BY Hungry Bear

Rimpa Lapin Restaurant in Pattaya

Are you in search of a place to visit for special occasions 🙂, or you want to sample the finest cuisine and sea views? 😋 I know the right place for you 😍.

Rimpa-Lapin Restaurant is easily one of the most well-known and desirable restaurants in the Pattaya region. Known as having one of the best sea-views of any restaurant 🍽️ in Chonburi Province, this is a special place you come to sample the exotic Thai fusion cuisine 🍲 while basking in one of the most beautiful locations Mother Nature has to offer 😀. 

Come along to enjoy the Thai exotic Fusion cuisine at the Rimpa-Lapin Restaurant and I am sure you would love the food and the view from the restaurant ❤️❤️.