Top 10 Best American Restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand667
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Top 10 Best American Restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

Discover the vibrant American dining scene in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) with our guide to the top 10 best American restaurants. Whether you're craving classic American comfort food or a mouthwatering burger, these spots offer an authentic taste of the USA right in the heart of Bangkok.

Don't forget to call ahead to check their hours, and for added convenience, many of these eateries also offer delivery services. Dive in and satisfy your appetite for all things American!


#1 Mickey's Diner BKK

Mickey's Diner's iconic cuisine is pure American gastronomic heaven, a visual and gustatory treat. The comprehensive menu is accessible in Thai and English. Whether you need classic American fried rice, a Philly sandwich, or interesting all-day breakfast selections, Mickey's has you covered.

Mickey's Diner in Thailand

Thick beef patties topped with mac and cheese, onions, pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce are typical restaurant orders. Enjoy this delicious meal with your family. Something about fried chicken and waffles works. They're great for breakfast or dinner; this lovely place recognizes that. Finally, their ice cream sundae with brownies is just delicious!

Not only does Mickey's American Diner provide mouthwatering food, but its retro decor also makes for perfect Instagram photos. Either the vintage inside dining area or the patio tables (the latter of which allow smoking) are perfect for enjoying their cuisine.



#2 The Smokin' Pug

In the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, you'll find the famous Smokin' Pug, a gastropub and restaurant. Thanks to its genuine American-style BBQ, it has a devoted customer base of both residents and visitors. The menu offers numerous smoked and craft beers, barbecue options, and brews that will tempt your taste buds.

The Smokin'  Pug

With its welcoming atmosphere and convivial personnel, The Smokin' Pug is an ideal destination for travelers to savor a delectable meal in Bangkok while expatriates can feel right at home. Whether you're in the mood for a relaxed ambiance or delectable ribs, this establishment guarantees a memorable dining experience accompanied by cordial service.



#3 25 Degrees Burger Bar

A descendant of the famous Los Angeles institution, 25 Degrees elevates the American eating scene in Bangkok with its gourmet burgers and posh atmosphere. If you're looking for high-quality burgers, all-day breakfast, salads, and delicious sides, this 24-hour American pub is the place to go. The ambiance is pleasant, and the décor is stylish.

The perfect temperature difference between a raw and a well-done burger is 25 degrees, where you can enjoy the burgers' succulent, savory warmth. Its ambiance is reminiscent of the renowned California location the restaurant promises. Consequently, it provides an unforgettable experience full of class and a vibrant, dynamic vibe.

Degrees Burger Bar in Thailand

At 25 Degrees, they take great pride in preserving the essence of the traditional American diner with their succulent prime beef sirloin, free-range chicken, and perfectly cooked bacon. Moreover, it is just the start! Veggie alternatives, flavorful wings, and award-winning burgers are all available at their Bangkok branch. On top of that, their cocktail selection is definitely up to par with their illustrious reputation.



#4 FIN Burger

FIN Burger is another famous burger establishment that serves gourmet twists on traditional American burgers. The burgers offered at FIN Burger have gained a commendable and gratifying standing due to their innovative flavor combinations and use of premium ingredients. You can select a burger that suits your preferences at FIN Burger, from traditional cheeseburgers to those adorned with condiments and garnishes.

Fin Burger in Thailand

Adhering to a convivial and laid-back atmosphere, the establishment attracts burger aficionados in pursuit of a palatable repast. The delectable selection at FIN Burger will satisfy any hunger, whether for a classic or an experimental meal.



#5 Fats and Angry

Fats and Angry is the next American restaurant on our list of the top Bangkok eateries. It's more than just a moniker; it's here to lift your spirits and ensure the satisfaction of your hunger and cravings. Colorful and inviting, this café serves delicious American favorites, including juicy burgers, a variety of fries, chili dogs, and milkshakes that will melt your heart. There is one branch in Charoenkrung and another in Gump's Ari; both are operational.

Fats and Angry in Thailand

In addition to tasty cuisine, Fats and Angry has a lively atmosphere reminiscent of an American diner in the 1950s. There are many neon signs and vintage posters throughout the restaurant. Fats and Angry guarantees to satisfy your need for a homely atmosphere brimming with tasty comfort food and a hip setting to bombard your social media account with mouthwatering photos of your meal.



