Top 10 Reasons Why We Should Enjoy a Krabi Holiday200
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Top 10 Reasons Why We Should Enjoy a Krabi Holiday

Thailand’s major tourist destinations have always been Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), Phuket, Koh Samui, and Chiang Mai. But Krabi is one of the all-time favorite destinations for travelers to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun.

When you want to experience the ultimate tropical holiday in Thailand, nothing can compare to the Krabi region in Southern Thailand. Krabi is known for its beautiful coastal vistas that create the most memorable holiday postcard scenes promoted worldwide. 

Here are the top 10 reasons to book a Krabi holiday today. Spend your holiday extravaganza by exploring the natural beauty of the Islands and Beaches around Krabi.


#10 Nightlife in Krabi

Nightlife is synonymous with Thailand's tourist destinations, such as Phuket, Pattaya, and many other places. Nightlife in Krabi offers its visitors a lot of entertainment options. From bars such as Sunset Bar, Bamboo Bar, and Boogie Bar to Ao Nang Center Point and Soi RCA, there are many ways to enjoy the after-dark hours here. The weekly Walking Street Market in the town is also unmissable, running for five hours in the evening through the night on weekends. You can enjoy food stalls or go on a shopping spree, making the best out of it 🏅



#9 Rock Climbing at Ton Sai Beach

If you are one of those high-octane adrenalin junkies who have to push everything to the limit, rock climbing at Ton Sai Beach is a perfect adventure. Ton Sai Beach is located south of Ao Nang and is known for its steep rock faces that are the perfect foil for rock climbing. If you have to get your outdoor pursuit fixed during your Krabi holiday, this is one of the most exciting and scenically beautiful ways and takes the ninth spot here 🥇



#8 World-Class Scuba Diving

Krabi and Phang Nga regions have some of the most desirable scuba diving and snorkeling sights in the world 🏅 Spectacular dive sites in Krabi and Ao Nang Bay include the King Cruiser wreck, Shark Point Marine Sanctuary, Anemone Reef, and even cavern diving at Ko Ha Yai. There are also many world-class scuba spots around Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.

Whether you are looking to scuba dive for the first time or already have certification and want to explore the dive sites and wrecks in the region, many dive agents in Krabi Town and Ao Nang can help you out. If you are a first-timer, you can get a starter PADI certificate in 1 or 2 days. The Krabi scuba diving scene is one of the best in the world! 



#7 Day Trip to James Bond Island

James Bond Island, as the name might suggest, is one of the most famous islands in Thailand and was immortalized as the set for the 1974 James Bond blockbuster, ‘The Man With A Golden Gun’ 🥇 When we mentioned the postcard photos of limestone karsts jutting out of the ocean and being the most photographed spot in Thailand, this is on James Bond Island. The island is located in the Phang Nga region of Southern Thailand, a very stunning part of the world and home to breathtaking national parks and Thailand attractions. 

A day trip to James Bond Island can be booked directly from any tour kiosk in Ao Nang and usually costs in the region of 1,400 THB for adults and 1,000 THB for kids for a trip to the island with a canoeing tour around the coast, which is pretty spectacular and explores lots of hidden caves and secluded bays. Alternatively, you can book a simple sightseeing tour of James Bond Island for approximately 1,100 THB for adults and 900 THB for kids. 



#6 Experiencing Railay Beach

Although Krabi beaches such as Tubkaek Beach, Klong Muang Beach, Nopparat Beach, and Aonang Beach are some of the finest in Thailand, one stretch of sand in the region is on some next-level tip. Railay Beach is known as the most impressive beach in the Krabi region and Thailand, some claim.  It is located on a small peninsula between Krabi and Ao Nang, only accessed via a boat and surrounded by limestone cliffs. If you want your mind blown, visit Railay Beach in Krabi; no excuses! 🏅



#5 Hub for Exploring Phi Phi Islands

If you are familiar with Hollywood movies such as Leonardo Dicaprio's “The Beach,” then you already have a good idea of how beautiful the outlying islands just off Krabi near the Phi Phi Islands are 🥇 Coming to this part of the world and not staying on Phi Phi for at least a night or even visiting for a day trip would be sacrilegious.

