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Orca Baker & Butcher at Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

Would you like to have your favorite Western cuisine in Thailand with a more delightful & unique flavor? 🤤 Then it's time to get your taste buds lightened up with the mouth-watering Western cuisines in Orca Baker & Butcher at Lasalle's Avenue ❤️

Orca Baker & Butcher offers all menu courses from appetizers to main dishes and desserts 🤤 while Thai dishes are also ready for Thai-food lovers 😋 And all Western food lovers can experience the traditional taste that is imported from their origins around the globe at an incredible price! 😌

Orca Bakery & Butcher

I must definitely say! Orca Baker & Butcher is the highlight of the Western dining scene in Thailand. So hurry up!!! 😉 Let's have a look there and I'm sure that you're gonna love it! 😍


A Top-Notch Delicious Experience 

Orca Baker & Butcher is a Western-style restaurant in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) 😊 It is one of the restaurants that I think is the most fascinating 😌 and I believe that it is the highlight of the dining scene in the heart of the city as they attend to more than 50 mouth-watering authentic Thai and Western cuisines 🤤 by collecting excellent ingredients into each dish 😍

Orca Bakery & Butcher

The restaurant is also fully decorated in loft design 🤩 with a friendly atmosphere that lets you enjoy every remarkable and productive minute with your loved ones 💕 


A Stylish Loft-Style Restaurant

Let me continue and say that this restaurant is beautifully decorated in industrial loft style 😍 with high ceilings, brick walls, and exposed cement walls plus wooden and steel furniture that provides a raw industrial look 🤩 Most important thing is that it looks very cool and relaxed 😌

And not only that, the whole area is favorable for taking photos 🎊 of stylish check-ins as well. And as for the price, some people may think that it looks a bit expensive, but for me, it's completely reasonable ❤️

Orca Bakery & Butcher

To be clear, Orca Baker & Butcher is located in one of Bangkok’s busiest districts, Bang Na 😉 This three-in-one spot has it all - a relaxing cafe for that morning freshness, a swish setting for date nights, and a little market retailing for upmarket ingredients 🤩

Just to be consistent with what they already do, outstanding service is also devoted to everyone who walks through the door of the Orca Baker & Butcher 👌 


A Unique Menu of Orca Bakery & Butcher

As for the food here, it points to Western and European style dishes as I shared in the beginning. With a menu blowing up with Western masterpieces such as steaks 🍖, spaghetti 🍝, soups, burgers 🍔, pasta, and pizzas 🍕,  you’d be hard-pressed to find a restaurant as accessible and versatile as this one.

The hamburgers 🍔 here are really pretty good 🤤 It's a premium quality wagyu minced meat 🍖 that is said to be juicy when you bite into it. It's crispy and crunchy, filled with french fries 🍟 and mashed potatoes 🤩

Orca Bakery & Butcher

And there is quite a diversity of pasta 🍜 to select from as well! This includes the Arrabiata family, with a little spicy eggplant sauce, the Spaghetti Olio Aglio, spaghetti with bacon, chili, dried garlic, carbonara, and they also have pizzas 🍕

In addition, there is another outstanding menu that should not be skipped! Their Basil Rice 🍱, with a premium beef that I can say that I'm very delighted with eating as it is totally top-notch! 🤤 Premium minced meat stir-fried with basil leaves and other Thai ingredients, pinnacled with a fried egg perfectly -  just another combo of impressive taste and a fascinating smell ❤️

Orca Bakery & Butcher

The Italian section of the menu is not to be skipped 🤤 Sink your teeth into some of their baked sea basses with tender juicy fish toasted with a barely sweet white wine and served with basil and Kalamata olives 😍 The fish just melts in your mouth from the first bite, while the olives and basil add some brine and bite to the dish 🥳 For something more distinctly Italian, make sure to opt for the Linguine Vongole 🤤 

Orca Bakery & ButcherNeed to go all out and satisfy your sweet tooth? Then make sure that as you finished, do keep some space for dessert 🤤 as the selections are outstanding! The Vanilla Panna Cotta with Strawberry Compote 🍧 and Wild Berry Sorbet is a wonderful preference for diners who favor desserts that are not too cloyingly sweet 🍨

And just to let you know, my actual favorite is the Chocolate Lava Cake 😎


Special Dishes You Must Try!

Another one of my favorite dishes here at Orca Baker & Butcher is the Sauteed mussels white wine! 🤤 It's an Australian mussel baked in white wine. The shellfish is extremely fresh and the white wine sauce is mellow and fragrant. When you try it, here's a tip from me - make sure to eat it with clams! It's SUPER satisfying 😌

Orca Bakery & Butcher

I actually still have so many dishes that I fall in love with ♥ During my third and fourth visit, I tried a dish of medium-rise beef steak topped with mashed potatoes and a large piece of foie gras with foie gras sauce 🤤 The beef tenderloin is just right and if you would like to try it, then do mix it with foie gras. It's going to be very delightful 😌

Hey! The soup! You will love their Mushroom soup too 🥣 A cream of truffle soup. And who will ever forget our readers who love spicy food??? 🌶 Well, I have something for you 😅 but just remember to don't lick this dish 😂 The spicy food lovers' dream, Squid ink Spaghetti with crab 🦀 and chili 🌶! Think of it like a black-inked spaghetti with crab meat sauce 🤤 Totally delicious!!!

Orca Bakery & Butcher

And we won't just stop there! Whether you're a meat-lover 🍗 or a Western food lover, then this is the best place. With the experience and unceasing fascination in the food industry for more than 20 years, Orca Baker & Butcher will never dissatisfy your expectations for taste and food quality 🙂

So, don't be late to visit! Savor the moment and have the best dishes for your lifetime 🤩


The Bear Travel Rating 

Orca Baker & Butcher @ Lasalle's Avenue

The Bear Travel Rating 3


Food Quality
The Bear Travel Rating 4


Dish Size
The Bear Travel Rating 3


Value for Money
The Bear Travel Rating 4




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Orca Baker & Butcher is a loft-style restaurant with one branch situated on Lasalle's Avenue in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok). They offer all menu courses from appetizers to main dishes and desserts while Thai and Western dishes are also ready for Thai and Western food lovers.


Business Hours

10:30 AM - 09:30 PM | Monday - Sunday

Business Address

Lasalle's Avenue, Baring - LaSalle Rd, Khwaeng Bang Na, Bang Na, Bangkok 10260

Contact Number

+66 2 044 4793

Lasalle's Avenue: +66 2 181 1171  |  Bangsue: +66 2 301 0210


Email Address

Facebook Page



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