Khirithan Dam: An Incredible Scenery in Chanthaburi281
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Khirithan Dam: An Incredible Scenery in Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi is one of the most charming and unspoiled destinations in Thailand. The eastern city is a beautiful little haven, full of natural beauty and fascinating culture, from quiet beaches and waterfalls surrounded by forests to the quaint riverside and seaside communities and an otherworldly rock mountain for Buddhist pilgrims.

Khirithan Dam is located about 40 km north of Chanthaburi downtown, perched among the hills at almost 200 meters above mean sea level. Its artificial lake feeds flowing water to a small hydroelectric power plant. The roughly triangular reservoir has a paved road on one side and off-road tracks on the other. Riding a motorbike through a reservoir is more relevant than anything else that takes you past incredible scenery, including a lake view from all directions.

Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi

This is another exciting travel destination we found in Chanthaburi, and if you’re curious about what it has to offer, make sure you continue reading.


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

The signature of this dam is that it is located 205 meters in height from the average sea level.



A Quick Overview of the Khirithan Dam

Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi

Khirithan Dam was built by the Energy Enhance Development Department, which is a branch of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment in Thailand. This multi-tasking dam serves as a power plant and a water reserve and is also used as a fishing spot for villagers around this part. 

It is an earth dam, 33 meters high, and the reservoir covers the Huai Sapanhin area for 30 kilometers. This reserve's average volume of water is about 76 million cubic meters each year. The electric generator that generates 27 million kilowatts each year was installed here. 

There is an aqueduct to the southeastern side of the Huai Thapnakon canal, a Chanthaburi river branch. The pressure from this aqueduct makes the water level between the dam and the canal 125 meters high.

Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi

The water that passes through the generator flows down to the Chanthaburi River, which is used in agricultural activities and everyday consumption. Furthermore, the water can also reduce salinity in the Chanthaburi River.

The area around the dam has lush and beautiful groves, which are great for visitors to travel and observe the beauty of nature here. There are herbs and spices along the reserve banks, such as Malva nuts and Anan herbs. Visitors can camp around the dam's banks when the water level recedes and bask in nature's beauty. The barrier has limited facilities for tourists and visitors. Still, the scenery here will make everyone love this place.


The Bear Travel  Trivia

The dam has a rich and beautiful nature suitable for traveling, relaxation, and studying nature.



Important Purposes of the Khirithan Dam

Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi

Some people call it the Saphan Hin Dam. This could be because it is in the Huai Saphan Hin area, an essential medium-sized dam used for many purposes, including electricity generation, a water reservoir for agriculture, and helps prevent flooding in the rainy season. It is also a natural breeding ground for many fishes.

Mountains on 3 sides surround the Khirithan Dam area. The reservoir looks like an island resulting in beautiful natural scenery around the reservoir. There are high and low hills alternately. Most people in the area are farming in the plains and the foothills, cultivating economic trees such as rubber plantations, fruit orchards, durian, rambutan, mangosteen, and longkong. 

Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi

It is one of the most suitable places for those who want peace, love nature, and have a courtyard for camping. It is located where you can view the dam from a wide angle. In addition, it is a popular spot for cyclists. You can cycle around the reservoir. Some people enjoy fishing. Among the kinds of fishes found in the reservoir are flounder, carp, tilapia, stingray, red pork, halibut, mackerel, and yisok.



Our Best Recommendations and Reminders

Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi

  • The route from the main road (Chanthaburi - Sa Kaeo) to the dam is rough. There are many points where the pavement is damaged, and one should drive cautiously. So, avoid driving at high speeds.

  • Do not throw food waste or garbage in the reservoir or around the dam.

  • The dam has an open courtyard for camping, walking, sitting, and relaxing.

  • If you want to stay by the dam, you should prepare food and drink supplies to be ready because it is an area where there are no shops, restaurants, or services.

  • For those who love cycling, the path around the dam is suitable to see the beautiful nature. There is a distance of about 24 kilometers (about 4-5 hours). The path is steep. It is a ravine and some hills that are not very dangerous. So it is suitable for both beginners and pros alike.

  • The best period for traveling and cycling around the dam is winter. From December to January, the atmosphere along the dam is cool, with occasional fog in the morning.

  • During the rainy season, cycling around the dam may not be suitable because there is still an area of ​​red and laterite soil. When it rains, it becomes muddy.

  • If you hope to drive a car around the dam, it should be a 4-wheel drive pickup truck or a good-performance car to go up the hill.

  • If you're interested in renting a boat for fishing or visiting the reservoir, you can ask the local villagers or officials near the dam.



Why Visit the Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi?

Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi

Khirithan Dam is a quiet and relaxing place with the beautiful natural scenery of the reservoir. So it is suitable for those who want to relax, enjoy a picnic, go camping, pitch a tent, and enjoy the dam's beauty. It's a popular place for cyclists also.



How to Visit Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi?

Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi

Khirithan Dam is located in the Markham District and is 40 kilometers from Chanthaburi. To get there, take route 317 for about 20 kilometers until you see the sign pointing toward the dam. Turn right and then continue to the Khirithan Dam for about 14 kilometers.



Distance from Nearby Places in Chanthaburi

Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi

  • 25 kilometers from Markham District

  • 38 km away from Khao Soi Dao Waterfall

  • 62 kilometers from the Ban Laem border checkpoint.

  • 57 kilometers away from the Ban Pakkad border checkpoint

  • 38 kilometers from Chanthaburi City, away from Antimony Temple, and 60 kilometers away from Wat Phluang. Both ways up to Khao Khitchakut National Park.



Essential Directions to Khirithan Dam

Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi

  • Take the Sukhumvit route from Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), then turn to the Chanthaburi - Sa Kaeo route (same way to Khao Soi Dao Waterfall) and separate to the dam.

  • From Klaeng, Rayong, take the Sukhumvit Road route. (Highway No. 3) Keep going until you reach the Pak Saeng intersection. Turn left towards Sa Kaeo Province (Highway 317).

  • Then, go straight for about 20 kilometers, passing the Makham district. There will be a signpost "Turn right to Khirithan Dam (Road 3299)," so turn right.

  • When turning right, follow the route for about 12 kilometers. You will see another sign indicating to turn left to enter Khirithan Dam.

  • Turn into about 500 meters to the point of tent camping. But if you want to go to the dam area, you must go straight for about 1.5 kilometers.


Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi


The Bear Travel  Did you know?

May and June are great times for durian lovers to visit the area of Khirithan Dam.




Map & More Information


Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi serves as a multipurpose dam, including electricity generation, irrigation, fisheries, flood prevention, and mitigation in the rainy season. The dam has lush green surroundings and a perfect tourist picnic and camping spot. There is a bike track along the reservoir banks. Locals and tourists can also fish in the reservoir as it is a breeding ground for freshwater fish.


Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi


Business Address

Bo Weru, Khlung District, Chanthaburi 22150

Business Hours

8:30 - 16:30  |  Monday - Sunday


Khirithan Dam in Chanthaburi


12.753847, 102.3297



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