You will find the most stunning beaches, a few incredible eateries, resorts, and cool nightlife spots on Phi Phi. Renting a speedboat to Phi Phi would cost you in the region of 2,000 THB per day (with a driver) or more, but most people opt to catch the ferry from Ao Nang to Krabi, the prices of which you can see below: 


Ao Nang to Koh Phi Phi Ferry Timetable and Costs 

  • Depart from Ao Nang at 07:00 AM – Arrive at Koh Phi Phi at 10:45 AM
  • Adults: 1,250 Baht for every Adult (kids over 11 years old belong to this category)
  • Child (2-11 years old): 875 Baht for every child
  • Child under 2 years old: 500 Baht for every child



#4 Discovering Ao Nang

Although many people automatically assume that when you book a holiday in the Krabi region, you will stay in Krabi Town, this is not the best option for holidaymakers. Although Krabi Town does get a fair amount of tourism, the town is very Thai-style. It is quite a dusty and busy little place. The mainstay of tourists who visit this part of the world usually stays in and around the Ao Nang region. 

Ao Nang is a 10-minute drive outside Krabi and a coastal town devoted to tourism. With excellent 5-star resorts such as the Centara Grande Beach Resort, lots of international and Thai eateries, lots of shopping options, dive agents, boat tour operators, and a few nightlife options, this is the ideal place to stay or use as a hub to explore Phi Phi. There is also a thriving Krabi holiday villa rental scene in the surrounding areas, an excellent option for larger groups and families. Ao Nang is the best place to be during your holidays in Krabi; that's why it is one of the top reasons to enjoy it 🥇



#3 Krabi is More Affordable

One of the reasons why so many tourists spend their holidays in Thailand is its budget-friendliness. If we compare Krabi with other Thai cities, it is one of the most affordable places.

There are many places for accommodations in Krabi, and finding affordable ones is not difficult without compromising the quality of services over lower prices. You can get a hotel room for as low as THB 500. Just like accommodation, street food is also very cheap and mind-blowingly delicious.

You can enjoy local and international cuisine in night markets and restaurants. Transportation in Krabi is inexpensive, and a 20 km taxi trip can cost up to THB 300, which is a bargain. Krabi is one of those places in Thailand whereby spending your holidays here; you cannot break the bank. This makes it one of the most enjoyable reasons for spending your holidays here.



#2 Exploring Krabi Town

Although most people coming to enjoy a Krabi holiday usually stay in Ao Nang, you need to explore Krabi Town for an afternoon while you are here. For the best shopping experience, you can visit the Krabi Weekend Night Market every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. It has some of the cheapest local handicrafts and fashion goods imaginable.

We recommend that while you are here in the town, you visit Wat Kaew, which is close to Thanon Maharat and Thanon Pattana, and the stunning Contemporary Art Museum of Krabi if you are a fan of art. With lots of transportation in the city and a population of less than 375,000, exploring Krabi Town is an interesting experience 🏅



#1 Ultimate Tropical Thailand Holiday Destination

Most people believe that places such as Phuket and Koh Samui are Thailand's most aesthetically pleasing holiday destinations. Although this is somewhat true, they cannot hold a candle to the stunning tropical brilliance in the Krabi region.

Did you ever see the iconic Thailand holiday photos online of limestone karsts jutting out of a lagoon-blue ocean? These scenes are from the Krabi and Phang Nga areas of Southern Thailand. Krabi is just a 4-hour drive from Phuket, has its international airport, has stunning coastal holiday towns such as Ao Nang, and is the perfect hub for scuba divers or those who want to explore the Andaman Ocean. 

Krabi is one of the most favorite tourist destinations for Thais and foreigners alike, which makes it the top reason to enjoy your holidays here and experience the sun, sand, and sea 🏆


There are many reasons to enjoy a Krabi holiday, and I have mentioned the top ten reasons here. You have lots to see and do in Krabi. Just make sure you organize your Krabi holiday properly so you get to see everything and make the most out of it.



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