Travel to Chiang Rai Guide: Everything You Need to Know502
BY Dr. Theodore Bennet (Professor Bear)

Travel to Chiang Rai Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Chiang Rai is a haven for travelers seeking natural wonders and cultural treasures. Nestled amidst lush landscapes, this tourist paradise charms with its diverse attractions and historical significance. Home to fascinating hill tribes with unique lifestyles, Chiang Rai is a living monument to ancient civilizations.

Prepare to be enchanted by the awe-inspiring mountain views, the echoes of old towns, the stories carved in historical landmarks, the tranquility of Buddhist sanctuaries, and the vibrant ethnic communities.

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Chiang Rai is Thailand's northernmost province, 785 kilometers north of Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok). Enveloped by the scenic embrace of the Kok River basin, Chiang Rai spans an expansive 11,678 square kilometers, boasting an elevation of 580 meters above sea level. The location of this province in the well-known Golden Triangle region where Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand meet serves as the gateway to Myanmar, Laos, and South China. 

Would you like to know this province's unique and fantastic information, don't you? So come and travel with us in northern Thailand and learn a lot of new experiences.



Unveiling the Rich Demographics of Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai Thailand People Celebrating Loi Krathong Festival Wat Rong Khun Temple

Most of the country's population is ethnic Thai. At the same time, hill tribes, a minority in northern Thailand, account for 12.5% of the population. A few people are of Chinese heritage, primarily descendants of Kuomintang troops who settled in the area, particularly in Santikhiri. 



The Geography that Defines Chiang Rai

Morning Sunrise Doi Sa Ngo Golden Triangle Chiang Rai

The province's average elevation is 580 meters. Its northern part is the so-called Golden Triangle. This is where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar intersect - a dangerous area due to drug smuggling over the borders. The Mekong River borders Laos, whereas the Mae Sai and Ruak Rivers border Myanmar. The Kok River passes through the town of Chiang Rai. 

The eastern section of the province is primarily flat river plains, whereas the western part is hilly. While not the highest point in the province, the 1322-meter-high Doi Tung (Flag Hill) is the most significant. According to the chronicles, the Wat Phra That Doi Tung, a temple located on top of the hill was built in 911. The Doi Tung royal mansion, a former palace of the late Princess's mother (mother of the current king), lies nearby. Because of her efforts, the hills were reforested, and the hill tribes switched from farming poppies to other crops. 


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Chiang Rai is a peaceful and tranquil town with magnificent tree-lined streets.



Navigating Transportation in Chiang Rai

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Domestic flights to Bangkok airports link to regional and international flights via Chiang Rai International Airport. When you arrive at Chiang Rai Airport, you have two options: the Meter Taxi, which employs a taximeter and is usually less expensive. The second choice is an Airport Taxi, which has a set fee based on the destination. When compared to the Meter Taxi, the cost is around twice. 

Chiang Rai is accessible by bus from nearly all major Thai cities. Be advised that there are two bus terminals in Chiang Rai, one in the city center and another 7 kilometers to the south. You can take the Chiang Rai Bus, as previously indicated, or choose one of the most well-known local modes of transportation, the Songthaews. 

You have a few alternatives for traveling about Chiang Rai.

  • Moped
    • Renting a moped in Chiang Rai is an economical, handy way to visit all of the best Chiang Rai sights on your own.
    • So, renting a moped is the way to go if you prefer the freedom to plan your schedule and discover new areas. Renting a moped in Chiang Rai usually is approximately 200 baht per day.
    • However, the longer you rent it, the better the discount you may get - remember to bring your helmets. 


  • Tour
    • More and more tour firms are conducting trips around Chiang Rai, including several of the greatest attractions.
    • This is an alternative if you prefer having someone else plan your itinerary. 


  • Tuk-tuk
    • Tuk-tuks are a standard mode of transportation in Thailand and are a lot of fun. Foreigners are typically charged nearly double the amount, so you'll need to perfect your negotiating abilities to avoid being taken advantage of.



Accommodation Choices in Chiang Rai

Beautiful Panoramic View Chiang Rai City Thailand

Accommodation options include upscale spa resorts, well-known worldwide brands, and boutique hotels for various budgets. A hotel room's purpose is to give visitors a clean, comfortable place to stay where they can get a good night's sleep. In contrast, some hotels or resorts include additional facilities to help guests feel more comfortable while visiting. 

Mid-range hotels, or 3- to 4-star hotels, cater to most travelers and are typically located close to or in the city center. 5-star hotels and resorts, on the other hand, are generally found in exotic locations miles away from the city.

Resorts or 5-star hotels sometimes provide premium restaurants and lounges, valet, concierge services, and exclusive dining facilities that affordable hotels do not. However, amenities such as a pool, a business center, food, and even a beverage room service, as well as in-room entertainment and Wi-Fi, are commonly available in mid-range accommodations.



