Golf in Thailand: What to Wear and Other Essential Tips641
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Golf in Thailand: What to Wear and Other Essential Tips

I'm sure everything you've heard about Thailand is accurate. However, you may not have listened to the part about it being a golfing paradise. Everyone regards golfers in Thailand as nobility; the environment, climate, and overall experience emanate an opulent extravagance.

Upon entering, an aura of superiority will immediately envelop you. Golf's moniker "the sport of kings" will become more apparent upon your return from your vacation. It is done correctly in Thailand. You will not even handle your luggage until you return to your hotel to unload it.

Those interested in the sport or who are already making travel arrangements should continue reading for practical advice to enhance their experience while playing golf in Thailand. Alright, let's do it!



What to Wear When Playing Golf in Thailand

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When traveling to Thailand, it's common for people to inquire about appropriate attire for various occasions, whether buying groceries, visiting temples and shopping malls, or engaging in sports activities like soccer, basketball, Muay Thai, or golf. Respecting the local culture and customs is truly essential, and dressing appropriately demonstrates this respect. 

In Thailand, golfers typically adhere to a traditional dress code, often seen wearing golf shoes, collared shirts, and headwear while on the course. These attire choices serve practical purposes, offering sun protection and stability on the fairways while honoring the sport's heritage and traditions. It's essential to familiarize yourself with the specific clothing regulations of your chosen golf club before heading out to play.

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For men, acceptable attire typically includes socks, golf shoes, an open-neck shirt with a collar (excluding t-shirts), and casual trousers or shorts (avoiding denim or floral board shorts). Remember, jeans and tracksuits are not permitted in adherence to the dress code standards. As for women's attire, prioritize comfort and appropriateness, choosing clothing that aligns with the club's guidelines while allowing for ease of movement during play.



What You Should Do When Playing Golf in Thailand

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#1 Pre-book your tee time.

Thailand golf is a great way to relax and enjoy the island's views and noises. Having a prior booking makes it even more relaxing! Despite its obviousness, booking a tee time in advance lets you avoid the crowds, reserve a spot on the greens, and relax after a hard day. Book ahead to play golf at your leisure, which is the best method.


#2 Be respectful of the local culture.

Respecting the local culture in Thailand, one of the most visited nations in the world is crucial since there is a large expat community that lives among friendly locals. Improving your golf experience in Thailand may be as easy as learning a few primary languages or a simple, familiar gesture like "wai." An additional perk is that Thai people like and appreciate anyone who can speak at least a little Thai.


#3 Bring sunscreen and a hat/umbrella.

Thailand's tropical climate can catch newcomers off guard with its intense heat, especially when embarking on a golf adventure. To ensure a comfortable experience, pack plenty of sunscreen, a hat, or even an umbrella to shield yourself from the scorching sun. This precaution becomes even more crucial in regions like Phuket, where the sun's intensity is notably higher than in other parts of the country. Remember to take regular breaks and seek out shaded areas to avoid overheating while enjoying your game.


#4 Drink plenty of water.

Despite the lack of any physical exertion required to play golf, golfers in Thailand face additional obstacles, such as high temperatures and high humidity, which may delay their tee time. To cope with the brutal weather that newcomers to Thailand may experience, it is recommended that they drink enough water. This works double duty: it keeps you hydrated and prepared to play golf and reduces heat discomfort. Make sure to take it easy at times.


#5 Don't forget to tip your caddy.

In Thailand, having a caddy is not just a convenience but a requirement. These knowledgeable companions go beyond traditional greenskeeping duties, guiding you through the course layout and enhancing your golf experience by carrying your clubs or chauffeuring you in a golf cart. Respecting their expertise and never criticizing them for perceived shortcomings is important.

If you appreciate their service, consider saving their contact information for future games, and always express your gratitude with a generous tip. Consider booking a caddy through a reputable golf tour operator for guaranteed quality service.


#5 Do use the golf course facilities.

Several Thai clubs have taken advantage of the growing trend of golf vacations by providing customized services. Use the facilities wherever you stay throughout your golf tour. What could be more fitting than enjoying a gourmet dinner after a game of golf at one of the more exclusive golf clubs?



What You Should Not Do When Playing Golf in Thailand

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#1 Don’t expect to play through.

You will spend the whole day if you are pinned behind a four-, five-, or six-ball. Thai golf regulations surrounding play-through are still in the air, so pack a good book or use the course's many water stations.


#2 Keep your hands off the ball.

On Thai golf courses, it's customary to stroll between shots and swing your club at your own pace, adhering to local club regulations. Caddies, who are an integral part of the experience, are there to cater to your needs and ensure a seamless game. When teeing up your ball, retrieving the tee, and marking your shot on the green, let the caddies take care of these tasks, allowing you to focus solely on your game.

If you feel any discomfort, take a moment to tend to yourself. Additionally, take advantage of the refreshment facilities, typically available every three holes, to stay hydrated and refreshed throughout your game.


#3 No less than a business suit is required.

For women's attire, choose comfortable and appropriate clothing that aligns with golf course etiquette. Consider wearing breathable socks and golf shoes for optimal comfort and performance. Choose an open-neck shirt with a collar, whether long or short-sleeved, avoiding t-shirts for a more polished look. Pair your top with casual trousers or shorts, ensuring they adhere to the dress code guidelines by avoiding denim or floral board shorts. As with men's wear, refrain from wearing jeans and tracksuits to maintain respectability on the course.


#4 Do not forego the Thai massage after the game.

A Thai massage or foot reflexology session is a great way to relax after a game; many clubhouses provide these. If you can't locate one on the golf course, there are many wellness centers or little Thai massage parlors around your hotel downtown.


#5. Do not drive the golf cart.

Golf carts are not permitted for personal use on the course. Only caddies are authorized to operate them. Given their experience, caddies have likely witnessed their fair share of mishaps, making them well-equipped to ensure a safe and smooth journey around the course.



5 Things You Must Have When Playing Golf

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There are several ways in which golf in Thailand differs from the game played in different countries. Many people either don't give much thought to it or think that everything you need for a round of golf is a standard issue. Here are five things you absolutely must have while playing golf in Thailand:

  1. Comfortable Attire: To navigate Thailand golf's laid-back yet respectful dress code, opt for lightweight cotton socks and tailored shorts. Avoid cut-off jeans and T-shirts to maintain decorum on the course.

  2. Golf Shoes with Soft Spikes: Cushioned-soled shoes with soft spikes are a requirement at most Thai golf courses. Check with your golf travel agency in Thailand for specific guidelines.

  3. Sun Protection: Thailand's sun can be intense, even during rainy spells. To stay cool and shielded from harmful UV rays, arm yourself with quality sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat or umbrella, and a towel.

  4. Insect Repellent: While malaria isn't a concern on golf courses, insect repellent is a wise precaution, especially if you venture beyond urban centers.

  5. Positive Attitude: A positive mindset is perhaps the most crucial item of all. Approach your golfing experience in Thailand with joy and relaxation, embracing the vacation spirit. A trip to the Thai golf course can become a cherished memory when approached with the right attitude.



Start Your Thailand Golf Journey Today!

Golf in Thailand: What to Wear and Other Essential Tips

When playing golf in Thailand, dressing right and respecting traditions are key for a memorable experience. With sunny skies, lush surroundings, and helpful caddies, Thai golf offers unforgettable moments. So, gear up and tee off to explore the beauty of playing Thai golf today.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice enthusiast, Thailand's golf courses beckon with their scenic vistas and warm hospitality, promising a truly immersive experience. So pack your clubs, embrace the challenge, and prepare for a golf adventure unlike any other.



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