BY The Bear Travelers

Visit the Breathtaking Thap Lan National Park

If you are venturing through Eastern Thailand and want to explore a stunning national park while you are here, we would strongly recommend the breathtaking Thap Lan National Park. You can’t say you have properly visited Thailand on holiday unless you have experienced one of their stunning national parks. 

Thap Lan National Park is located in the Sankamphaeng Range that sits in Prachinburi and also in the Nakhon Ratchasima. The area’s national park status was established in 1981 and was at the time the Kingdom’s 40th national park facility. 

The most famous attractions in Thap Lan National Park include the beautiful Lan Forest Recreational Garden, the Namtok Thap Lan (waterfall), Lam Man Bon Dam, the Thap Lan Reservoir, and Hat Chom Tawan. Already interested? Then let’s explore it together!