Popular Chiang Rai Accommodation Spots

Outdoor Bathtub with Mountains View Doi Chang Chiang Rai Thailand

Chiang Rai's growing popularity has increased the quality and diversity of its accommodations. There is something for every budget in Chiang Rai, albeit the options are more restricted than in Chiang Mai or Bangkok.

We will highlight the most popular locations to stay in Chiang Rai and present you with the benefits and drawbacks of each so that you can select the best location for your requirements. 


#1 Most Recommended: The Riverside Area

  • Advantages
    • Along the river are several boutique hotels and resorts where you can get away from the crowds, get some clean air, relax, and appreciate the splendor of Chiang Rai.
    • It is near the city core but offers a more pleasant setting and picturesque vistas.
    • This region is calmer and more ideal for tourists than the hotels near the Clock Tower neighborhood.


#2 Ideal for Youth: The Clock Tower and Night Market Area

  • Advantages
    •  The Clock Tower neighborhood is centrally placed and hosts the Chiang Rai Day Market, the Saturday Walking Street, and various fine restaurants and stores.
    • Chiang Rai is a tiny city; most of the excitement and things to do are concentrated in this neighborhood.
    • The region has additional lodging alternatives, including mid-range hotels and guesthouses.
    • It is near Wat Phra Kaew.


#3 Ideal for Elephant Camp: The Golden Triangle Area

  • Advantages
    • It is simple to go to the Golden Triangle from here.
    • If spending time with elephants is your primary purpose for traveling to Chiang Rai, this is the region to visit.
    • It has two fantastic elephant camps and lodges.


#4 Ideal for Temple Visitors: The White Temple Area

  • Advantages
    • It is close to the White Temple, one of Chiang Rai's top tourist sights.
    • The surroundings are peaceful.



Currency Exchange Options in Chiang Rai

Pos Credit Card Settlement Instead Cash Settlement

Thailand's monetary unit is the Thai Baht (THB). Many people believe that Superrich offers Thailand the finest exchange rate. However, there appear to be no Superrich locations in Chiang Rai. If you can't convert currency at a Superrich in a larger city like Bangkok or Chiang Mai, a bank is probably your best chance in Chiang Rai.

In Chiang Rai, withdrawing THB from an ATM may be preferable. You'll generally obtain reasonable rates, but notify your bank that you'll be using your ATM card abroad to avoid any issues.



Top 10 Things Anyone Can Do in Chiang Rai

Couple Men Women Visit White Temple Chiang Rai Thailand Wat Rong Khun Northern Thailand

#1 Visit Spectacular Temples

It would be a shame to visit Chiang Rai and not see some of its most impressive temples since several are regarded as among the best in Thailand for various reasons. White Temple is the most stunning and well-known among visitors, while Wat Phra Kaew is the most beloved among the locals. Other notable temples among the most striking and contemporary are Wat Rong Seua Ten and Wat Huay Pla Kang, while Wat Phra Singh and Wat Jet Yod are among the old and conventional.


#2 Tour to the Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle's name still conjures up visions of poppy fields, opium-smoking mountain tribes, and hidden laboratories in the woods. However, the dangerous border of this region is now merely a memory, and the Golden Triangle is a popular tourist destination. The hilly area where Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos converge is known as the Golden Triangle. This region generated more than 70% of the opium sold globally in the second part of the twentieth century.


#3 Go Trekking

Don't pass up the chance to walk over the highlands of northern Thailand! It is a one-of-a-kind and remarkable experience because of the combination of mountains covered in jungle foliage and little communities of ethnic minorities. You will have the option to sleep in native households and under local conditions throughout these treks. This means your luxuries will be limited to a mattress which will be on the bamboo floor, a blanket, and a mosquito net. However, this is all part of the journey, and the lack of comfort is more than offset by the realization that you have had an actual and unparalleled event.


#4 Go to Mae Salong

Mae Salong is an exquisite tiny mountain town near the border of Myanmar and not far from China. It's the ideal place for people searching for an unspoiled village off the beaten path but is conveniently accessible by road. It's a sliver of China's Yunnan province in Thailand. The town was founded in the early 1960s by ex-Kuomintang troops, the Chinese Nationalist party that lost the civil war. Don't miss the stunning Prathat Santi Khiri Temple with its breathtaking vistas.


#5 Visit the Black House

The Black House is regarded as one of Chiang Rai's gems. The contrast is significant and intriguing. This museum has 40 cabins of various sizes and shapes. Its location is unique and fascinating in its own right. The admission fee to the White Temple is 100 THB, while the Black House is 80 THB.


#6 Stroll to Mae Sai (The Burmese Border)

Mae Sai, Thailand's northernmost town, lies about 65 kilometers north of Chiang Rai. The best part of this expedition is strolling about and taking in the border ambiance, as well as taking a walk through the lively market area, a network of lanes with all types of businesses, where you can stop for a breather with a refreshing drink in one of its little cafés. After seeing the market, follow the road to the back of the market and walk up to a Buddhist monastery on top of a hill with views across Myanmar.


