Verona Park: A Memorable Visit  at Thap Lan National Park in Prachinburi170
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Verona Park: A Memorable Visit at Thap Lan National Park in Prachinburi

If you are looking for somewhere unique to stay for a night or two, we highly recommend the fascinating Verona Park. You can travel through the Thap Lan area to Nakhon Ratchasima. 

The Verona Park merges an all-in-one holiday village in the middle of the Thap Lan National Park that enjoys an Italian theme.



With hotel accommodations, shops, stalls, markets, and restaurants, and when you need somewhere to stay when passing through the region, Verona Park is like an oasis in a desert. 

Curious more about this place? Then read along to check it out.


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

You can stop here or spend a night or two visiting Thap Lan National Park. Hotels, shops, markets, restaurants, and an adventure zone exist. 


Exploring Verona Park

This quaint little town in the middle of the jungle is a great place to stay while exploring the national park for a night or two. Or you can stop for an hour while passing through the region. It’s also great for photo opportunities. The rooms are clean and well-maintained and come equipped with double beds, air-conditioning, and maid and cleaning services. 



The hotel area has a buffet for an American breakfast and lunch. Verona Park is quiet and might not be up to high-end international standards, but it’s still a pleasant experience. The Thai food at the hotel is also pretty decent by all accounts, although the service can be a little slower than what you could expect in a central tourism area. 



The local Blackwood Bar & Restaurant is open until 10 pm every day and also offers something a little different for Western visitors with a range of Western food and lots of drinks. The Shops at Verona Park serve all local handicrafts and tourist souvenirs. Some shops remain relatively unopened, which sometimes gives the park a strange and eerie feeling. But what do you expect from a remote jungle village built to deal with tourists like us mainly? 


The Bear Travel   Trivia!

Verona Park was inspired by the Italian city of Verona and its architecture.


As the name might suggest, Verona Park was initially designed to offer a slice of Italy in the heart of exotic Thailand. And although it might fall short of that in specific ways, you will not find something like this for hundreds of miles, which is why the park can attract quite a few tourists. 

The best time of the year to visit the park is between December and March when the weather is at its least humid. It is more peaceful and quiet during the April to November monsoon months.



We would not recommend that time of the year unless you are passing by and need somewhere to sleep for the night. 

If you are looking for a unique slice of Europe in the heart of the Thai jungle and countryside, Verona Park at Thap Lan is it. Verona Park is a unique and exciting option you must experience at least once. 


The Bear Travel   Did You Know?

Despite being in the middle of a national park, the accommodation places are well maintained. You can enjoy all sorts of American and Thai food, the bars and restaurants are open till late at night, and there is a community mall, adventure zone, swimming pool, and so much more to enjoy.




Map & More Information 



Verona Park is a small town inspired by Italian architecture with a hotel, restaurant, community mall, swimming pool, adventure area, and more. You can either have a stopover here or stay a couple of nights, as it is just like an oasis in the middle of the desert.


Verona Park: A Memorable Visit  at Thap Lan National Park in Prachinburi



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