Best Airports in Thailand: Everything You Need to Know387
BY Professor Bear

Best Airports in Thailand: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning a trip to Thailand? If so, you'll be glad that Thailand is open for travelers and our exciting adventures have been ongoing here! Imagine sipping cocktails by night, embarking on elephant treks, or enjoying a serene nap in a floating cottage. I understand that many of you have eagerly awaited a break from the monotony of life and are looking forward to returning to Thailand.

The country has ensured your vacation is worry-free after global events. Thailand's welcoming airports are ready to receive you, and I'm here to provide you with the latest updates on the must-visit airports. Make this the year you prioritize travel and be among the first of your friends to experience Thailand's equatorial charm, romance, artistry, and freshness!

New Normal Traveler Asian Woman with Mask Luggage Using Mobile Phone Terminal Airport Thailand

As travel restrictions continue to ease and tourism experiences a resurgence, the present moment presents an excellent opportunity to commence your vacation planning. If you're craving a pause from your daily routine, a journey to the Land of Smiles could be just what you need. The fantastic deals and offers for those traveling to Thailand are incredible.

Whether you're planning a short vacation, a gap year adventure, or something in between, Thailand caters to the desires of all travelers. We've been fortunate to explore the country's wonders, and today, I'm excited to share with you the latest updates and breathtaking airports.



Why Should You Visit Thailand Today?

Young Beautiful Backpacker Woman Visiting Bangkok Thailand Taking Picture with Famous Awesome Grand Palace Showing Thumb up Gesture Happily Face Camera

Why NOT! Thailand remembers as the traveler's gateway to South East Asia. There are many things to see and do in the Land of Smiles, known for cheering people, spice-laden cooking, elegant typography, and relaxing seasides. 

So hurry up and plan a vacation across Thailand's spirited shores, where overgrown nature and ancient cultural sites await you. Save more with offers and stay peaceful, knowing Thailand is even safer and cheaper than before the pandemic. 

Here are a few things that make visiting Thailand more desirable and worthwhile.

  • Explore Ancient Temples and Spirited Cities Again
  • Engage Yourself in Mother Nature
    • Islands like Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi don't obstruct Thailand's iconic, stunning seasides. Instead, isolated gems like Khao Sok National Park, a landscape of peaks and old rainforests, are contained throughout the country, waiting for the daring traveler to find.

  • Blow the Beaches
    • There's nothing terrible about Thailand's famous island beaches! Sun-bathe tastes like a drink; there's fun in the sun for everyone.

  • Spoil in Delightful Cooking 
    • Thai food might be satisfactory in the world. However, traveling in Thailand is like being in a noodle, curry, and unrest fry paradise. The tastiest bites are set up at street carts in sale for flexible change in your pocket. No worries that all are safe!

  • Bring Amongst the Nightlife
    • You can avoid the limited schedule of your carrier if you get bored. In Thailand, you can sip at bars on the street, dance on the beach, and have festivity in the pool. In Thailand, you can wear your glossiest colors, order a cocktail bucket, and celebrate on the sand until sunrise. So the monotony of pandemic life has ended, and it's time to enjoy Thailand safely.

  • Encounter Rescued Elephants 
    • If elephants are not your beloved animal yet, it will be one time you meet them. These peaceful giants are crucial to Thailand's past and culture; these gentle giants are friendly, thoughtful, and delightful. You can relax your mind through these fantastic creatures.



How will Thailand’s New Tourism Chapter be Written?

Woman Traveler Visiting Bangkok Tourist with Backpack Hat Sightseeing Chatuchak Weekend Market Landmark Popular Attractions Bangkok Thailand Travel Southeast Asia Concept

Thailand’s tourism record makes an impressive story of ups and downs. It is powerful, having benefited from growth over the past few decades but frequently struggled by destroying forces such as the COVID-19 pandemic. But, finally, Thailand is so loved that tourism has bounced back quickly as problems have decreased to a greater extent.



Travel Programs in Thailand

  • Traveling to Thailand under the Quarantine-Free program
    • As of January 2023, all COVID-19 restrictions have been removed, and visitors are no more required to show proof of vaccination or COVID-19 test results.
    • Tourists and foreign visitors are no longer needed to get a Thailand Pass or Certificate of Entry (COE).
    • As the COVID restrictions have been removed, the 7-14 day quarantine period is no longer required, and tourists can travel freely like before. 



Is it Safe to Travel to Thailand Today? 

Asian Men Is Traveling Temple Bangkok Thailand

The response is YES. Many visitors are traveling to Thailand now, and they all returned home safely after their vacations. Like most countries globally, due to the harsh COVID-19, Thailand closed its borders to international travelers on April 1, 2020. However, after seven months of the shutdown, Thailand reopened its door to international travel.

Thailand noted several locally transmitted COVID-19 cases for months thanks to strict quarantine-on-arrival rules. However, the number of new cases dropped following a lengthy lockdown period, and the country reported a minimum number of new cases daily.

In addition, a nationwide vaccine program officially kicked off on June 7 of that same year. Initially, Thailand intended to vaccinate 70% of the population by 2021. Almost 85% of the country's citizens have been fully vaccinated.