#6 Hungry Nerd

Many families and students frequent Hungry Nerd. Steaks and sauces are the specialties of this inexpensive restaurant, which serves predominantly Western cuisine. In the beginning, there were four youthful proprietors. "Hungry Nerd" is the restaurant's name because the "nerd" part wanted a space to play around with food analysis and experimentation to make unique meals.

Hungry Nerd in Thailand

When inspiration strikes, a unique one is created every few months. Your helpful servers can tell you about the newest "nerd discovery." You can also indulge in a laid-back Western meal here without debt, as they have a perfect menu that caters to every budget.



#7 Brewski

If burgers and beer are the quintessential American meal, then Brewski Rooftop Bar is spot on. Located on Sukhumvit Soi 27, this duplex rooftop craft beer bar above the 5-star Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel has an impressive selection of 100 craft beers and ciders on tap, making it the ideal spot for both beer enthusiasts and casual visitors.

Brewski in Thailand

Their scrumptious Smash Burger is the perfect finishing touch to this American feast. Thicker, meaty burgers are topped with melted cheese and crisp, fresh vegetables. This delightful dish with fries is best enjoyed from a rooftop restaurant in Bangkok while taking in the city's stunning vista.

The Brewski Rooftop Bar offers a balcony and lounge. Its interior is stylish and clean, with beautiful views of the neighborhood. Even the pickiest craft beer connoisseur and rooftop bar patron may enjoy the electric vibes created by their weekend DJ performances.



#8 Smizzle Burger

Smizzle Burger's glitzy, mustard-and-ketchup-painted café, tucked away within Bambini Villa, entices with more than just its playful décor. With its buttery buns and burgers made with patties with crispy edges and fried on a blazing hot griddle, Smizzle has joined the exclusive group of smash burger experts in the city. The 300-day grain-fed, hormone-free, never-frozen Charolais beef used in the restaurant comes from nearby farms.

Smizzle Burger in Thailand

You can choose from mild, normal, or loaded options. Six home specialties are also available if you prefer not to create your own. The Oklahoma is their best-selling burger, and it's packed with onion, dill pickles, garlic sauce, and double cheese. If you're an onion fan, you'll adore it.



#9 Prime Burger

Prime Burger presents a flavor of New York-style smash burgers to Bangkok, conveniently located between Asoke and Phrom Phong. In this small, modern restaurant with patterned tiles and black brick walls, you can get the best burgers in town in an environment evocative of the famous Shake Shack in New York City.

Prime Burger in Thailand

Prime Burger came to the Thai food scene for the first time in 2019, and since then, it has grown to around nine sites across the country. If you want a good burger, you need to use fresh products. The buns are hand-baked daily, and the meat is ground fresh. Just a few city-themed gourmet burgers in New York, Dubai, and Tokyo are available at Prime Burger. Of these, the Stockholm burger takes great pride in its status as "Phuket's Best Burger 2019" and is a product of the first Phuket site of the company.

To accommodate various dietary needs, Prime Burger offers the Beyond Meat burger, which is suitable for vegans, and the Aiya Napa, which is based on halloumi and is perfect for vegetarians. Among their side dishes, you may find traditional Caesar salads, tasty chili-cheese poppers, and delicious waffle fries.



#10 Quickie - Velaa Langsuan

In Bangkok's exclusive Langsuan neighborhood, you'll find the magnificent Velaa Langsuan, an American luxury condo living model. Major Development Public Company Limited made it, and it has a modern look and the latest technology. It offers a refined life. The property is always protected, and the pool is always clean. The gym is well-equipped, and the backdrop is picturesque.

Quickie - Velaa Langsuan in Thailand

An advantage of residing in this location is its proximity to retail, public transit, and upscale dining establishments. Velaa Langsuan is in a desirable part of Bangkok and gives picky people a unique chance to enjoy both luxury and practicality.



A Sweet Taste of America in Bangkok, Thailand

Top 10 Best American Restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

Be sure to visit any of the American spots mentioned above during your next trip to Bangkok. Whether you're a casual eater or a serious foodie seeking authentic American flavors, these establishments promise an unforgettable dining experience.

Gather your friends and book a table at one of these fantastic American restaurants in Bangkok to enjoy genuine American cuisine.



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