#7 Enjoy the Night Markets

If your trip overlaps with a weekend, don't forget to attend the weekend night markets, and you can skip the Night Bazaar entirely. These are massive open-air street markets with a fantastic ambiance and several vendors selling street food, clothing, souvenirs, crafts, and bars, some of which have live music. The Saturday Night Market is the most popular and busiest on Thanalai Street. In contrast, the Sunday Night Market is located directly beyond the Chiang Rai Hospital. The activity typically starts at 5:00 p.m. and concludes around midnight.


#8 Sunrise at the Top of Pu Chi Fa

Mount Phu Chi Fa is little known to outsiders but well-known among Thais as one of the greatest sites in the country to see the dawn. It is around 1,450 meters high and is located in a secluded location directly on the border with Laos. From its peak, you can view a sizeable Laotian valley blanketed in clouds in the morning: the famed Tale Mook (sea of fog) that Thais love. A short trail from the parking lot goes to the summit of the famed enormous rock, where you can see a wide Laotian valley.


#9 Chiang Rai Walking Street

Chiang Rai's walking street is divided into three distinct "zones." The first zone is where you may purchase unique items from various communities, and the second is where you can locate all the handcraft pieces and massage treatments. The final zone is the souvenir zone, where you may buy presents for friends, relatives, and yourself. 

The Chiang Rai Walking Street is hosted on Thanalai Street in the heart of Chiang Rai every Saturday from 4 pm to 12 pm. Again, this is a terrific nighttime activity in Chiang Rai, mainly because the nightlife isn't quite hopping just yet. However, a couple of pubs are here, including a reggae bar.


#10 Visit The Golden Triangle Park

The Golden Triangle Park is located on Thailand's northernmost point. The Golden Triangle is the meeting point of three countries: Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. This makes for an intriguing day trip and something that not everyone has the opportunity to do.

Because of its location on the borders of three nations, this region was formerly one of the most notorious drug trafficking hotspots in Southeast Asia. Fortunately, those days are long gone, and this location is today one of Thailand's most famous tourist destinations. Other sights include the Golden Triangle Buddha Statue at Wat Phra That Pukhao, which is amazing! 


Best Time to Visit Chiang Rai

Tourists Travel Phu Chee Daw Mountain Chiang Rai Thailand

Chiang Rai is around 3 hours north of Chiang Mai by bus. Weather-wise, the greatest time for exploring the region is from November to February. This is the coldest and wettest season of the year. The Yee Peng and Loy Krathong functions are legendary events and one of the most joyous times to be in the region. It's usually celebrated yearly on the full moon of the twelfth lunar month.  



Essential Chiang Rai Travel Tips and FAQs

Some Tourists Travel at Phu Chee Daw Mountain in Chiang Rai Thailand

Now that you have gone over all of the top things to visit in Chiang Rai, it's time to think about any additional queries you may have.


#1 Can I Book A Tour In Chiang Rai?

Obviously! They're numerous and inexpensive nowadays! Get Your Guide, Viator, and Klook are the best places to book tours because they frequently have the greatest discounts. Here are a few of the most famous excursions that will take you to all of the most incredible sights in Chiang Rai:

  • Full-Day Private Tour in Chiang Rai, including the White Temple, Blue Temple, Black House, and Singha Park
  • Cycling Tour of Chiang Rai's Countryside and White Temple
  • Oriental Holiday offers a private White and Black Temple and Golden Triangle day trip from Chiang Mai.


#2 How Long Should You Spend In Chiang Rai?

If you're wondering how much time to spend in Chiang Rai, the good news is that a Chiang Rai itinerary may be as adaptable as you are. If you're in a hurry, you can tour the main attractions of Chiang Rai in one day. People frequently wind themselves spending longer in Chiang Rai than anticipated since, despite its modest size, it is brimming with fantastic things to see and do.


#3 How Much Should You Budget For Chiang Rai?

Thailand is one of the most affordable countries in the world, and Chiang Rai is no exception. As you notice from the costs of the most popular attractions in the neighborhood, most cost under $1.50-2, which is minimal.

You will only spend a few dollars eating at night markets or local eateries, and getting about on tuk-tuks or mopeds will be pretty inexpensive, too. If you spend more on a private driver or specific luxury trips, the price will rise, but it will still be less than in other places.


Chiang Rai Adventures Awaits You!

Known as Thailand's hidden gem, Chiang Rai is the country's northernmost province and is home to over a million people. We can recommend this as a place for anyone planning to visit Thailand. The beautiful mountain range here attracts local and foreign tourists.

This article will be necessary for anyone visiting cultural sites, ancient ruins, and beautiful natural places. So, if you visit Thailand one day, never forget Chiang Rai province. Because if that happens, you will miss out on many beautiful experiences in your life.


Travel to Chiang Rai Guide: Everything You Need to Know


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