🧑‍🎓 Quick Trivia!

The Suvarnabhumi Airport is the busiest in Thailand. It is ranked the eleventh busiest in Asia and the seventeenth busiest airport globally, serving 65 million passengers annually. This airport also holds the third tallest air traffic control tower at 132.2 meters high.



What Can Visitors to Thailand Expect?

Beautiful Young Asian Tourist Woman Vacation Sightseeing Exploring Bangkok City Thailand

There were restrictions throughout the country, in line with a color-coded zoning system designed to reflect any situation in individual provinces. But fortunately, most related restrictions, including the ones related to the pandemic, have been removed, and everything has returned to normal.

  • A curfew in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) and other areas was removed on November 1 last year, and all the usual city hustle and bustle has returned.

  • A 10 p.m. curfew has also been removed in the seven "dark-red" provinces, Chanthaburi, Tak, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Narathiwat, Pattani, Songkhla, and Yala. Therefore locals and tourists can enjoy the nightlife.

  • Museums, art galleries, historical sites, ancient monuments, spas, cinemas, pools, tattoo studios, and sporting facilities are open throughout the country.

  • Restaurants in Bangkok have resumed normal operating hours and are authorized to assist dine-in customers with alcoholic beverages.

  • Alcoholic drinks are not allowed to be for sale or consumed in restaurants in the orange, red, and dark red zones.

  • Thailand's National Parks are open to visitors.

  • Interprovincial travel, including domestic flights to and from high-risk areas, has been enabled to begin again.



Captivating Airports of Thailand

Traveler Thai Women Use Smartphone Take Photo with Ticket Passport Suvarnabhumi International Airport Station Bangkok Thailand

What makes traveling simple is the means of commute and connectivity. Thailand is well connected domestically and internationally with airports, making travel hassle-free. Thailand's Suvarnabhumi Airport welcomed 28.75 million passengers in 2022, 1.08 million local, 17.89 million international passengers, and 1.1 million tonnes of cargo movement.

Thailand Airport prioritizes the safety of passengers and staff at Suvarnabhumi and other airports. Therefore, all airport employees and relevant workers have been fully vaccinated against the pandemic and received boosters for their protection.

A single airport can filter up to 100 passengers per hour, and emptying passengers from one flight takes up to three hours. As a result, adjustments have been made in the airport's exit area, including expanding more X-ray machines and more passport-checking counters to facilitate passengers accordingly.

Top-tier Thailand Airports With World-Class Services

Thailand is one of the world's most highly visited holiday destinations, with breathtaking seasides, serene isles, and numerous journeys. Not surprisingly, after the country's reopening, airports in Thailand are some of the busiest in the world, considering the rush of foreign tourists. So, here are some of the top airports open now in Thailand that one needs to know about.


Suvarnabhumi Airport

Passenger Building Suvarnabhumi Airport Is One Two International Airports

Curled up just 30 km to the east of Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), the Suvarnabhumi Airport is by far the busiest and the largest in Thailand. Although the city has not one but two international airports attending to it, the significance of Suvarnabhumi Airport is still significant. 

  • Notable Services & Facilities 
    • Free WiFi
    • Smoking Area
    • Prayer Rooms
    • Medical Services
    • Lost & Found

The airport regulates all 24 hours and has two resembling runways. One can arrive at the airport and hire a taxi to reach Bangkok. The Suvarnabhumi Airport is a business-class luxury lounge with a large hotel right in front of its terminal building.



Phuket International Airport

Bangkok Airways Plane Takes off Phuket International Airport

Another international airport in Thailand, established almost 32 km from downtown Phuket, the Phuket International Airport, is the second busiest airport in Thailand. Nearly 16 million passengers travel to the airport every year, which is possible to verify Phuket's favor. 

  • Notable Services & Facilities
    • Wi-Fi Internet access
    • Duty-Free Shopping
    • Restaurants
    • ATMs

Since Phuket offers travelers multiple things to do in Thailand, the destination has become a go-to pick for visitors. One can get many transfers to and from the airport, including airport buses, limousines, and more.



Don Mueang International Airport

Scenery from Airplane S Window after Taking off Seeing Wing Airplane Landscape Bangkok Don Muang Airport

Assumed as the best airport to fly into Thailand alongside Suvarnabhumi Airport, the Don Mueang International Airport is one of the former airports in Asia that began its processes in 1924.

  • Notable Services & Facilities
    • ATMs
    • Baggage Storage
    • Prayer Rooms
    • Lost and Found
    • Pharmacy

Held in the northern suburbs of Bangkok, the airport also has some food and coffee joints. 



Samui Airport

Plane Airstrip Aerodrome Koh Samui Thailland

Another Thailand international airport renowned for its remarkable core design, the Samui Airport is one of the most beautiful airports in the world. As travelers put it themselves, the airport is established to evacuate a strong feeling for the visitors with its wooden inside that reminds them of Thailand's beaches.

  • Notable Services & Facilities
    • ATMs
    • Open-Air Bar
    • Prayer Room
    • Lost Baggage Center
    • Car Parking

As for the facilities, one can even get a traditional Thai massage at the airport premises or savor complimentary snacks and beverages served here. In addition, Samui Airport has direct flights to destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, and more.



