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A Trip to Koh Samui: Day 1 at Northeast

Hey, it's Shane here 🤩! I have detailed a full-day trip schedule for the northeast part of the island so you can enjoy all the best places in northeast of Koh Samui in just a single day. 

Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s most popular island resorts. Millions of holiday-makers flock to the island each year to experience that unique subtropical environment. 

Grab your tropical clothes and set sail to the northeast part of Koh Samui as I am about to share all the details of my trip to Koh Samui on day 1.


The Bear Travel  Trivia!

Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket.


9 am: Maenam Beach

After a good night's sleep, I started my day 🤩 with a stroll towards Maenam Beach. There is no better way of spending a day sightseeing than strolling along Maenam Beach. This stretch of sand might not be the fluffiest, but on a clear day, you can enjoy the great views looking out towards Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. 


10:30 am: Wat Na Pralarn Temple

Wat Na Pralarn is the ideal temple for some great photo opportunities and I took full advantage of the hidden beauty and took many photos. Although the temple can seem slightly dilapidated, it is that rustic feel that gives it authenticity. Visiting the temple will give you a fascinating insight into what makes Buddhist Thailand tick. 


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

Koh Samui is home to some of the best beaches, breathtaking viewpoints, and its festivals are unmissable. It is generally a calm and quiet place to get away from the hustle and bustle of mainland cities.


12 Midday: Koh Samui Mountain ViewPoint

At Midday I decided to hike up to Koh Samui Mountain. The Best Mountain Viewpoint is one such location everyone visiting Samui should experience 🤩. Situated near Wat Pukkhao Thong, this lofty viewpoint is positioned atop a bumpy roller coaster track. From the summit, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Samui’s outlying islands. I stopped for a drink at one of the small bars in the vicinity and enjoyed the panorama. 


1:30 pm: Lunch at the Frog & Gecko Pub

After the hike, it was time to take a short drive over to the beautiful Bophut Beach for a spot of lunch at the Frog & Gecko Pub. I was really feeling hungry at this point. Situated in the Fisherman’s Village complex, the restaurant has built up a great reputation over the past ten years. If you like wholesome British food and a selection of high-quality Thai dishes, the Frog & Gecko provides a great atmosphere for a spot of lunch. 


3 pm: Samui Waterball & Bophut Hills Golf Club

Adrenaline junkies simply cannot miss out on the unique water ball attraction at Bophut Hills Golf Club. Here I had the chance to sit inside a large inflatable water ball and rolled majestically down a large hill – it was an enjoyable ride. Also for golf lovers, you can partake in a quick 9-holes of golf at the scenic Bophut Hills Golf Club, which is a great way to shake off the calories from lunchtime. 


The Bear Travel  Did You Know?

Until the 1970s, Koh Samui did not have proper roads but now it is a bustling tourist destination. It receives around an estimated 2.7 million visitors each year and to accommodate this number there are hotels, resorts, rental bungalows, and camping.


6:30 pm: The Shack Bar & Grill Restaurant

Later at 6:30 pm, I finished my day 🤩 with a sumptuous meal at the Shack Bar & Grill Restaurant at Bophut Beach. Here I enjoyed a fabulous steak dinner to top off my day while enjoying a location that is ideal for people-watching. The combination of high-quality imported steaks and the vibrant atmosphere will ensure you visit the north coast of Koh Samui the next time you holiday on the island. 


Koh Samui is waiting for you to explore it and if you plan on doing so make sure to follow my day trip itinerary to the Northeast of Koh Samui and enjoy every bit of your time here.

My Trip to Koh Samui Series isn't over yet, so make sure you don't miss out on the East Coast trip of Koh Samui that's cooking right up 🤩!

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