BY The Bear Travelers

Mo Hin Khao National Park in Chaiyaphum

If you’re looking for a spiritual and mysterious national park with compelling and awesome views, we recommend visiting Mo Hin Khao National Park in Chaiyaphum. The park has been used in TV promotions and for movie locations which are hugely popular for Thai people.

Mo Hin Khao National Park in Chaiyaphum is no big secret even if it's classified as an “Unknown Destination” to tourists in Thailand. The reason for TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) putting it this way is that foreigners don’t go there very much. This is a great shame because this area has more of Thailand to see at better prices than anywhere else. 

You will be compelled to admire the natural beauty of  Mo Hin Khao so make sure you join us on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.