Best Domestic Airports in Thailand

Mae Hong Son Airport

Young Man with Shoulder Bag Hand Luggage

The Mae Hong Son Airport is nestled in the city of Mae Hong Son, another Thailand main airport as far as the connection to Don Mueang Bangkok and Chiang Mai pertains.

  • Notable Services & Facilities 
    • Restaurant
    • Coffee Shop
    • Parking Facility

Widely renowned as a go-to airport for travelers who wish to explore Thailand's serene peaks. Many travelers visiting the famous Hill Tribes' Village arrive at the Mae Hong Son Airport. Presently, Nok Air and Kan Air function from this airport.



Trat Airport

Warm Sunlight through Mirrors Terminal Gateway Building with Runway View

Serving the city of Trat and islands like Koh Chang, Koh Kood, and Koh Mak, the Trat Airport is one of the best airports in Thailand and is nestled only 19 km from the piers at Laem Ngop. The airport has a small runway along with an open-air terminal. 

  • Notable Services & Facilities 
    • Car Parking
    • Cafe
    • ATM
    • Washrooms

More interestingly, the Trat Airport is owned by Bangkok Airways, which holds flights to and from Suvarnabhumi Airport. However, the flights are only three in number daily. They are pretty costly, evaluating the number of flights and the duration of the journey, which is only about an hour.



Chumphon Airport

Airport Terminal Window Views

The next domestic airport in Thailand, set only 35 kilometers north of Chumphon, is also supposed to be a gateway to many islands like Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, etc. 

  • Notable Services & Facilities 
    • Coffee shop
    • Gift shop
    • Transfer services

Interestingly, the Chumphon Airport is only utilized by two airlines, Nok Air and Air Asia, that provide flights to destinations like Don Mueang and Bangkok. Besides, a high-speed ferry duty is also accessible in association with Lomprayah Agency. Travelers can quickly get a transfer service from the airport to reach the landing.



Hua Hin Airport

Hua Hin Beach Thailand

Serving Hua Hin in the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan, Hua Hin Airport is nestled in a region home to some of the excellent beachside resorts to stay in Thailand.

  • Notable Services & Facilities 
    • Toilets
    • Snacks
    • Information Desk
    • Car Rental
    • Taxi Booking

The airport is served by two airlines, Nok Air and Kan Air, operating flights to Don Mueang Bangkok, Chiang Mai, etc. Although it has been upgraded to meet international standards, the use of this airport is still minimal.



Other Top Airports In Thailand

Hat Yai International Airport

Airport Terminal

One of the excellent international airports in Thailand, the Hat Yai International Airport is regarded as Thailand's major Southern hub airport. Offering facilities like money exchange, ATM, VIP rooms, spa, and much more, the airport is widely famous amongst International travelers coming here.



Chiang Rai International Airport

Airport Terminal

Located just around 10 km from the city center in North Thailand, Chiang Rai International Airport offers a wonderful adventure to travelers owing to its top-of-the-line facilities. One can find money exchange facilities, duty-free shops, a bakery, a spa, and more.



U-Tapao International Airport

Busy Airport with Aircrafts Gates Taking Off

Another international airport in Thailand that is well-renowned for its services, the U-Tapao International, is an airport that is located midway between Pattaya and Rayong. The airport is well connected via taxis or bus services and offers many facilities to travelers. Both domestic and international flights are in operation from here.



Which is the Best Airport in Thailand?

Although Thailand is home to numerous top-of-the-line airports, the Suvarnabhumi Airport must be the best in the country. Nestled just 30 km east of Bangkok, the airport is the busiest in the country and a top selection for travelers coming to Thailand.



A Quick Passenger Guide

  • Money and Currency Exchange
    • For the Baht of Thailand, 1 Baht has 100 Satang.
    • Money and traveler's cheques can be exchanged at hotels, shops, banks, department stores, and currency exchange service points.
    • Travelers can bring foreign currencies into Thailand and take currencies out of the country. 
    • Travelers leaving the Kingdom of Thailand can't exceed 50,000 Baht out of the country.


  • Don’t Buy Ivory
    • Foreign travelers visiting Thailand should remain aware and not take any risks by buying any ivory products.


  • Prohibited Items
    • Carrying prohibited items out of the Kingdom of Thailand or exporting restricted items such as drugs, counterfeit banknotes and coins, and adult things, pictures, or books.
    • In the event that prohibited items are discovered, customs officers will seize those items.



Book and Fly Today!

A land that amazes travelers with its natural miracles and a broad range of adventures, Thailand is a paradise travelers long to explore on holiday. From the best beaches and architectural wonders to so much more for the achievement of travelers, Thailand has it all. Supposing the number of travelers that come to the country now, the airports in Thailand are often in a hurry to deliver hassle-free services to travelers. 

So, do you wish to explore this paradise after the pandemic? Why not look for the most suitable airport and book a flight ticket online to Thailand? Plan a worthy Thailand travel now and enjoy a vacation in this heaven.

Best Airports in Thailand Everything You Need to Know


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