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The Ultimate Way to Travel Thailand on a Budget

Do you want to figure out how to travel to Thailand on a budget? If your answer is 'yes,' you're in the best place to resolve your doubts. 

The reason for budget travel is that Thailand is a country that can be traveled with minimal money. There are various ways in which you can reduce the total budget with just good exploration and spend money wisely in Thailand. For that, here are some of the ultimate ways to travel to Thailand on a budget.

Let's explore more on how to travel to Thailand on a budget.


Quick guide for your budget trip to Thailand 

  • Food: Eat street food
  • Stay: Use hostels or double or triple rooms with friends 
  • Use: Public transport 
  • Travel: In cheap destinations and free cultural sites
  • Limit: Alcohol consumption and Thai clubs
  • Shop: In the weekend market
  • Don't: Buy more kinds of stuff and travel to more islands


Travelers have a lot to offer in Thailand no matter what your budget is. You can surely travel to Thailand on a limited budget. Thailand has something for everyone on any budget and you have numerous alternatives to travel on a budget to Thailand because it is an inexpensive country, it's hard to overspend instead on some things that will blow your budgets such as alcohol, nightclubs, and trips to the islands. The best thing to save your budget is to plan your route properly, then it will not only save you money but also save your time.

Accordingly, this article will tell you how to travel to Thailand on a budget, what to avoid, how much things cost, tips to save your budget, and everything in between! So, continue your reading to see the ultimate way to travel Thailand on a budget.


How to Travel to Thailand on a Budget?

Prices rapidly increase during the high season or peak season from October to March. So, the best option is to travel to Thailand between April and September to save money on airfare, accommodations, transport, and even food. However, the low season is the rainy season. So, visit in September and October to avoid the heavy rain and the heat of April. Surprisingly, during this time, it's half the price for airfare. If you're paying for hotels and hostels on arrival, it is easier to bargain prices during the low season as many rooms will be empty around this time of the year. 



Street food is the best way to eat on a budget. Do you feel afraid of the word? No. don’t be afraid to eat street food in Thailand. It’s safe and maybe even safer and cheaper than restaurant food. You will see many clean local street-side stalls and restaurants. If not, Thai people wouldn’t work in the food stalls each day. Eating Western food will be affected badly on your budget.  



Overall accommodations in Thailand are very cheap, but the north is far cheaper than Bangkok and the southern islands. You can find cheap guesthouses for as little as $9 per night in cities and $6 per night in the countryside. Another budget-free accommodation is using hostels. There are tons of choices to prepare to save a lot of money! In Thailand, it's usually cheaper to book your accommodations online via websites. The benefit of online booking is that many booking websites offer discounts for you. So, always book online if you can! You can bargain for a cheaper weekly rate when you hope to stay in one place for a long period.



Local transportation in Thailand is very cheap if you use public buses, as they have cost you very little. Overnight buses and trains can be much cheaper than day journeys and will save money. Trains are the cheapest way to travel long distances across Thailand although it may take some time and offer less comfort than the others. And if you are taking a Tuk Tuk, make sure you negotiate a decent price with the drivers. You can rent a motorbike if it is much more fun than taking taxis and can save you a small budget.


If you hope to travel to Thailand on a budget, think of reducing your shopping cost. The local markets are the best place to find great deals on products. You will surely enjoy it because you truly can’t beat the deals here. Make sure you decide how much you want to spend before entering because you could blow your budget.


The Bear Travel  Quick Trivia! 

Despite being a magnet for tourists, Thailand can be very cheap to travel during the low season. Thailand annually receives over 40 million visitors resulting in a boost to the economy which is around 17% of total GDP.


Tips to Travel Thailand on a Budget 

If you are looking to create a cheap travel plan for Thailand, here are some ideas.


Bargain Hard for Reasonable Prices

When you use Thailand's markets, tuk-tuks, and shops, you’re going to bargain hard. Never take the first price and don’t be afraid to bargain with sellers, but make sure, for reasonable prices. Just remember to bargain hard while being decent. Mostly, in Thailand, you can bargain for your goods and services as price levels are completely different from locals to foreigners. Then use your haggling techniques to down the prices to a reasonable limit.


Plan your Destinations 

Thailand receives an enormous amount of tourism and tourists, all destinations are not the cheapest places to go. And just being able to see a new country, observe a different culture, gain life experience in Thailand may be the most valuable part of traveling. Most importantly, it can be done on a very cheap budget. So, the best tip to save money by traveling is to avoid touristy destinations. Enjoy beautiful Thailand destinations such as Koh Chang or Koh Lanta rather than the touristy spots of Phuket and Koh Samui to save money. Staying outside of Bangkok will get you better value hotels and hostels. 


Control your Drinking

You can travel on a low budget by limiting the amount of alcohol you drink. Because alcohol is quite expensive in Thailand. So, you can go for water if you want to save more. 


In conclusion, Thailand is the best country to travel to on a budget. If you manage your activities and costs properly you will surely save more money, rather than stay in any other country that you have traveled to. You can plan a budget journey to Thailand by staying at hostels and guesthouses, eating at budget-friendly establishments, and using cheaper forms of transportation, avoiding unnecessary drinks, negotiating for goods, and a little discipline, determination. Then you’ll come back from the Land of Smiles with a smile.


The Bear Travel  Vocabulary Time!

: A thing bought or offered for sale much more cheaply than is usual or expected

An estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time

An act of negotiating or arguing over the terms of purchase, agreement, or contract

Obtain or bring about by discussion

Great in number; many


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