and booking websites like Agoda.com to select the perfect stay that matches your budget and preferences. So, take time and make sure your festival stay is memorable for all the right reasons.

In addition to accommodations, it's very important to have transportation in order before flying out. So, here are some transportation options to make your journey hassle-free and provide you with maximum comfort.

  • Car Rentals
  • Public transportation
  • Rabbit Card for Bangkok BTS Skytrain
  • One-Day Pass for Bangkok BTS Skytrain
  • Private Premium Suvarnabhumi Airport Transfers (BKK)



Essential Tips to Follow During Songkran

Top Tips Label with Light Bulb Helpful Tricks Tooltip

  • Don’t bring too much cash.

  • Avoid using high-pressure water guns and ice, icy, or dirty water.

  • Drink more water and use sunscreen to protect from the heat of April. 

  • Wear clothes that keep your valuables in waterproof protectors and dry fast.

  • Thailand is a respectable country; you should respect local customs and traditions while having fun.



What to Bring in Thailand for Songkran?

Cropped Shot Hands Packing Clothes Luggage Going Vacation Prepared His Suitcase

  • Swimsuit
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Appropriate outfits for 5 days
  • Waterproof accessories


For more information on this matter, you may check our article on Songkran Survival Guide: Essential Tips for First-Time Visitors to Thailand.



Other Songkran Activities You Shouldn't Missed

Young Elephant Enjoying Himself Splashing Water Thailands Songkran Festival

  • Water Festivals

  • Visit Buddhist Temples

  • Music Festivals related to Songkran 

  • Celebrate Songkran with Elephants 

  • Bathing Buddha’s Images and Statues 



Experience a Magical Songkran in 5 Days!

Songkran Festival Thailand

With Songkran approaching, Thailand’s cities and villages are ready to welcome the Thai New Year. Mainly famous as the world’s largest water fight, the Songkran Water Festival is a deep dive into Thai traditions and an open invitation to join in the communal joy.

So, if you need to walk through the water-soaked streets of Bangkok, participate in old ceremonies in Chiang Mai, or enjoy the beach parties in Phuket, the water festival fills itself with fun and a unique sense of belonging.


5 Day Songkran Getaway Tour Experience The Ultimate New Year Celebration


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